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We Know What Hate Looks Like: Standing With Ilhan


We Know What Hate Looks Like: Standing With Ilhan

Amidst the ongoing, breathtaking hypocrisy of hysterical charges of anti-Semitism - aka daring to criticize America's toxic complicity with Israeli war crimes - heedlessly leveled against her, often from down-and-dirty bigots, Ilhan Omar is all done apologizing, and well she should be. As African-Americans, progressive Jews and many others rally to support her, hear what she has to say above the ugly din: "When people say, “you are bringing hate,” I know what their intention is. Their intention is to make sure that our lights are dimmed."



The lack of comments shows it is working … Mention Zionist control of congress and you will be labeled ‘anti-Semitic’. Mention genocide of Palestinians and you are ‘anti-Semitic’. Mention the billions of dollars in foreign aid welfare propping up the Zionist State and you are ‘anti-Semitic’.



Stand Strong Ilhan. Victims of Hate Understand, Only Too Well.

For the Rest it’s BDS the Apartheid Government of Israel.

Since when is it it Hate Speech to Speak to the Bigoted Abusers of Palestinians.
Jim Crow is Jim Crow wherever it is encountered.

For US Government Officials to echo this Bigotry shows only our Complicity in the War Crimes.



The subversive power of Israel and its American Lobby - AIPAC, et al - to stifle public and Congressional criticism of Israel, The Occupation & illegal colonization of the Palestine, ethnic cleansing and organized destruction of Palestinian culture, their “official” policy of Crimes Against Humanity, and near countless murders, imprisonment, and atrocities against men, women, and children by Israel, its IDF racist military and “settler” terrorist extremists is way over the top! THAT is what US representatives defend when they support Israel…it is NOT Judaism per se, but an extremist right-wing view and pre-meditated expansionist, supremacist agenda! Those DINO tools are part of Israeli racism and ME wars!

Lest we forget the Israeli pre-meditated attack on the USS Liberty - an attempted false-flag attack that went wrong and has been covered-up ever since 1967 by both the US and Israel! http://www.gtr5.com/ - NEVER Forget! Never forgive US complicity and cover-up, or those that STILL serve Israeli racism & aggression over our republic!

I support IIlan Omar who has the integrity and moral compass to speak such truth, that her attackers, R’Con & DINO so clearly lack!! What they do show is betrayal of their oaths of office, American values, and truth itself!

American sovereignty, elections, threats against elected officials and candidates by The Lobby and its sycophant stooge Congress-members is proof of their “meddling”…its not “Russia” that sabotages the US elections, its Israel and has been for decades! The actions by Congress-members to slavishly cover for Israeli crimes and subversion of law IS complicity by those people that hold first-loyalty to that foreign power! THAT is one definition of treasonous betrayal of our republic and foreign policy!

BDS! Zionism IS Racism! End Israeli/AIPAC subversion and “meddling” in American elections!



Stay away from the Rhetoric of the Twisted Conversation where Truth isn’t Truth.

Just repeat the War Crimes of the Week and Illuminate the Perpetrators.

Make the Crimes and the Criminals the Focus.

Then the Alignment of the Co Conspirators shows only too Clearly



I am encouraged to see the deep divisions in the d-party being exposed to the light of day.

On Israel, the establishment wing of the d-party is closer to Republicans than progressives.
The same holds true for ‘scary’ Medicare for All.
And the Green New Deal.
I could go on.

Instead, I’ll just ask again: Ready for that liberal third party yet?

I stand with Ilhan.
I love everyone including Jews and Muslims.
I vote my conscience with my head held high.



Thank you , Ilhan. You are only reporting what the rest of the world knows is true: The US and Israel are each others’ lap dogs who oppress the indigenous people in their respective countries.



Hang in Rep. Omar! We will bring sanity and intelligence back into our lives. As a public school teacher, I am on the front lines in the war against stupidity. I teach my students to look for and pursue truth even when it means “a lot of work”. It’s one thing to believe or think and quite another to know for a fact, and that’s what they must do: know for a fact. I teach the importance of language and how to carefully read. To criticize a government is not the same as criticizing a religion or ethnic group. Just because so many members of our government officials call themselves “Christians” doesn’t mean that criticizing their self-serving, evil, hypocritical policies and laws is in any way a criticism of Christians in general or particular; some Christians really are.



What do the US and Israel have in common?

Nuclear weapons
Theft of the land and lives of the indigenous people
Total degradation of their respective Judeo-Christian Ethos




Bravo! Utmost respect for her bravery.



correction: “Phylllis Bennen” should be Phyllis Bennis.



Yeah, the existence of a problem becomes obvious as protesters get shot.

It’s getting more in time coverage than Treblinka did…



BTW, wasn’t Israel established as an anti fascist state. What happened?

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Thank You for Being a Teacher

Yours is a Hard Profession

It is the Most Important And the Most Underpaid

Yet Quite Rewarding

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The more I read and learn about Ilhan Omar the more I like and respect her.



Honestly, at the rate the Israel lobby is going being called “anti semitic” is rapidly becoming a badge of honor.
If they are not smearing you, chances are you are either a right wing fascist, or you are simply not trying hard enough.



No, they were a terrorist state from day 1.
With the aid of the British army they invaded and occupied a sovereign nation, and as soon as they were established began a massive terrorist campaign to drive Palestinians out of their homes and villages.

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They also share an oligarchy.

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Hi Tarsus: sadly most history books don’t tell about NAKBA. They don’t tell how the British just walked away, and how that first Palestinian village was attacked, where people were murdered while others ran for their lives. When they tried to return, they were told --too bad, you left. You can’t return --------and no nation stood up for the death and destruction of a people and their land---- and America still does not care. I cannot believe that in this land of the First Amendment , that accusations from a foreign nation have more power than this nation’s own Constitution : (-



Oh these Freshman’s, I love the fact that they do not suffer fools gladly. It’s about time.

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