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'We Have to Get a Climate President in Office': Jane Fonda Says Bernie Sanders Is the Only Climate Candidate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/07/we-have-get-climate-president-office-jane-fonda-says-bernie-sanders-only-climate


Yea for Jane! I try not to worship celebrities, but our country seems to place them on pedestals. We need a fast and furious coalescence of celebrities in Bernie’s corner - maybe this is the beginning.


It is not so much that hazardous industries, such as oil & gas, fertilizer & chemical plants, airports, and the list goes on and on, move toward low income communities as historically, there has been a trend. High dollar industry land (which can be very cheap in rural areas, ironically) can be exploited for a profit. Immediately adjacent land that offers services to that land (think FedEx for airports, for example), then goes at a relative premium. The next ring of land that suffers the hazards but does not offer apparent value to the high-value resources is usually a terrible place to live and can go for sub-par prices, which then makes it of value to the high-value institutions because it becomes the slave quarters. The poor have been historically sucked into where properly zoned and regulated areas would have forbidden residential development for anyone. This is the story of so many industrial cities throughout the nation that it makes my head explode.


Love you Jane


Good for Jane. I hope many more join in this as well as in reiterating the unelectability of Sloppy Joe as a demented status-quo candidate with a well-known history of corruption. .


I don’t think it has a POLITICAL solution. In fact, I doubt that there IS a solution!!

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We’re going to have to take whatever support we can get. Its the 1% against the 99% on this one.


"With the Fire Drill Friday demonstrations, “we’re protesting an existential threat that could determine the future of human life on the planet, basically,” Fonda explained to USA Today ".

What is needed, it seems to me, is for the existential threat of climate change to receive the same 24/7 emergency, news coverage and urgency of the Coronavirus. Until that happens, nothing much will happen! .


Jane Fonda has been on the forefront of social justice for many decades. Let’s make a donation to Sander’s campaign in recognition of her work. Thanks!

I just did in both their honor and join me if you can.


All the"crumbs" add up.

Just like all our small donations (BIG SMILE)


82 years young and still protesting!


IMHO, it’s probably another case of too little, too late.  If all of the celebrities who support Bernie’s Green New Deal had spoken out loudly a week ago they might have made a difference – at least
here in California – but now it seems like trying to shut the barn door after the jackass (Biden) has already run off.


It would certainly help considering how Americans respond to advertising, and more so if it is Joe Namath selling medicare advantage plans etc.

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You are a constant here in support of donating to Bernie’s campaign and it helps motivate the rest of us.
You must be giving up something to donate that often. And you would say we have to if we want a country we can live in. Kudos Gio.


Sanders is the only candidate that is not a right wing extremist


A silent predation by the media has been the silencing of discussions about the ANTHROPOCENE - and the power of control of all of the ideas and linguistic accuracy, freedom, coherence in diversity is being challenged by the sheer numbers of human beings who self-identify as healthy human beings who value the breadth of diversity in the definition “healthy human being” - regardless of any alienating terms for finger pointing spewed by those dependent on hegemony.

There is rapidly maturing ethnographic work that RESPECTS the many ethnicities, plants animals and biomes and interactive alliances of such that continue to be"externalized", as being to expensive (not cost effective for profit margins) for late stage capitalism to retroactively recognize and respect. In other words, now is the time to engage vigorous clarity in the reasoning we have always been denied by the sociopathic / schizophrenic systemic imprisonment of denial and negation. And these reasons and perspectives have a lexicon of critique.

Ethnographer / anthropologist Eduardo Kohn provides an eyeopening introduction to the potential for a new enlightenment in the Anthropocene:

On YT: Anthropology as Cosmic Diplomacy Toward an Ecological Ethics for the Anthropocene.

PDF of the Book: How Forests Think - Toward an Anthropology Beyond the Human

I’m firmly behind Bernie, but it’s not true that Super Tuesday eliminated Tulsi Gabbard from the next debate. The DNC changed the rules following Super Tuesday in order to keep Tulsi off the debate stage. CommonDreams won’t allow us to share links, so google to learn more.

“To keep me off the stage, the DNC again arbitrarily changed the debate qualifications. Previously they changed the qualifications in the OPPOSITE direction so Bloomberg could debate. I ask that you stand w/ me against the DNC’s transparent effort to exclude me from the debates.”-- Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.


It’s still good to see Jane Fonda supporting movements for the good of humankind. She protested the 'Nam back in the day and was partially hated for it. But a movement with protests and such won’t affect change in any way that actually helps Earth. The energy corporations will continue to drill, mine, scrape mountain tops off, murder tress, kill oceans, etc. Stopping their functioning, disrupting their business in ways that hurts their profit margins; these are ways that matter. We need soldiers willing to fight the energy corps head on. It will be very ugly, but worth it if successful.


I think every avenue should be pursued. Calling, writing, emailing, protesting, picketing, donating, speaking to others, meditating on a better world. No stone should be left upturned. We all can do something.

I noticed Naomi Klein is on the Bernie bandwagon. One of the most astute thinkers in the country. And Joaquin Phoenix in the photo. A thoughtful man with a heart. We have a good crew on board and hopefully growing.


To follow up on your comment, we have seen the stock market go nuts this past week over the economic affect the corona virus. Why then shouldn’t boycotts work their magic as well.