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'We Have Not Come Here to Beg World Leaders to Care,' 15-Year-old Climate Activist Declares. 'We Have Come Here to Let Them Know Change Is Coming'


It looks like the same kind of speech that red shirts of the same age could have said in China …
Nobody has tried that kind of tabula rasa policy in the past… And just like the previous experiments, this will not work, with a lot of disasters…


Leaders are (with a handful of exceptions) not there because we need them or because they fulfil some useful function. They are there because some people desire power.

The solutions never lay with politicians. If we all stopped buying the things that cause the problems, it would end. But none of us are actually willing or able to do it. Even Greta used fossil fuel to get to the conference.


Sad but true. When the earths’ weather response to our fossil fuel dependence/atmosphere destruction, becomes so severe as to awaken the global capitalists to the real long-term costs of non renewable energy production and use, only then will we develope technologies that will restore the atmosphere. Unless we don’t correct until it’s too late …our species is on borrowed time. But we are entrenched. Two of the largest contributors to pollution…the Pentagon and the livestock industry. Total of 100 million barrels burned per day. Try changing those habits.

Greta,    You go girl.  Sweden and Norway are WAY ahead of most of the developed world in current environmental sustainability processes for profit.   Use your platform to show the fossil fuel industry how to profit from alternatives.  Awaken, educate, communicate, research promising tech, share results and open funding doors through promises of great corporate PR and potential valuable new techniques.  Tell the youth of the world to support.  And demand change.   (Easier said than done).


Several things come to mind. First of the USA, I look to the millions of youth who mobilized, are mobilized for reasonable gun control laws, please don’t stop just recognize that your future is at far greater risk from the random extreme weather events now occurring and escalating in frequency and amplitude than from a bullet and bring your energy to bear. Second of the millions of women mobilized, crashing the glass ceiling or equal pay is moot if the planet is not habitable. Third of the world, when considering the personal or family carbon footprint, most breakouts while unnecessarily complex reduce to two primary areas of energy consumption, consumption related to the domicile and consumption related to personal transportation. I would be surprised if the sum of these areas was less than 80% of one’s total carbon footprint. It’s for this reason that I say that it’s time for the people to lead!
I converted, now you convert to PV and/or wind or fuel cell, and with each conversion a market driven partnership grows that ultimately renders a major portion of carbon demand irrelevant! There is no time to wait upon infrequent elections to build a political will, it is time for the people to lead.
Of my third point, the ball is in your court, quit your whining and finger pointing. As adults most of us have the resources ( roughly equivalent to a 3 year old used car) to fund this home improvement project.
No, your single action will not save the planet but that is not why we should do this we should do this simply because on balance we conclude it is right thing to do and regarding our moment the moment existence would be one hell of a karmic boost.


I think I agree with you but please! Your ideas would be much more comprehensible if you wrote standard sentences and paragraphs. Please give up the excessive use of ellipses. (…) Please pay closer attention to typos.