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'We Live to Fight Another Day... Keep Calling,' Say Privacy Defenders as House Postpones Vote to Reauthorize FBI Mass Spying Powers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/28/we-live-fight-another-day-keep-calling-say-privacy-defenders-house-postpones-vote

And this is the Republican plan once again, as it was in 2016. Make it look like the democrats are the ones who want a police state. Make it look like they are the ones that want free trade. Make it look like they are the party that wants war.
In short, in 2016 the Republican Party made the democrats look like conservatives. And as Harry Truman once said, when given the choice between a real conservative and a fake one, the voters will pick the real one every time. The GOP won all three branches of government that day because Hillary Clinton seemed more conservative than Trump. That is the card they are playing again. The question is, are the democrats dumb enough to repeat their 2016 mistakes?
The continued support for the surveillance state by the democratic leadership implies, yes.


The police/security state apparatus is a trillion dollar a year sop with heaps of campaign slop. No chance the Dems will leave their share on the table. In the 2018 mid term election, the Dems’ DCCC funded spook state operatives over progressives opponents. Most won out over the progressive. Look around and see which progressive in congress has a primary opponent and you will find a spook lover.


The choice for 2020 seems to be either a party who admits to being criminal, admits to plans to steal from you and wants to expand the surveillance state OR a party who support exactly the same things but lie about it and believe you are stupid enough to believe them.


I don’t think there is any evidence to suggest the democrats are not on the side of a police state/security state. they voted for the Patriot act, and they authored the defense authorization act which was even worse. They expanded the prison state under Clinton, and they engineered the current whistle-blower persecutions going on. At no time did they take action against the security state.


The part that makes me chuckle is when these Dems attack China for its intrusive security state.

I view those attacks as jealousy.


Oh, I’m not saying that it isn’t true. Of course the democratic establishment does want a police state, does want free trade, and does want war. The problem is that in this pivotal election year of 2020 the Democratic Party is once again permitting themselves to be portrayed as the only party with those stunted values. It’s like the pre-civil rights era is upon the Democratic Party once again. A time when republicans, clearly overt racists themselves, were able to paint the Democratic Party as the only racist party.
Clearly the Democratic Party has become Nixonian in its ldeology. That is the point the GOP successfully made in 2016. They were able to hang the albatross of the Police state, free trade, and war around the neck of the Democratic Party, all the while deflecting any attention on their own party. And just like any good coach, you keep running the same play until the other team stops you. It appears the democrats only plan for 2020 is to stay their ideological course, and hope the other side fucks up. Not exactly a game plan that makes your electorate brim with confidence.
Most of the Democratic faithful still don’t realize, or refuse to recognize, that trump and the republicans didn’t win in 2016 because wayward democrats crossed the line and voted Republican. No, they lost because democrats in many swing states couldn’t, or wouldn’t, vote, due to either voter suppression or a complete lack of enthusiasm for all things Clinton.
I see that same scenario playing out right now in 2020. Democrats have no enthusiasm for Biden. They have no respect for the Democratic leadership. Yet, because of a pandemic, a crashing economy, and a dangerous dingbat in the White House, they and their Third Way nixionian platform actually have a chance.
Either way. I don’t see change coming any time soon.



In particular, people also need to demand we immediately get out of the trade deals that turned our government rotten. If they werent hiding something this big they would have nothing to fear from people being able to communicate without big Brother. But unfortunately they did sell us out on a massive scale that imminently does all sorts of things guaranteed to turn most peoples lives upside down.

These changes were not caused by COVID-19 as they - like the huge job outsourcing and privatization of Social Security , healthcare of all kinds, and all services unless “supplied in the exercise of governmental authority” was planned way back in the 1990s.

As shown by the financial services deregulation documents Geneva filing dates ito february 26 1998. they freeze regulation on healthcare insurance and banking regulation at the level that existed at that time, but only in one direction, creating a permanent cceiling where all the bad things allowed then are carved in stone, with exceptions only allowed for emergencies, only deregulation is permitted. Any other changes likely have to be temporary (10 years may be the time limit if they are “MFN exceptions” but I think it is kept intentionally vague ) and limited to the duration of the emergency that inspired it. I am not an exert or even close, one needs them and they may not even exist because we have all been - I swear this is true, brainwashed, in the classic sense, just like the people of North Korea, to accept as fact a large body of literal bullshit that bears so little reemblance to fact that its absolutely a tragedy. this has allowed all sorts of horrible things to happen, including the deaths of 1 million sick poor Americans before their times.

In short, governments, led by the US, and EU, have done something behind our backs on a global scale that makes them less, much less deserving of our trust. So what really needs to happen is that the people need a better way of keeping tabs on them. By people I do not mean corporations but indeed that is what they have been pushing for they call THAT transparency, you see everything is backwards in this looking glass world, and we the people dont even have any standing at all at the global economic governance level)


DC follies.
As if FBI would ever intrude into your private matters. sarcasm!!
As if NSA does not exist.
As if Nancy and Schiff have any brains.

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Have you ever heard of trade agreements? They are the real government now. How come people dont know that? Ask our friends in the Washington Consensus, which has ceded away power so that we the people no longer have any standing in the things that matter AT ALL. Its our friends in Washington’s jobs to OBFUSCATE THAT THEFT and keep us divided so we waste all out time and never actually seem to agree enough to demand they DO anything, when we actually do get close, we see a some huge “emergency” get started to distract us all. Without fail. People who think we can just vote to change anything, well, good luck on that.

Read up on the General Agreement on Trade in zervices and youll zee its not true

Where was Bernie for the Senate vote, which passed by 1 vote??? Bernie needs to explain his strange behavior and his SELLOUT generally. Your former supporters need and deserve explanations. You risk flushing your historical reputation down the toilet!

For Chrissakes, they gave away their powers to change practically everything people need in a dirty deal almost nobody here has ever heard of, both parties then lied to the country all this time, deliberaly wasting peoples time and lives while we barked up the wrong trees. While a million poor people have died before their time. They have hidden this for 25 years.

Thats fact. Way too much of what we’re told is fiction. Its goal is corporate takeover.

The latest scam is “information gerrymandering” to disempower our voices !

Now these actors want our trust? For their Trust Act? We can bet its goal is to hide their information gerrymandering efforts. To steal all Americans freedom of speech by forcing a loss of the ability to communicate freely, in order to hide their own thefts of all both our economic and political rights. No we should not trust a single one of them. Because not a single one has been honest with us.

The rights to us have already been sold.

Right again! I fear it will get unimagineably worse before it even starts to get better. What we need, and have needed for about 50 years, is an actual opposition party. Hence the constant reminder not to back the DNC.


“You risk flushing your historical reputation down the toilet!”

Already done, Bernie is not our savior.
He quit the presidential race when the only other horse in the race can’t remember what town he’s in, and half the states hadn’t voted.
He refused to use a Senate tool to block the bailout bill that gave the treasury to the corporations.
He’s failed to show up for critical votes during this pandemic, votes where his could have stopped bad legislation for the people.
He lied all through this campaign, that he wasn’t taking big money, while the working people were sending him every penny they could afford.
He sold any leverage his supporters would have had for any progressive policies at the convention if he lost, when he endorsed Biden.

How much more proof do you need, that we’ve all been duped?


I agree. I am just curious about the mechanics of the Bernie candidacy. Was he ever sincere? Who scripted what? Why did the powers that be allow him to launch a candidacy that could spark a social movement that conceivably could get out of control? It is such amazing Kabuki theater that I am simply intellectually curious about how the logistics were arranged.

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I get it. I guess the nail in the coffin for me was when Chris Hedges described on the Jimmy Dore show, how Bernie was asked in 2015 by a progressive Seattle councilwoman, if he would run as an independent if his bid failed inside the dem party. His reply was no, he didn’t want to be another Ralph Nader. That told me his self image was more important than changing the inequalities that infects this country, and pushes the working class down.


I think that’s right. Instead of finding better ways to spy on citizens, we need measures to stop government spying on US.
Roll back the spying now being done, not add to it.
I may continue wearing a face mask after the virus has departed. Going to need hat changes and maybe a few wigs.

Right now entity’s can make a full montage of your daily life by piecing together the street corner camera, your visit to the bank, visit to Walmart, and your private visits to friends and family. That doesn’t include all of the Go-Pro dash cams and home surveillance cameras.
Oh ya, forgot the satellites.

Yes and being BURIED with totally irrelevant useless data we can pretty much guarantee that they will miss anything thats actually important. Not only that but they probaly will blame everything on the wrong people. Maybe delberately as they need funding for all that useless junk so likely they’ll greedily claim to others in their echo chamber that they need to create fake justification.

We’re not allowed to have any significant change. Its literally prohibited by a binding international treaty. Whateverpliticians who are trying to tell us its simply a matter of voting for more of them, is lying. What needs to happen is we need to withdraw from treaties which we have committed to which is basically like turning 180 degrees while driving 90 miles per hour. Unless we do that this thing stays on autopilot and one of the things its doing is outsourcing and offshoring potentially millions of jobs, mostof the better ones, the ones people think are safe (nursing, teaching, medicine, accountancy, and dozens of other decent paying jobs) What will be left are the jobs that its not worth outsourcing. So of course we cant fix the dysfunction in areas like healthcare and education, that dysfunction is needed to serve as justification for all this since we’re being shamelessly lied to. By both parties. Even the supposedlly good politicians are lying, a lot.