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'We Just Bombed a SCHOOL BUS': Outrage After US-Backed Saudi Coalition Slaughters Children in Yemen


In our two main party reality, we have to support Democrats, help them win, and then demand better policies like withdrawal from wars in the Middle East.

This carnage is the direct fault of the Russian Mafia Don, who promised to make the sands glow red and bomb, bomb, bomb with “new Generals” if he got power. He’s a Rethuglicon, not a Democrat, and his disgusting wars are run by his hand picked Generals and funded PRIMARILY By REPUBS.

Senator Murphy who is rightfully outraged is a Democrat too. We have to be strategic in our voting, volunteering, and even chipping in a few bucks here and there to stop this Trump carnage.

Don’t take yourself out of the game before it starts. Please. Liberals like us care more for this country than anyone else because we see reality warts and all, and always call on our country to do better. This illegitimate, unfit, crazy narcissist is a unique threat to our shared future, and the situation demands all hands on deck. Thanks for reading my rant.


Anyone so inclined will have her or his eyes opened wide after a search for something like George Bush and the Carlyle Group. The more war, the more money in BILLIONS these weasels and their ilk suck out of money borrowed by the government that we taxpayers are expected to repay with interest to the banks owned by these same b******s. They make it on the front end sales of overpriced defective equipment and materiel and the back end financing with the interest they make from financing the arms purchases initially. And they own senators and representatives thanks to their buddies at the NSA/CIA.



I was never a fan of Maddow’s and gave up any tine listening to her endless, self-absorbed, melo-dramatic monologues of very, very, old, hashed over tidbits.


I am taking suggestions on how to do that. I keep trying to do something and right now don’t know where to turn first.


And Obama and Clinton were different? And the Democratic votes for war and spending on war don’t count? And the later Clinton would have been different how?


We discovered an inhabited continent and murdered our way from one coast to another for a Prince of Peace. Our Irish immigrants were America’s first mafia and the IRA and Sein Fein are terrorists. A 30 foot wall separates murdering white Catholics from murdering white Protestants, identical to a 30 foot wall in Baghdad. Nothing changes except the names of our victims our government destroyed for a manifest destiny, an ordained, divined right to carry God before our armies and enrich our brief pathetic lives in an avalanche of betrayal and deceit. It is all lies. Work toward the light. One of the only changes to our corruption is the vote, so vote and try because it is the journey which will save our souls, not where we’re going. Let me say this.
Raycom flew an unmanned Air Force cargo plane without one soul on board in 1999. Raycom flew it by remote control, got it to take off and landed it without a soul on board as a precursor to the drone program, two years before planes were flown into New York skyscrapers.


Remote control capability of aircraft has been current technology for decades. Drones were used for targets during certain military training exercises as far back as the 60’s at least. The capability to remotely hack into and commandeer an airliner guidance system may or may not exist. If the capability exists it will be used, and may already been demonstrated on a large scale. imho.


Never having heard of Raycom I googled it and found links to Raycom Media.

Is it to that that you refer?



Much of what you say I can agree with.

However, enabling is enabling.

Would you enable a murderer to keep murdering?
Yemeni children died in U.S. led bombing.

Would you enable an arms dealer to sell weapons to terrorist regimes to use on their enemies?
Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Get it?

It has to stop.

I am doing what I can to stop it by never again supporting it.

Many of us here, are.

Won’t you?



I gave up on Maddow a long time ago. I was not singleing out Maddow, that’s why I said “Shows like Rachel Maddow”.


Guess what? We tried that in 2008. What happened? We went from 2 wars (Afghanistan, Iraq) to 6 (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine.)

The Republicans are definitely war mongers.

So are the Democrats.

The USA funded and supported, with mid-flight refueling and intelligence for tactical decisions, invasion of Yemen by Saudi Arabia began on March 26th of 2015. This was three months before Trump even announced he was running for the GOP nomination. This wasn’t the first time Obama had done militaristic action in Yemen; there was the notorious ‘kill list’ that was about drone assassinations of many Yemenis.

HRC was for this. Sanders was not against it. In fact Sanders on commenting on the Syrian War thought the solution was for the Saudis to be more involved in the fighting there- he said this while the Saudis under US auspices were doing horrid things in Yemen.

Trump is as responsible. But this isn’t about opposing Trump and supporting Democrats like you seem to think. This isn’t Trump’s war. It’s the USA’s war and it started with Obama and continues with Trump.

As Sanford said, Murpy voted for the recent obscene increase in the military budget. He also voted last year for keeping the Authorization of Military Force that gives Trump authority to do stuff like this instead of voting for it to be repealed. Last year he also voted for the disgusting increase in the funds for the Pentagon when the Congress actually gave Trump billions more than he requested.

You’re welcome. I am 100% for us being free to express our views.

I disagree that Trump is a unique threat, especially when it comes to Yemen, since it was an Obama policy before him and I have no doubt that Clinton would be doing the exact same thing- if we weren’t already reduced to a few survivors hiding in caves and burnt out basements trying to survive in the post nuclear war holocaust that very well could have been the result of her bloodthirsty desire to ramp things up in Syria and shoot down Russian planes there.

I fear you are being played by the unDemocratic Party, the same way they did in 2006, convincing us that a vote for them was a vote against Bush Wars, when it turned out they were USA Wars and the unDemocratic Party was just as much a tool of the MIC as the Republicans.

Guess what? I’m convinced that if the unDemocratic Party takes over the House or the Senate or both in November that they won’t take any action to stop USA military adventurism in pursuing the American Imperial Project.


Chris Murphy, thank you for your rage. I feel it, too.


I’m just going to leave this here…


Take it easy my dear Shantiananda, you don’t have to feel guilty. The system you live in is so refined and owned by You-Know-Who. They are so powerfull and merciless, it takes a lot to resist with laws like the Patriot Act.
Let me, as a German, say something about the 3rd Reich: For centuries the German population was accustomed to feudalism. There was only a very short period prior to Hitler, when they had some sort of democracy (Weimar Republic). The situation in that republic was very unstable. The masses were deceived, misslead, cheated and terrorized by the Nazis. Almost impossible to resist, without risking ones life.
Even nowadays in Germany it is very hard to resist our US-NATO owned government. The media, all of them be it private or public, are keeping the people stupid. Never a word allowed that is critical towards US, NATO, Israel. Israel ? No we are still made to feel guilty…
Towards Russia it is alright to accuse them of just anything evil. Just imagine the Russians would bomb school busses in Yemen and the biggest open air concentration camp called Gaza Strip…


Maybe there will be somebody to draw a red line and say: “Stop that or else…”
Who could that be ? The messias or we the people ? Both unlikely.


and RFK and JFK Jr. and Paul Wellstone and Seth Rich and Gary Webb and Michael Hastings and and and…

Maybe the Russians where behind all that just to give Murika a bad name ?


The poster may have meant Raytheon??


Gods will is your will,god only cares as much as we care. This is the truth of the ages .
A good look at the history of humanity and what we have done in the name of the divine creates a picture of a violent,vengeful diety.This is the fallacy .Most of humanity is primitive ,we are the toddlers of the universe fighting over stuff that belongs to life .


If we had an understanding that life is Prime Value what a world we could create .Here’s the stinger God is just another name for LIFE.Now go tell that to Organised Religion it would mean their game is up.No more killing in the name of their God.
We Are All One …spirituality has been saying this for along time science is just catching up.


I must have Raycom wrong. It was an electronics corporation involved in developing the drone and I read about it at You Tube about 9-11 and the reference was the ability to fly a cargo plane by complete remote control. I apologize if Raycom is wrong. I know the reference was 1999.