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'We Have the Receipts': Analysis Details $170 Million in Corporate Gifts to GOP Lawmakers Who Voted to Overturn Biden Win

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/13/we-have-receipts-analysis-details-170-million-corporate-gifts-gop-lawmakers-who

Yet more proof that American corporations are fully backing the fascists and would be happy to see the US headed by people like Trump and his mob goon squads inside and outside the government. We have a very serious challenge ahead of us which is to immediately hold to account the said corporations and individuals on the giving and receiving ends of the bribes paid up. They are nothing other than terrorists and internal enemies of the state, they are an imminent and present danger to our democratic way of life and our governmental institutions. Swift actions is needed to isolate these terrorists and put them where they belong.


IRS -Make sure they pay taxes on those gifts.


Let’s not forget that corporations could have no such fascist power over us if not for politicians enacting laws to enable them. It is they who bear most of the blame.


Hi timebr;
Corporations are NOT People----because if they were they would pay the tax rate that we the Humans pay! I have no idea how to do this, but isn’t it time for the People to get an explanation of why anyone in the Supreme Court thinks corporations are equal to humans?


Why does everyone avoid the english word corporatist and instead use the Italian word fascist?

If everyone spoke english on this one issue the corporate millions spent to create a corporate government are not at all surprising. Corporations are top down enterprises. The CEO is in charge. Like it or lump it. Hit the road, Jack. That’s the way it goes. Austerity for the workers. Austerity for the people.


One of the last vestiges of moral integrity peeled away from the people hiding behind fake integrity, and lifting whatever veil was left to conceal what these greedy S.O.B.'s are.

Fascismo …

Because they have been bought and paid for.

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This is meaningless if it doesn’t include all of their contributions. Were their other donations to republican/conservatives? Or to other people?

I’ll bet that a lot of them donate to both halves of the corporationist party.

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Even Adam Smith, patron saint of the RW, warned us about the criminality of corporations. They are just something for the real criminals to hide behind, as Smith warned. When I can see a corporation in jail or on the gallows then I will equate them with humans, but until then they just give the wealthy cover for their crimes.


All these association need to be disbanded. What is the best way to do this?

This is pathetic “journalism”. Unfortunately journalism all across the country is devolving into mere tribalism, and journalists I once respected are more and more engaging in twitter wars and covering for their favorite politicians.

This article refers to donations made since the 2016 election cycle, many of which were made in calendar year 2015–maybe earlier. Yet we are expected to conclude that those donations signaled tacit approval for sedition which we didn’t know about until a few months ago.

There are so many ways to target amoral corporations and lobbyists, and no doubt we will soon find out who continues to support the Johnny Rebs in Congress. But this article is hack work.

Probably right, but the issue is the GOP Lawmakers Who Voted to Overturn Biden Win and subvert the vote of the people (electoral college). These jokers need to be cut off at the wallet.

Not “hackwork”!
It’s an attempt to get some corp accountability by cutting off the hand that feeds these particular anti-democratic congress-critters.

Hi justiceforus:

I trusted Ginsburg and Sotomayor and Kegan----but it’s Kavanaugh, Thomas, Coney Barrett that I worry about the most