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'We Have Less Time Than We Thought': Alarming New Study Shows Oceans Have Retained Far More Heat Than Previously Believed


Ahhh–but those flights also contribute to global dimming–AKA the aerosol masking effect–that might allow us to last a little longer. It’s a real Catch 22.

(Not familiar with the term global dimming? Google is your friend.
Well–not really…)

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Let’s send Mike Pompeo a virtual tsunami of opposition to the XL pipeline:

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There was a big ecosystem-wide kill-off in the North Pacific the year after Fukushima. It affected the sea lions, the birds, just about every creature.


what lost me is the idea that all we need is “100% clean renewable energy”. We know there is no such thing. In New England we face threats that solar “farms” will destroy hundreds of acres of woodland and real farms, transmission lines built to transport “clean” hydropower (that floods valleys) threaten our mountains, wind turbines will kill birds and bats etc plus the manufacture, maintenance, and disposal of all these energy systems have impacts. Though renewables are indeed not as bad as fossil fuels, better is to emphasize reducing demand through efficiency, conservation (walk/bike more,drive/fly less) and slowing skyrocketing human population growth, though admittedly that isn’t as good politically as the feel-good soundbite “clean energy.”


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Sure thing, anonymous person, I’ll be happy to flame you for apparently being a troll farm employee.

I’m glad that as a troll you’re earning money so that you can pay rent and live indoors, but otherwise your current job is going to leave your whole life feeling empty really soon. Troll farms usually attract the world’s most turn-on-a-dime bosses. The best time to apply for another job is when you still have one. Just saying.


This report helps to explain why hurricanes are strengthening faster than before. The recent Hurricane Michael, which decimated much of Florida’s Panhandle region, grew very rapidly from a Category 3 to very nearly a Category 5 while moving over the Gulf of Mexico. The Pacific Ocean and the Asia are experiencing a series of “Super Typhoons” as well. The IPCC predictions have always been conservative because they rightly assumed that if they turned out to predict too much warming which failed to happen they would lose their credibility and be attacked by right-wing hacks shilling for the energy cartels. It is really looking like the models were too conservative in the wrong direction. This is profoundly tragic especially for the billions of people whose “lifestyles” are not to blame for this horrendous, impending disaster.


People are FINALLY connecting the dots…but all too late. I was hoping I was wrong back in 1988 when I wrote about catastrophic climate change and impending extinction in a college thesis paper (though I figured it would be long after my own lifetime). The 2020’s, I fear, will become the decade of global panic. The 2030’s will be the decade of accelerating habitat loss and ecosystem collapse. And finally, the 2040’s will be the decade of lawlessness, cannibalism, and human extinction. Pure guessing, of course. But please tell me I am wrong! I am 51 and could easily live to the year 2050 given a healthy planet. But the planet is in hospice. And so then, are we. I fear I will see the madness that is on the horizon.


every single new estimate for the last forty years or so has found a higher level of warming than previously thought. After the 15th estimate, i had already arrived at the correct conclusion that things were going much faster than science could keep up with. Somehow the rural populations, along with the religious right, and the war mongers and ultra-greedy lacked the mental faculty to make such simple deductions. It is undoubtedly too late at this point, and about .00000001% of the population is just now considering the remote possibility of starting to do something about it, like switching to fluorescent bulbs, or recycling their soda cans or the like. The fact is if we completely stopped all emissions at this point worldwide - overnight - it wouldn’t stop the catastrophe from unfolding. And 99% don’t seem to be aware a problem even exists yet, except for some Norwegian teenagers. If markets really self corrected, then insurance companies would have raised premiums at every seaside and riverside property in the country about 1000% higher than they are, With their current premiums they are going to go bankrupt like a row of dominoes in the next decade or so. soon Oceanside and riverside properties are going to be the new ghost towns, ravaged year after year by hurricanes and floods. Cities on the ocean are the wasteland of the near future, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans, St Louis, Houston, etc.etc.All ruins. A catastrophe even evil Russia itself couldn’t have pulled off, and an All-American one too. “We have met the enemy and he is us”.


I think it’s great that you’re thinking through your personal solutions and they aren’t all consumer choice greenwashing. In particular, solar thermal energy that doesn’t kill birds. On a utility scale, that looks like this: http://www.alternative-energy-tutorials.com/solar-hot-water/parabolic-trough-reflector.html

On a personal scale, that looks like this: http://www.solarpanelsplus.com/evacuated-tube-collectors/

And it sounds like your bones would thank you to work with aircrete instead of concrete posts.

Good work, though. You’re taking some initiative.


We would be above 2 C without global dimming due to aircraft aerosols. I am not writing about “chemtrails”. The temperature over the U.S. jumped when aircraft were grounded after 9/11. Check out Artic News.


Ask yourself before you vote why Glenn Unger Gwen hunger and Jared Polis will not support proposition 112 the citizens amendment to stop fracking

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It is not perfect at this point; but, we know that without it life is doomed. We must try in order for our kids to have a chance to survive.

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There are the politicians to blame😥 Government only exists to bring people together in order to create a better life for all. Why pay them for anything less?

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No our government is our enemy!


Without being too pessimistic, make your bucket list now . You may not have a terminal illness like Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman did, but the Earth is showing signs of it being terminal and we’re all going down with it.
Ok, that was really pessimistic .
Ciao baby


Brilliant. The first of my daily laughter. (12 laughs per day is supposed to keep you healthy.)

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Climate change is about water vapor. And if this research is true, then this is the end game.

Your children are about to witness Category Six or even Seven hurricanes, and winter storms and floods that will be astonishing.

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Maybe for being the same mundane post discover has been blathering about for a year now. And although discover is correct that the population bomb is one of the major factors in addressing global warming, it does nothing to address where we are now and what to do about the carbon already here and the coming damage of feedback loops.
Besides, discovers argument, while I believe is well intentioned, seems to ignore the fact that the worldwide birth rate has dropped from 5.1 births per woman in 1965 to 2.4 last year. Statistically that is an impressive drop.