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'We Have the Energy and Excitement': Nearly 25,000 Rally for Bernie in California Ahead of Super Tuesday

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/02/we-have-energy-and-excitement-nearly-25000-rally-bernie-california-ahead-super


As one of the youngest boomers I have a suggestion for the youth of America. Get your yourselves registered to vote, and then do what countless younger generations before you have longed to do, put all your middle fingers up in a collective “fuck you” the the darlings of the American establishment, the Boomers. As they sit there and let Fox News and AM hate radio wash over them, confirming on a daily basis their worst fears about blacks, Hispanics, russkies, and yes, kids, march towards the voting booths in this primary season and again in November, and do what those hapless old racist dingbats fear the most
Change the system.
Because if you don’t change the system at the voting booths this year, you may have take up arms to do it at a later date. This may be your last chance.


I watched the LA rally last night on Youtube. Way to turn out to support Bernie, LA!
Bernie as always inspired and motivated in his speech. What a rare politician.
President Bernie Sanders 2020!


Wherever you live, VOTE.

Get up off your ass and go make it truly a SUPER Tuesday.

No one — NO ONE can do it for you.

If you have complaints about HOW THINGS ARE, then get off your butt and vote.

You say, “I don’t have time.” I say bull sh*t. You had time to stop at Starbucks for that coffee, or time to stand around and bitch.


And if someone tells you your vote won’t make a difference, remind them that it’s that attitude that got Trump elected.

No effing excuses. VOTE.

Have a nice day.


Now in my eighties, my spouse and I raised some Boomers. Turns out our liberal/leftist politic and world views were overcome by Russ Limburger, Prosperity Hate Preachers and Quack Dynasty.

My Boomers think ‘critical thinking’ is bitching about something they witnessed on face book. Not all was lost. We have considerable influence with the slew of grand children. One grandson-in law comes from a rabid Republican Neo-con family in South Carolina. He was knocking on doors for Bernie last week …


I’d like to post a remark on the potential difference medicare for all can make for the average person. I live in a country where we have medicare for all. I’ve needed medical help during my life for several problems. If I would have had to pay out of pocket for the care I needed on those occasions I would surely be a poor retiree today rather than a modestly comfortable one.


Go Bernie! Thank you volunteers!


Biden won Gen Xers in SC. Just sayin.’

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My husband fought in Vietnam and has myriad health issues – he gets his medical care at the VA, and since he is over 100% disabled my medical care is a combination of Medicare and CHAMPVA – that means my yearly deductible is $50 and l can’t be charged above what Medicare and CHAMPVA pay. It is my considered opinion that EVERYONE in this country should have the same (or better) benefits that my husband and l have; it’s criminal that our elected whores allow the Medical lndustrial Complex to gouge, and literally kill us, so Big Pharma can make their next million!


We’re certainly going to see three things tomorrow:

The relative strength or weakness of retail politics and grassroots organizing.
How well a message about wealth inequality plays versus a message about status quo “electability.”
The vast differences in electorates across states.

That said, Bernie needs 8 Super Tuesday wins out of 15.


Where did you see that exit polling?

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GOTV for Bernie. Let’s make SC an anomaly. Working in NC to push Bernie to victory here. Make it a truly super Tuesday.


Two quick reasons come to mind:

  1. Issues often poll way better than the candidate most vested in them. For example, Jay Inslee was identified completely with doing something serious about climate change - but his candidacy barely registered with the public.

  2. Every candidate in the race - except maybe Bloomberg - has locked onto the “Medicare” label. Thus, voters are hard put to understand the differences between the candidates or feel that any of the plans would be an improvement. Thus, while the issue is important to them - it doesn’t become a prime reason that a candidate wins their vote.


The SC vote mirrored recent polling.

So you can harbor your doubts about the count – who could blame you – or you could recall that Uncle Joe led SC by as much as 50% at one point, but only won by 28%.


If you care about separation of church and state Bernie Sanders represents what is left of our liberty. Our liberty is in the science of Mother Earth instead of far right rigid denial of Climate Catastrophe. The hijacking of our earth by the superstitions of the Man-made Armageddon is unacceptable. We are feeling the burn, Bern!


Thanks Smerl for that inspiring story.


Bernie says the word revolution calmly. It becomes more and more apparent that we are advocating revolution because normal progressive change is being denied, subverted, or fought against vigorously.
Revolution is imminent. I hope we can keep it a peaceful as possible one.


I enjoyed this article interpreting the way Bernie has pulled the Democrats leftward. It also explains how he got stuff done by amendment and a commandeering leftward presence rather than actually getting full bills passed.


I would suppose converts carry a lot of respect for being informed.

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If it is any comfort, my son, a millenial, is one of the few of his generation that is on track to make it to the 1%, and knows that we need a fairer playing field for everyone. Thus he supports Sanders. He’s seen through the duopoly since childhood and knows that the system is rigged. He has a rare talent and also a family inheritance that most folks will never have at their disposal. (yours truly got written out of said inheritance for rejecting the 3rd way when I came of age).