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'We Have to Get This Right': Historic Bill in US House Would Create Specific Protections for Climate Refugees

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/24/we-have-get-right-historic-bill-us-house-would-create-specific-protections-climate

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I did not read any recognition of our own in-country climate refugee’s, such as those in Alaska and elsewhere. No insight as to those along our coasts either. Yes, it’s wise to be a safe haven when needed, it is the humane thing to do but what about our own as well? In order to respond in any meaningful manner it cost a bundle but we spend our monies on killing people instead. FEMA needs money, not the MIC. Yep, you need to get it right, here at home first. The Lakota were left very wet and muddy this past winter and spring. What about our own?


"Since 2008, catastrophic weather has displaced an average of 24 million people per year, "

Where did all those people go?

So a minimum of 50,000 is a mere drop in the ocean.

Better than nothing, but if the planet still has people by 2050 there will be a lot more displaced persons than 24 million. (Perhaps)

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We’re all climate and anthropogenic mass extinction refugees, and this bill is misguided and ecologically destructive.
Every country is a land mass comprised of ecosystems and human grids.
Every new person creates a net loss of native habitat, flora and fauna, and also creates a net gain in pollution, noise, crowding, etc.
Every space has an ecological carrying capacity.
If we continue to bring new people into this country, we’ll continue to harm this country environmentally and in the quality of life.

You are of course correct but with one caveat, we too will soon be seeking shelter from the storm. No place is safe anymore.

Freedom and a finite planet are at inexorable conflict.

There is plenty of evidence to support your theory, that is why environmental impact should be included in any resettlement plan. We are already creating more problems with our current system,

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Hi Ditton:
I already read where a man living in Montana is angry about all the people from CA moving to his state and raising housing prices. Hmmmm apparently people from other US states are now taken for invaders too! Maybe Canada will be nicer, unless of course they melt too!

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Everything is melting and Canada has a very real problem, just like Alaska. No place is safe.

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I remember, over a decade back, joking about stocking the Ohio, Potomac, etc. with piranha fish, now that they were warm enough. Melting down all their collapsing bridges to build huge bug-zappers powered by the decrepit TVA nuke plants. This was before David Brock & K Street trolls kicked us all off the old Lefty blog aggregators’ comment threads.

Unfortunately both Houses of Congress and Trump need to be on the same page in order for this to happen, which isn’t likely now and possibly never.

Good way to go –

and then let’s TAX those corporation which have profited from controlling
our fossil fuels and other national resources, the pounding down of which has
enriched them and destroyed the planet.
The TAXES can help the nation assist the Global Warming refugees –

Oh Ditton:
Canada too? I guess that the caves in national parks will now be at a premium, and people will need to learn to build mounds like the mound builders of the southern US and other areas. There is a really big space too in Colorado, and the military will just have to clean up places of pollution that threaten any water supplies. Also isn’t there someplace near Congress that was built for Congress to hide in the event of a permanent weather or nuclear event? Maybe some of the Congress should be locked up in there now. : )

Hi Beli_Tsari:
Oh the military-----obscene waster of all things which humans need to survive. In fighting for, “it all.” they will no doubt blow it all up! : (

Time and time again I have referred you to my “Climate Emergency” pages on my website/blog, It hasn’t worked. This time I send you to the front page of my site, there you will find a report released my the United States Army War College. Please read it and understand that the world is running out of water. There will be no water to support our troops to fight in wars while in the field. The planet is melting, it is on fire and there is No place to hide. We have over 450 nuclear plants on the earth, there will be no one to babysit them. They will all go Boom. Climate change, global warming, the 6th extinction and those nuclear plants will eliminate life on Earth.

Hi Ditton:
I reviewed what you sent and saw how the military observation was well ordered and thoughtful----but if things truly hit the fan, I m not sure if well ordered and thoughtful will work all that well. Environmental tragedies seem to bring out the worst in people. As to the military, well they can certainly plan, but as we do not what will come, then their thoughts should be considered—but still, it could be a lot like the Civil War. I mean in the sense that desperation was not that uncommon, and if things are truly horrible, I am sure that many in the military will leave to return to help their own families, where ever they maybe be.
I also saw military planning for dealing with many of their military items—but in the worst climate scenario, replacing the items may not be possible. However, during the CIVIL WAR, it was not uncommon for armies to come upon a farm and just take all the goods as the army continued on its way.
The changing climate is a problem with, fleas ticks and mosquitoes bringing their own health issues-----and when the military runs out of these items, I don’t think they would share with every family that they found.
Water, of course, is the issue, as humans and creatures cannot live without it—nor as pollution continues, will anyone be able to consider when water is no longer drinkable. I suppose there will be volunteers of sorts to be the "taste testers .’ so too speak.

When things fall apart, so do people, and I really can’t see soldiers hanging around while wondering about their own families. These soldiers overseas might never return either. The military can plan all it wants, but humans do what they will anyway.
It would seem sensible to leave heavily populated areas, but roving bands of bandit types would still be with us—and who knows what little tiny fighting wars we will have then.
Thank you for providing this, as I see that the military has its plans, but roving bands of homeless, hungary and sick humans aren’t all that willing to compromise on things when the present and sad looking futre seems so clear.

I hope that all humans with climate crisis could soon meet their neighbors and find skills that each could contribute to the benefit of all. Probably living in huge metropolitan areas will be a disaster------but possibly they could be better off, at least for a while with access to more stores, although I bet roving bands of frightened humans will be grabbing all, including people’s dogs and cats if the food resources get low.
I hope things don’t go this way-----but governments of the world do seem pretty idiotic, and I don’t have great hope in them. I suppose that planning in self sufficiency is a good idea and creating neighborhoods where varied skills will be a blessing. But as to the federal government and the military—they may plan, but I doubt that you and I and so many others would be included-----as a planet wide disaster, and surviving one will be a genuine crap shoot. Here’s to hoping that people with neighborhoods meet them and have block parties to plan—and for those in the hinterlands, you too have neighbors and skills. If the planet falls apart, and mammals are part of this extinction—what a lonely place this planet will be, but without food and water—a pretty deadly place too.Is there a plan by the government? yes, some will be saved and taken to places with food and water----------maybe world peace could finally happen—if humans start losing their killer machines which need fuel-----and learn to listen and share with others----and plan one day at a time for the kind of world where people share and thrive at the same time. : )