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'We Just Bombed a SCHOOL BUS': Outrage After US-Backed Saudi Coalition Slaughters Children in Yemen


Could have been Raytheon, regardless it seems I am wrong about Raycom. Raycom is wrong. Sorry about that.


As I commented to the New York “Times” on this same story of the real impact of this Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE — which is only nominally HQed in, and merely ‘posing’ as, our formerly promising, and sometimes progressive country:

"“No excuses anymore!” Geert Cappelaere, Unicef’s regional director in the Middle East and North Africa, said on Twitter. “Does the world really need more innocent children’s lives to stop the cruel war on children in Yemen?”

Well, sure, there are some justifiable complaints about the Saudis using U.S. Empire LGB (laser guided bombs) on a moderate number of Yemen children killed in buses by Lockheed Martin and Raytheon’s Paveway II 500-pound LGBs (such as GBU-12) and Paveway III 2,000-pound penetrator (such as GBU-24), along with other American Empire designed Advanced Precision Kill Weapon Systems (APKWS).

But, come-on, do you know how important that business is to the whole American Empire’s economy and jobs effort that Emperor Trump is driving?"


I congratulate you on your enlightenment. Here’s hoping we can begin to spread the gospel of “not good enough”.


Shantiananda, Yes, “Let’s call it what it really is” — the American HQed Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE, which is only nominally HQed in, and ‘posing’ as, our formerly promising, and sometimes progressing country that 242 years ago started (only started) our “Revolution Against Empire” [Justin du Rivage] — and which ‘we the American people’ are the only people on earth who can WakeTF-up and have the brains and courage to fire a; loud, public, sustained, ‘in-the-streets’, but totally non-violent “Shout (not shot) heard round the world” and ignite an essential continuation and completion of our American Political/economic and social(ist) “Revolution Against Empire” — but now against a disguised ‘internal’ rather than ‘external’ EMPIRE.


Interesting timing on this atrocity. The Saudis just jumped all over Canada for having the audacity to question their human rights (something that I immediately associated with the Trump guy since he is so anti Canadian and palsy walsy with the Saudis). This pretty much puts the Canadian statement right out there where it belongs. Good on you Canada, stand proud.


Shanti, it was the Nazi Empire, the Japanese Empire, the Soviet Empire — and it’s now the America HQed, Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE.

America was birthed by confronting the external British Empire — which unfortunately caused Americans to wrongly think that EMPIRE is an external problem.

The ‘people’ of Germany, Japan, Russia, Britain, France, Spain, et al. all had Empires abroad, but all those people learned (“the hard way” as Tina Turner sang) the lesson that the late great Jewish-German intellectual, Hannah Arendt, tried to warn her own German people about:

“Empire abroad entails tyranny at home”

Americans, — unlike Germans, French, British, Spanish, Russians, Japanese, etc., — have never directly suffered the “tyranny at home” that comes from their own “Empires abroad” — and thus ‘we the American people’ don’t yet understand what all other people from past powerful, but collapsed Empires learned “the hard way”.

Americans only fought ‘external Empires’ against the British (242 years ago), Spanish (120 years ago), Germans (99 years ago) [in the First World War of Empires], Nazis and Japanese (77 years ago) [in the Second World War of Empires], and Russians (71 to 27 years ago) [in the “Quiet American” Third Word War of Empires].

So ‘we the American people’ never learned from being on the ‘collapsed-side’ of a losing Empire — that blindly being inside of a successfully ‘disguised’ Empire we have to be vigilant of ‘internal’ as well as ‘external’ Empires, particularly when since 1991 most people in America believed Ronnie’s BS that there were no Empires left on earth.

And consequently, the EMPIRE TAIL is not only pinned on the donkey, but also the elephant — and all of us, our children, our country, our environment, and our ‘fragile liittle’ world, if we don’t WakeTF-up to this first and last in the world Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE.


Ah – Nice catch!




I understand – I was addressing the Maddow issue.


Appreciate your reply and cogent information about the Third Reich.

Excellent point!


Way back when I was using windows 95 I said the same thing that: " since America’s foreign policy is tyrannical; it is just a matter of time before America’s domestic policy becomes tyrannical". With the un-patriot act and too many other un-patriot acts by the Amerikan government to mention here. We are seeing that happening today.

Thanks for your excellent reply.


Ain’t no thang, buddy. :slight_smile:


Yes, who will draw that red line? Good question.


Proud peasant parents :heart: bumperstickers that read “My honor student was blown up by Satan’s munitions