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'We Have Never Endorsed You,' Sunrise Movement—Which Backs Ed Markey—Reminds Joe Kennedy III

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/27/we-have-never-endorsed-you-sunrise-movement-which-backs-ed-markey-reminds-joe


I’d personally carry the Sunrise Movements non-endorsement as a base of honor, because that organization has no clue what its talking about.

Sure they are great at mobilizing youth support, but when you look into the substance of what they advocate for and the evidence for their claims everything comes quickly to a hault. This is an organization that has never referenced support for a single published scientific study on energy transitions, yet holds rallies claiming that their ideas are scientifically backed - they are not.

They constantly reference the 2018 IPCC study, then demand 100% renewable by 2030. The 2018 IPCC Special Emissions report does NOT project 100% by 2030 or even any date for that matter. That study projects a maximum of 85% renewable by 2050-2055, so clearly the Sunrise Movement never actually read the very and only study they ever reference…

Rubbish propaganda, slanted opinion, and BS w/o any supporting evidence - as usual! And that’s my opinion…


It seems to me this Kennedy is seeking a position he should not have, he should have considered the larger picture for this point in time rather than make an ass of himself; are there no other positions he could have sought that would not have ousted a person of integrity and progressive politics?

“Markey, the incumbent, is an effective progressive, if anything to Kennedy’s left. The main difference is generational: But at 73, Markey still has all his marbles and has been the more effective leader and legislative strategist.”
“The short answer is that Joe, currently a member of the House, thinks he can have the Senate seat because he’s a Kennedy. That’s not good enough.” – Robert Kuttner


I second your opinion!


Ol Swanee…

Yes I can see how your “Nukes for the Future” would set you at odds with
a “GREEN Future for the PLANET” from the Sunrise Humans

What’s that number again. You know, I taught it to you before…Oh yeah.

Each hour 430 quintillion Joules of energy from the sun hits the Earth .
That’s 430 with 18 zeroes after it, remember ???

In comparison, the total amount of energy that ALL humans use in a year is 410 quintillion Joules .


Sure looks that way to me also Emphyrio. A right of dynasty seems to be part of this.
This does fly in the face of common acceptance that we want to weed out the dinosaurs. Maybe a younger senator is the right thing, but is it the right time.


People are such morons. The incumbent, Sen. Markey, is so much better than Rep. Kennedy, and yet voters have been entranced by simply a young face with the Kennedy name. Not much intelligence going into their deliberations. And this kind of stupid and lazy behavior is what got us here, in part. Perhaps hoping for a better politics is just as stupid as are the voters?


But . . .   But . . .   As the grandson of Rumrunner Joe, it’s Joe III’s duty to continue the efforts of these nouveau riche Fat-Cats to be accepted as fellow Elites by America’s genuine Old Money Fat-Cats.


Don’t you wonder where the DNC and DSCC are on this one?

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Wait till Don Jr, Chelsea and Lynn C claim the ‘right’


Let me be among the first to officially endorse her primary opponent when Chelsea Clinton decides to run for congress-critter or senator or dogcatcher.

NO more Clintons! NO more Bushes!


Corporate Candidate Joe Kennedy is definitely in the wrong race.

However, his grandfather would have been proud.


Maybe it isn’t nice to say so, but Joe Kennedy’s photo here reminds me of Guardians of the Galaxy character “Groot.” I think it’s the hair.

Speaking of having all your marbles, Jimmy Dore poked tremendous disdain at Kennedy recently for voting the wrong way (by mistake) on a nuclear weapons amendment (Republicans won the vote anyway, but Kennedy was one of 15 Democrats to go with them, ~https://www.bostonmagazine.com/news/2018/06/11/joe-kennedy-nuclear/). So this was not current news, but now that Kennedy is trying for Senator, perhaps this piece of information will hurt him among some voters (I hope so - I’d much prefer to retain Markey who is easily among the top 5 senators we have).


PEEEEEEZE no more of the Bush family , no more CIintons, No more Kennedys-------and if you could—no Trumps and no Bidens either. In fact make that work for the 2020 election.


AMEN on All Counts!!!

(or 13 terawatt years thermal)

Also for comparison, humans have accumulated around 5 million tonnes of uranium in spent fuel and DU so far, which in fast reactors could produce around 400 sextillion joules (or 12780 terawatt years thermal).