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'We Just Bombed a SCHOOL BUS': Outrage After US-Backed Saudi Coalition Slaughters Children in Yemen


Along with Climate Change, there won’t be a word about this on shows like Rachel Maddow.


Granted, that we the people share ultimate responsibility for not caring enough to make the horrible situation in Yemen and our country’s many years of illegal and unnecessary warfare be an important issue for our country. However, Pony Boy is right about one thing. Donald Trump can stop this anytime he wants to, but he doesn’t care or want the deaths from starvation, cholera, or war to stop because he loves the idea of killing Muslims as much as Netanyahu does. The American people have not been running this country at all for years. It will take many more of us to wake up and start caring and paying better attention, not just to what is said on the media, but also to what is not said by our dysfunctional media. We have a lot of work to do and we are way way off track as a country and as human beings in this country. Shame on us all for not caring!


Neither will there be on Fox News or anyplace else. Get real! All corporate media is told not to discuss certain issues that might upset the for profit sponsors. That is what is wrong with corporate controlled media.


The US would be grossly hypocritical to complain to Saudi Arabia for its killing of little children. After all the US has done that for the last twenty year in both Afghanistan and Iraq (also wedding parties)! You have to wonder if it is deliberate instead of collateral damage.


We are what we allow to be done in our name. Have you instructed your representatives in Washington about how to represent your will in matters of war? Do you fire them when they represent different interests than yours?


I hate American public insouciance. If they can’t drum up enough personal interest in preventing such killings then maybe they do deserve to be hated!


Sometimes, to protect our freedoms, to protect our values, we have to kill a few dozen dirt poor kids.


Must have been one of those “preemptive strikes” that Bush promoted because y’know those kids would have grown up to be terreroristesez.


i think enough is enough, we the people are shopping and going out to eat while our gov’t is dropping bombs on everywhere else. i realize that most of our wars were for resources but killing kids like this makes us the biggest bully on the block.


Yes Truth: the fascist, imperialist amerikan has always, since 1776, been an Evil empire, slaughtering its way to global dominance! It Never was “great” just bloodthirsty!
The good side: the Evil empire is collapsing !
All who care, Rise up together! We can all do more to hasten the demise of this terrorist beast!
Would be helpful if we all stopped finger pointing; accept all sincere Rebels!


They, our proud mercenary armed forces, killed a dozen kids gathering firewood on a hillside in Afghanistan a few years back. Our freedoms were protected. Ooo-Rah.


I will not argue the moral value of Trump. That’s a loser. However, from the peace accords of the second world war, after FDR’s death our country has been taken over by the deep state. That power is expressed through the CIA, NSA etc. agencies of the US government. They are not accountable to the people or anyone. Any president that does not do the bidding of the deep state gets what JFK and MLK got.

So even if Trump wanted to do something like make peace with NK it will be pushed aside by the likes of Bolton. Do Bush put NK on axis of evil list. You think Trump has the power to make peace? I call BS. The rich the 1% makes their money from the military industrial corporations that are about all the profitable stocks we have left. All the mansion along our coasts filled with the rich beg for more war and profit as profit is all they love. Look at DeVos and brother the God of private war with 40 million dollar boats. They are the people that profit from war and will not take no for an answer. Want to end war burn their house down and chase them down the street with lengths of rope.

All pointing to get off your f**king ass Pookie and do something other than make excuses.


If invading a country and killing children does not literally constitute a form terrorism then please tell me what to call such a depraved activity.


Bush cares not but for money. He loves any strike that expends ammo that needs to be replaced for top dollar. He like his family who got rich supporting Hitler just want money. Clean these sons of bitches out of our country.


Approximately 30 children and dozens of others were killed/maimed today in the latest Saudi bombing…which we read /hear about on our media but nary a word about the genocidal bombings on going atop the encaged people of Gaza today…hundreds have been killed and thousands maimed by IDF snipers positioned around the cage /fence picking off journalists, medics, children and rock throwers inside the largest concentration camp in the world…but NO discussion…only MORE money for Israel…billions more. Oh, and our Saudi allies, when they are not throwing threats at Canada for questioning the civil /human rights of Saudi women, they actually ‘Crucified’ an “accused” (NOT prosecuted) felon in KSA today. All done according to their rule of law so it must be okay with Washington? Tel Aviv?


The system that created this horrible scenario shouldn’t be allowed to drag the rest of the population down with them. The corrupt duopoly, the mic, the elite 1% who hold the money reigns are currently causing this mayhem but WE the people keep chewing our cud, letting it happen. That’s what’s so sad. I don’t exclude myself. By speaking up, I’m trying to at least raise awareness but I/we need to take the next step/s. This incident can be the catalyst. I have no experience, though. Writing to a cowardly congress, (exceptions noted), seems to do no good. voting in a broken system, likewise. I feel frustrated and sad and angry that something like this can happen with barely a peep from the msm. Has nothing changed since the revelations and lessons of Viet Nam?


I agree. We are going to need mass action on an unprecedented scale.


Any president that does not do the bidding of the deep state gets what JFK and MLK got.

and RFK and JFK Jr. and Paul Wellstone and Seth Rich and Gary Webb and Michael Hastings and and and …


Hi davidpsh,
Sadly I can see a possible horror coming. Remember when America attacked the ME for no reasons ( except lies and greed?)well it was bad enough that we bombed their cities, but focusing on their children----their future, that makes people really crazy and who can blame them. We drone them following cell phone signals—depending on nothing—no proof, and we bomb weddings and funerals----but bombing the school bus. This will send people over the top, and sadly the FAA in its upmost stupidity has granted anyone the right to pay $50 —register it ---- and get a recreational drone. OMG, no training required usually and so easy to get. We’ve seen terrorists lighting things on fire or just running over people on sidewalks… a new horror? Maybe—but how cheap and easy to target other peoples kids ( American ones?) with the FAAs gift to terror with the recreational drone. Sadly again, Congress doesn’t think of the cheap kills, and I hope no one starts this--------but the hubris and the arrogance of America seems to be unlimited and maybe some terrorist watch groups should talk to the FAA


chase them down the street with lengths of rope.

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