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We Hold This Truth to Be Self-Evident: It's Happening Before Our Very Eyes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/06/we-hold-truth-be-self-evident-its-happening-our-very-eyes


As too often, we allow the worst to define the language we can use, which prevents us from even talking about how to create better lives.

The word for today is “demagogue” which is demonized by Moyers here as “demagogues “are never more than a few steps from becoming dictators.””.

The word means “leader of the people”: demos+gog. It is neutral on its face, but the ruling classes have made it a pejorative.

The ones to watch out for are not the “leaders of the people”, but rather the psychopaths who manipulate us with lies until their lies stop working, when they switch, serially, to: threats, non-lethal force, and finally lethal force to make us “stop resisting”.

If we want a better world, we first must refuse to allow them to define the language we use and the legitimacy of the actions we can take in resistance.


Did you even read the piece? Moyers is saying essentially the same thing only without hyperbole and pejoratives. I suggest a second read…


Homer? Homer Simpson, is that you? I think most of the 'banal rubbish" is what you are pointing out here, other than the “education of the shopper”, most of what you wrote is, basically, horseshit.


Words of wisdom, words of warning from a wise elder citizen.


The US was built on a foundation of racism, greed, and elitist power.

The US is bound to collapse on its foundation of racism, greed, and elitist power.


I had to look it up because demagogue is a word I know contextually rather than having ever looked it up. Mirriam Webster defines demagogue this way: a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power. I think Moyers use of it is correct.


Plan A of course is to remove Trump.

If he wins in November, what is plan B? I can no longer count on my fondish wishes.


The MSM has adopted the false ideology that holds it a virtue to equate the words and wisdom of Mr. Moyers with the lies of Donald Trump. If we were to ask the editors or managers of major news organizations who they respect more, they would likely tell you that they know Mr. Moyers to be the more reasoned, informed and truthful. But whose words get plastered across EVERY publication and EVERY broadcast EVERY day, being force-fed to the country? The words and image of Trump will saturate the airwaves and the print media, as always. The words of Mr. Moyers, or Ralph Nader, or any number of reasoned and factual writers will be relegated to the dark alleys of the ‘information superhighway’, until their presence, even there, is extinguished. THAT is a conscious decision, one that the makers are accountable for. Trying to justify their actions by admitting their subservience to money and fear of the despots whom they are duty bound to expose, is to openly confess their guilt.

A national - or global - religion which worships only the deity of Capital has effectively destroyed the political experiment that was America, and is about to extinguish us as a species.


RRR, since neither Homer, other commenters, nor even the brilliant author, Bill Moyers mentioned Empire, it seems time for more than an Obama “learning moment” on our real, but uniquely camouflaged MEGA malefactor of Make Empire Great Again:

Although this report, focused as it is, only on the ‘militarist’ sector of this far broader and more dangerous 6-sectored Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Empire — needs to be broadened to the entire metastasizing cancer of hidden and camouflaged Empire, which pulls faux-Emperor Trump’s Chucky-doll strings:

Since few investigative journalism articles mention the underLYING cancerous cause of EMPIRE, ‘we the American people’ may well not be fully ‘Woke’, but I’ll try here anyway:

I’ve been thinking about a way to diagnose, explain, and simply connect not only the BLM righteous and essential protests, but also Coronavirus (which I call Covid-45 qua Emperor Trump), the crashing economic and unemployment damage he is creating, along with his misuse of deadly policing even military powers, which could possibly reach to the level of the 1930s Nazi ‘Brown Shirt’ SA level.

So I’ve decided to augment my 2017 double-sided signs, that I used every week in Portland Maine and Portsmouth NH., which simply said:

“Our Revolution”

and on the other side:


with these new double-sided signs:

with -->

and on the other side:


[all sign text, of course is centered in the actual signs]


If you want to give the ruling classes the right to define words, then yes, that’s what it means in English. But

In a historical sense from 1650s, “a leader of the masses in an ancient city or state, one who sways the people by oratory or persuasion.” Often a term of disparagement since the time of its first use (in Athens, 5c. B.C.E.). Form perhaps influenced by French démagogue (mid-14c.).

Indeed, since the term demagogos explicitly denotes someone who leads or shepherds the demos, the eventual use of this word as the primary epithet for a political panderer represents a virtual reversal of its original meaning. The word demagogos in fact implies that the people need someone to lead them and that political power, at least in part, is exercised appropriately through this leadership. [Loren J. Samons II, “What’s Wrong With Democracy,” University of California Press, 2004]

As others have recognized about you, I call BS!
Your divisive posts are entirely formulaic and are those of a propagandist and troll; a poster not genuine or acting alone, maybe even computer-generated!
Your misrepresentations, false claims and history, obtuse opinions and constant references to historic figures, historians and writers, as you yourself, are false and most often inaccurate or slanted representations!

Your comments are sprinkled with a very thin coating of some few truths, as any good propagandist will, but with division as your intent - they are divisive garbage designed to fool people!

I strongly urge readers here to look at your short record of divisive and abusive comments - to not be fooled by you and/or your lies and deceit - or tolerated by all the CD members and public figures you demean and attack, like Bill Moyers, and Jane Goodall!

Whoever you are, whatever your motives, and whoever/whatever you work-for You are transparent in your false narratives and intentions! You are a BS false voice and most all you write IS horseshit!! you should be banished!


That pretty much said it all in a few paragraphs. Thanks to Bill Moyers.


It is very likely you will not receive any response from “homer”, except maybe some demeaning BS - the computer needs time to make-up some crap. Don;t be fooled by that troll shill or his propaganda - check his, her, its short record of crap posts here - ~https://commons.commondreams.org/u/homer/activity


The problem with your words, Bill, is that the USA has never been a democracy. You’ve drunk the Korporate Kool-Aid as well as any other servile journalist, always dancing around the ugly truths of American imperialism and latent fascism. The country was founded upon private property rights and commercial advantages for profit at the expense of land, people, the environment, and justice. You’d think after all these years you might have found a clue.


It may in fact be one of the chief weaknesses of democracy that democracy can lead to tyranny just as well or perhaps even more than other political systems.”

This goes right to the heart of it. An educated and free-thinking public is crucial. Read Plato’s the Apology.


But you, Emphyrio, should learn to identify your “you’s.” I had no idea who you were talking about and you seemingly did not care to inform me. You, Emphyrio, might just as well have been howling at the moon.

In the old newsrooms, the editors (and even the reporters) used to pose such questions as who, where, when, how, etc., etc., – remember?

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My apologies. I could have been more specific on the “you”, granted. I thought in my haste (and anger) my comment being addressed as a reply to the poster called “Homer” - the reply icon and his handle together would have been sufficient to ID the “you” in question, as well as several others also calling him/her/it/them out. This comment is also not specific, but the reply is clearly to you this time.
I will take your criticism as a lesson for the future John. Thanks


Homer…are you a troll? Or a fool?

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Good signs.
So much shit is coming down at same time & all of it comingled like tangled balls of yarn, that CHAOS reigns supreme.
There’s just no way to take any 1 thread of yarn & disentangle it from the larger knotted mess. They are no longer separate, but are indeed, parts of the entire tangled mass of everything thatctouches it.