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'We Have Just Written Half of the GOP Platform': Progressives Dismayed by Dem Party Platform



Fill the streets in Philly. It's the only chance Bernie's got.


With Hillary you get more of the same, neoliberalism, privatization, selling of the public commons, austerity economics and the TPP. Vote Hillary Kissinger Bush, for more of the same.


Did Sec. Clinton's primary voters vote for these policies? Were they ignorant of them? Were they fooled?


She spoke one thing and did another, you decide if anyone was fooled.


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Clinton made a promise to punish any company that did what Johnson Controls did. Her campaign promise is more important than what the platform says. Nobody held Obama responsible for the Democratic platforms of 2008 and 2012, only for his campaign promises. This battle over the platform is much to do about nothing. It is campaign promises that matter.


Hahahaha! Platforms don't matter much, but campaign promises? Hahahaha...


My Dad says we should let them "pave paradise", i.e. let things get so bad that even the most ignorant will see what "they are about". Then change will come. Seems to me that we oscillate from good times to bad times, that no matter what we do, "it" is all so complex that none of "it" can be directed. I heard that the Roman Empire lasted for a couple of hundred years. How old is the U.S.A.? Actually, none of any of it matters...Mother Nature is fixin' to open a very large can of whoopacrookedlettercrookedletter on all of us...


How can anyone who has clue about progressive politics vote for someone who is a BFF of Kissinger; makes no sense at all.


It's true that Platforms aren't worth the paper they're printed on, however, in this case, at this stage in the campaign, this procedure provides another public venue for the on going unmasking of these corporatists, black, white, brown, whatever. What happens today will be forgotten tomorrow, but at least today they can't hide.


Hillary is counting on Republican moderate women and so-called liberal Christian organizations to carry her across the crooked and shape-shifting finish line in Farce Election 2016. The Green Party has many of the platform planks necessary for the survival of rank and file 99s. Vote Green and send thank you cards to Sen. Sanders and Co. They really have attempted to do the impossible: make the Democratic Party relevant. Screw the Dims and their sellouts in the privileged power positions. They're useless at this point. Again, vote Green.


Sanders needs to refuse any endorsement -- call it what it is and either challenge for the nomination or walk out of the convention after a scathing indictment of the sold out mess and take his delegates with him.

Beyond that he needs to keep the campaign going either as an independent candidate or as a way of mobilizing on issues and funding progressive candidates.


This is the part, by analogy to biology, where the HEALTHY cell splits into two.


I don't think sincere Sanders' supporters can AFFORD to once again see the Progressive platforms wholly co-opted and thereby largely negated to, as usual, suit the DICTATES of the corporate overlords.

It's time for that healthy "split away."

If both parties ONLY serve Big Business Interests, they can no longer be supported. This nonsensical incrementalism is like telling passengers on the Titanic that everyone can have a discounted cup of TEA while the lifeboats go out to the wealthiest.

I don't think too many C.D. readers are surprised by this. The question, like a motorcyclist's chances of when rather than if an accident is going to happen... was really about whether the betrayal would come sooner as opposed to later.

But to LRX and other paid message-shapers, betrayal can be passed off as just another Business As Usual Day in Washington, and/or among the lobbyist ilk.


Bernie Sanders refers to human induced climate change as the “great planetary crisis we now face” and "climate change is our biggest national security threat".

If Sanders truly believes this, then he will not endorse a candidate that is tied to the fossil fuel industry/corporate america. He will not be part of a party that refuses to forcefully advocate a ban on fracking and eliminate the TPP.

We are on track for well over 2C warming, the arctic is melting, jet streams are a mess, AMOC slowing, 6th extinction occurring.

While nice, I don't think 15 dollars an hour is going to stop climate chaos and civilization breakdown.

It's time to examine the 6 tough climate questions that Zoe Carpenter of The Nation posed prior to the platform meetings:

Let's examine THE TRUTH of how the DNC is responding to each one of these questions which will ultimately affect the habitability of this planet.

What exactly is their rational for not imposing a ban on fracking? Does anyone know? Have they even tried to explain why fracking needs to continue in the face of this climate emergency that we are in?


Congratulations DNC and u.s.a.! We now have yet another youtube of human beings voting in favor of expediting the demise of life on earth courtesy of the DNC (you know, the party that doesn't deny climate change?) And the "party" and HC have the backing of some of the top environmental groups-----thanks Sierra Club, NRDC and LOCV!


When are people going to understand that you cannot negotiate with entrenched power?The whole process is designed to misdirect. To give little if any, and keep everything.


If Sanders decides not to go any further with his presidential run come the Convention, I would hope he'd be active in helping us shape a new progressive party.


We've got to get to Philly with our unreliable cars and accidentally stall-out on the on-ramps and off-ramps. Clog the Streets! Blow your horns. Refuse to cooperate with this DNC scam by any means possible! We must put max pressure on these scumbag super-citizens.

It's Bernie or Else!


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The man's a comedian. A really bad comedian, but a comedian none-the-less.