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We Have Until Aug 13 to Oppose Trump’s Anti-Trans Healthcare Plan

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/12/we-have-until-aug-13-oppose-trumps-anti-trans-healthcare-plan

Trump seems to be the UNDERMINER in Chief. The number of things he seeks to dismantle is amazing, and even more amazing is that Congress doesn’t fight this insanity.
Next time someone says, “We are a nation of laws.” just remind them that with Trump, we won’t be a nation of laws much longer. As to the horror of his anti-health care, Trump has just proved himself to be a terrorist, and against his own citizens too.
When people die because they can’y afford their diabetes drugs, or can’t afford a hospital bill and then too, Trump undermines all things which help the planet, the people and the future-------then to me, he is neither American, nor human--------he is merely a maw without a brain.

“Even though one in six hospital beds in the United States is in a Catholic hospital, and the number of religious health care providers is only growing, the Administration wants to lift prohibitions on religious health care institutions discriminating based on a patient’s sex,” says this article.
Insist that Catholic hospitals divest and get off of all endocrine disrupting chemicals; basically oil products. Stop confusing gender health issues with mental health issues of pedophiles and pederasts.