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We Kept On Going

We Kept On Going

An unfathomable 50 years since Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination - yes we remember it - workers, poor people and rights advocates led by the stalwart likes of Rev. Dr. William Barber continue to fight King's fights in Memphis and beyond with a requisite endurance both disheartening and uplifting. For a sense of a loss still raw and a resolve still strong, see 1968's sanitation workers and their kids recall the time when "everything went dark," and they persisted.



Immorality, in a word, is key! Today’s fascist, corporate, racist, white supremacist plantation ruling elite are cruel and megalomaniacal. Reverend Dr. Marin Luther King. Jr. said it first. Dick Gregory echoed it in 1979, on stage at Harvard Stadium prior to “Bob Marley and The Wailers” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VD4KqNnlIwc).

Today, in a few weeks, “The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival” will ensconce the immorality scourge that besets our every woken minute as citizens of a supposed Democracy. We can no longer allow the death and destruction of innocents at the hands of our tax-dollar-paid-for military and its partners. The slaughter of women, children and elderly is immoral and must not stand, unchallenged. A tyrannical, malevolent force of immorality is every efin’ where that I can see. A frightful hellacious scene for this human being.

Mother’s Day, Clergy and caring Americans of all faiths will don their signs, collars, robes, holy texts and LOVE - to fill the Capitol steps, halls, sidewalks, offices and streets with signs and calls for MORAL REVIVAL! Chanting, singing and protecting the afflicted with safe haven from the forces of our state who should be protecting all of us - not only the corporations from us - the citizens. We the People, for a season of forty days, will get our American brothers and sisters awakened. Media will have to cover this spectacle of moral deliverence. The “consumer” stupor must end. The restlessness of emptiness that is shattering our souls - must stop. The ecological destruction must stop. The discussion must begin: Honor. Love. Family. Peace. The scourge of racism must end. Our human soul needs a morality rest. A revival back to Love. Honor. Justice. Peace. The neoliberal machine beast that we have allowed to grow into its malignant corporate self will meet its dark self’s most potent foes. We the People Awake - an implacable, immovable soul-force of LOVE - in more than twenty state capitols, this Mother’s Day.

The D.C. press release, December 4, 2017 was videoed and published by

> The Real News Network


Reading William Pepper’s books on the assassination/murder or listening to him will open up a whole vast understanding of the conspiracy in the US against the good for the working people, poor, minorities , the 99%. King challenged that system and had to be killed. The day we remove the name of J Edgar Hoover from the FBI building will be the day we as a nation accept the truth. The forces that killed King are now in power in what appear to be very legitimate roles. It is bad and we are having to face the consequences of the neo-liberal revolution which has been moving forward for the 50 years since King’s death.