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We Lift You Up: Pretty Much Everyone Is Going Rogue To Help Puerto Rico


We Lift You Up: Pretty Much Everyone Is Going Rogue To Help Puerto Rico

You may want to abandon hope after the latest racist stunt by the Bounty-Throwing Clown: At an Hispanic Heritage Month event (yes, we know) he used a grotesque fake Spanish accent to say Puh-WER-to Rico; he also scrubbed all FEMA's bad news from there so nobody would say mean things about him. Still, we rise. Nurses, doctors, truckers, journalists, non-profits and celebrities - who, thanks to Colbert, raised a thousand bucks a pop for every gawky teen selfie posted - are helping. And Lin-Manuel Miranda just released a Puerto-Rican-star-studded song, "a rallying cry, an invocation" for his country.


Very beautiful!


Great piece Abby! Very encouraging. We all need to go “Rogue”, in ways large and small, publicly and privately, quietly and loudly, in any way that we can! We can no longer depend on “leadership” at either National or State level.


The utter ignorance, stupidity, and lack of any common decency in the ginger chimp is astonishing. The creature simply has zero filter between his rotten racist brain and his words and royal actions as ruler-in-chief…"this is the calm before the storm…what the frack that mean?!!..“you’ll find out”! WTF?
Hello! are there no sane leaders left in this country who see and understand this fool is mental and act to protect the nation?

trump is of such a demonstrated vindictive and malignant personality, that he can be led by the evil likes of netanyahu and his extremist/malignant agenda/racism to take the US to war for Israeli interests!
trump also openly and shamelessly serves the 1% agenda of American oligarchs/parasites - read “tax cuts”, “health-care”, for profit education, environmental rape & pollution, fossil fuel cartel, and banker/wall street/insurance thieves!
The mind-set of the ginger chimp is a blight on the world and our honor/future…if such even continues to exist…


Trump’s picture says it all!


(FYI Local efforts (Chicago)): Heartland Alliance’s Travelers Aid is assisting individuals and families who arrive in Chicago and who are in need of assistance. Reach out online if you’d like to help volunteer at O’Hare or Midway airports. :slight_smile:


I especially like the very descriptive and accurate term “Ginger Chimp”. How low can this walking pile of shit go before the GOP has the balls to flush him down?


My Goddess, that picture of the retarded dotard looks just like his mother!