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'We Just Bombed a SCHOOL BUS': Outrage After US-Backed Saudi Coalition Slaughters Children in Yemen


'We Just Bombed a SCHOOL BUS': Outrage After US-Backed Saudi Coalition Slaughters Children in Yemen

Julia Conley, staff writer

Declarations of outrage were followed by demands for an immediate investigation on Thursday after reports that the U.S.-backed Saudi coalition slaughtered dozens of innocent civilians, including many children traveling on a school bus, when it bombed an area near a crowded market in Yemen.


" Saudi led coalition?"

What! Let’s call it what it REALLY is: AN AMERICAN LED COALITION!


“They’re not American children…” is the MIC’s rationale.

Sick, Demented Donnie Little Hands is not an American President, he’s an International Assassin.

Please, someone end this Mass Murderer’s killing spree.


Grow up Ponyboy! This is the work of America and its people. It is not some ass hole with tiny hands it is the American people who have allowed their country to become the world’s worst terrorists. Own it.


T.E. Lawrence is turning over in his grave.


Is this God’s will? Then f**k him.


Make your voice heard and keep trying:

Call the State Department to register your opposition to not only what the Saudis are doing but the US selling of weapons to Saudi Arabia to make this carnage possible.

(202) 647-6575 option 8

If you can’t get through try this:



I openly admit that I have supported Democrats in the past, but never again.

The Duopoly Uni-Party has had over 200 years to perfect their governance practices and in my lifetime have chosen to perfect only one thing, their greed.

By choosing to represent the MIC and not the masses, they’ve sealed their fate.

I’ve owned up to my mistakes, have you?


In addition, more than 3 dozen Democratic Senators voted for the military spending bill, including Senator Murphy. Who did you think those bombs were going to be dropped on Senator?


Absolutely, unequivocally and immutably so true! We are the problem, not Trump! Trump has merely made transparent what Amerika has always been: a fascist world wide empire. Like many Germans that supported the Third Reich, too many people in the US support the Fourth Reich. It is all our fault…not Trumps.


And we have the responsibility to demand that the US stop its sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia. And, additionally, to Israel for their atrocities.




The US regime, regardless which “party” is in power are guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. The MICC war-machine is a for-profit enterprise - the arms industry (aka “defense” industry), Congress and all the politician co-conspirators, the Pentagon generals, career mass killers of mostly “poorer” native and tribal nations. It should be clear which is poor and which depraved. The “coalition” slaughtering civilians in Yemen is really a US-Saudi-Israeli triumvirate of death and war crimes.

The for-profit war machine includes the military “jobs program” - the “volunteer” military. Paying people to sign-up to kill is not in any nations best interest as it separates rich from poor and excludes those that can buy or lie their way out. we should return to a draft that is more egalitarian and likely more “moral”. A draft with no exemptions for wealth or position would soon see a decline (at least!) in wars of choice and profit for the connected few.

In the ME/NA it should also be clear who is fomenting war and subverting foreign policy decisions to further their racist agenda and illegal expansionist “religious” mythology…or is that just a cloak and subterfuge for ordinary theft and neo-nazi racism? I am of course referring to the Israeli/zionist entity that is a threat to all that oppose their depravity and violence against civilians.

" The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and mercenary forces operating under its command have carried out widespread forced disappearances, torture and murder of Yemenis suspected of opposing the more than three-year-old intervention by the oil-rich Gulf state in alliance with Saudi Arabia and Washington."

“This is the conclusion drawn by the human rights group Amnesty International after interviewing at least 75 people, including families of the disappeared and detained, survivors of the UAE torture centers, lawyers, journalists and local officials in Yemen.”

The Israelis are allied with the Saudi’s in Yemen and are flying attack missions against the Houthi and civilians. https://eurasiantimes.com/israel-saudi-collaborating-yemen/


Americas need to wake up, The glorification of everything military from toys, war games, war pics, clothing, songs etc. is manufacturing cannon fodder and that fodder is our sons and daughters and their sons and daughters. The world is littered with the graves of those who believed they could control the world, buried right next to their collateral damage


Right! Who arms the Saudis and buys their oil and does sword dances with their leaders?


“We the People” have been disturbingly silent for far too long. I’m glad to see the responses given in this article but it’s going to take so much more (and I have no idea what) to reign in the rogue state.


I did not see any reference to this bombing on msm. Usually there is something about this, but not this year.
I had to find it at truthdig.


This is just too much. I have to say it: WAKE UP AMERICA! 29 CHILDREN WERE JUST MURDERED SO YOU COULD HAVE ONGOING ACCESS TO THE GAS YOU PUT IN YOUR CAR THIS MORNING! I don’t hate this country. I love the kind people I find everywhere here. What I hate is the lies and deception we are being subjected to daily to accomplish a selfish and evil agenda perpetrated by a corrupt minority. It must end before those they abuse rise up and crush us all.


" Both the US and UK have since 2015 or prior, worked closely with Saudi and Emirati forces in their Yemen campaign to defeat Shia Houthi forces, which includes staffing intelligence command centers to assist in targeting, as well as providing aerial refueling for coalition jets .

It is also primarily American and British military hardware that’s supplying the Saudi military machine."

So the USA is responsible for targeting. This is on you America. We bomb hospitals too. Enough!


I feel safer already. Thanks USAssholes