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We Have Questions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2021/01/13/we-have-questions


Very convincing. Right. Not a word about holding responsible Trump and his enablers in Congress. Meanwhile, Trump loyalists are bypassing metal detectors…


The way Rosen is standing and is dressed in the black and white photo, I thought when I first saw it, that it was Rod Sterling with an episode of the Twilight Zone.

That would be very appropriate for the current political climate.
It just cannot be real.

Oh wait, my bad - It really IS Rod Sterling!


2021-01-13 - 0730 pacific time

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I guess your criticism was too harsh and / or honest.
Thanks for the chuckle, love the pics.


That’s Rod SERLING, who usually made more sense than this guy.


Didn’t The Twilight Zone begin with the words from Rod Sterling…“Don’t try to adjust your television, there is nothing wrong with your TV, what your seeing is real”?
I’m old enough to have watched that show so long ago.

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OH BOY… The acting head of whatever…I really wish that people who are the heads of government departments— I wish they would just speak to the people instead of reading stuff that somebody else wrote! I realize that he’s not an actor, but, talking directly to people and meaning what you say…oh this was a fail, a sad fail, and if this was shown in a classroom , all the students would be laughing their heads off and falling out of their seats. : (

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My guess is that you’re thinking of “One Step Beyond”. But I"m 75, so there’s that.

No, you are thinking of …

The Other Limits.
That is where I heard it every week. Thanks for the link.
I’m 70 [ can’t believe it]. I remember useless things like that, but I can’t remember where I put down my coffee cup two minutes ago.


Trump has totally corrupted our government agencies and all of government.
A lot of mess to be cleaned up –
Recall when Gingrich moved in they removed EVERYONE – even the people
who assisted in Congress. Same thing needs to happen now.

But very dangerous that Repugs are skipping the security checking for GUNS –
A lot of suspicions about how many of them are ready to betray the nation again.

And, Democrats need to feel secure in Congress and performing their duties.

GOP is fascism – terror, violence – the very opposite of security.

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