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'We Know This Script': Naomi Klein Warns of 'Coronavirus Capitalism' in New Video Detailing Battle Before Us

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/17/we-know-script-naomi-klein-warns-coronavirus-capitalism-new-video-detailing-battle


A true revolution of values will soon cause us to question the fairness and justice of many of our past and present policies, will we hear that question this time? Is this the revolution Sanders is talking about?


We still don’t have enough Naomi Kleins, AOCs, Bernies, etc. Too bad for us!


I( agree, we need more people who are experts on everything.


Trump wants to privatize Social Security? How? By using the stock market?


Don’t Worry - Joe Biden will come to the rescue!


Naomi Klein, among many others, is a hero of mine for helping me take that sickening feeling in my gut that things were so very wrong and focus my brain as to why and begin to understand just how pervasive the problems are. In retirement I have had the time to use my “research brain” to look into matters that most simply do not have the time to investigate, even if so inclined. (I have to remember that when I was on the wheel of work of my career that I had little energy to pursue the context for the world in which I found myself and not judge those who still have their shoulders to said wheel.) Often the range of three to five percent of the population is cited as being needed to effect real social change. I am ready and willing to do my part. Thank you Naomi for your tireless pursuit and presentation of truth!


Nice words. But here’s the thing – during the Great Depression the people were smart enough to get rid of a president who was not on their side (Hoover) and elect a president who was. Today the people have already rejected the ONLY candidate who would have worked to accomplish the things that Naomi Klein is talking about. Even if we manage to get rid of Trump in the next election (but he will probably use this crisis to his advantage and establish some degree of martial law that works to his benefit to keep him in office), who is most likely to be our next “leader”? – senile, lying, bumbling Biden. Good luck getting anything progressive-oriented out of that despicable corporate tool.

I wish I could be more hopeful, but this crisis probably has the fascists in the White House licking their chops over the many ways they can use this to their advantage, to privatize virtually everything under the sun and dismantle every last vestige of New Deal policies. Hell, the people won’t even be able to mobilize and protest, even if they had the courage and initiative to do so. The fear of getting sick and dying is going to keep everyone quarantined while Trump and his swamp rats, privileged to have the best medical care at their disposal, will have a field day passing every draconian corporate-friendly piece of legislation they can think of and will do absolutely nothing for the people. And his faithful followers, still gullible enough and stupid enough to trust him, will remain unmoved, thinking he is making America ‘great,’ even as he flushes them and all of us down the toilet and wipes his ass with gold-trimmed toilet paper.


We have to think that DJT relishes his opportunity to have this much face time with the public. Every minute is a minute that has to be matched by his opposition.
And he could be perceived a hero figure if things go right for him.

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Trump and republicans have done a lot of damage and they will do more. We will need to have the government run massive deficits for a long time, most likely. Trump has been running trillion dollar deficits when times have been good, which was unconscionably bad policy. The US deficit will likely get so bad that it will severely hamper our nation for many years. You better believe they will go after SS and they will sooner or later make cuts. That is a given. We’ve lived through some good times. That is over. Only an excellent vaccine showing up SOON gives our nation and the world, any real hope. Trump’s new plan to through massive money at the airlines and cut taxes is so awful and not even near enough to make any real difference.


Whatever the economic bailout plans may be, I just hope that Covid-19 does not require implementing full in house quarantines by November, thereby stopping the elections and giving us another four years of Trump.


We will need a mail in election.


The solution is to become one. Not me, us.


If 3-5% of the populations of this planet, the only precent that has value as human beings, aren’t-dumbed-down-obedient-braindead-tyranny-worshipping-morons, do not organize into guerilla armies, and using counterinsurgency tactics, totally and violently eradicate the major Rothschild-Controlled Governments, humanity will be dramatically and increasingly oppressed, impoverished, and not only murdered, but euthanized–PERIOD.


The 60’s called and suggested we use their protest strategies for a change. Begging politicians who’ll just ignore you doesn’t work. Forcing businesses to beg politicians and then demanding change does. It’s how we got the clean air and clean water acts. Two acts that have been eviscerated because our approach to protesting for the last 30 years has been to carry signs, hold hands and sing kum ba ya (First Nations are a notable exception).

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We’ve been marinating in the amorality and consumerism of television for over 70 years. In the past 20 years, the ante was upped by introducing 'Reality Shows" that took Ayn Rand’s selfish individualism into a whole new dimension. Lying, cheating, dirty tricks, became normal. Indeed, even praised as virtues. How has that played out in the real world? Let me explain. If someone becomes vulnerable, perhaps by severe illness, the vultures flock in by droves. People you thought were friends, that you trusted, turned into jackels. Knowing you were severely ill and highly sedated, they asked if they could have your possessions, right up to your clothing and car. Lawn mower. Family heirlooms. You name it. One robbed me right as I went into ICU stepdown, the day I regained consciousness(after five days in a coma). I saw it over and over again as I lived with street people and elderly folks tossed into a nursing home/senior living center.
The US culture isn’t even human anymore. It’s not a comity or a society. Which means, when this pandemic hits hard, people won’t be helping each other in the way you think. It will be helping themselves to whatever they can steal from the sick person.


When we reach critical mass everything will be turned turned right side up.
We will create a system that works for the highest good of all.
We know we are close because the old ways are falling apart .

"Nothing can stand in the way of a movement who’s time has come. "


Love you Naomi and bought your book on your tour in Portland Oregon "Shock Doctrine: Disaster Capitalism. IT WAS EYE OPENING but it wasn’t on our shores but Milton Friedman and his Chicago Boys first went to South America where disaster were rampant or they created crisis as they/US wanted the nations of South America’s resources and wanted them privatized by US corporations. It then moved to Eastern Europe and Russia or maybe just with Russian oligarchs. Wasn’t a pretty picture but it wasn’t hear or was it? 9/11 Bush/Cheney regime. Halliburton came out of its financial crisis getting lots of the military contracts.

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Are you a US citizen? If you are, ¿Can we assume that you are a strong defender of your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms?

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I agree that is the current plan to bust Soc Sec at the moment but then what? When they say privatization, they mean tying a worker’s Soc Sec income to the stock market. Privatization would encourage workers to put part or all of their Soc Sec entitlement money into investments. Yes if the market does well those payments would increase but if the market tanks then so do the monies received by the worker. I think lots of people will be enticed to gamble on the market with investment income. A 401k might do really well but there is no guarantee of income like there is with Soc Sec. A market crash would hit the most vulnerable the hardest.

The Repubs can’t resist the lure of all that money… but look at the market. If Trump were to suspend payments creating a Soc Sec deficit my guess is that it would be accompanied by trying to shift people into privatized investment in the stock market. Then that Soc Sec hole would then be filled or deepened by the market. Otherwise it just has to be paid back unless a Republican controlled Congress (both houses would be necessary) to get that passed and even then it’s doubtful that it would be.