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We’ll See You in Court, 2.0: Once a Muslim Ban, Still a Muslim Ban


We’ll See You in Court, 2.0: Once a Muslim Ban, Still a Muslim Ban

David Cole

If a Muslim Ban is cleaned up to exclude Iraq, exempt lawful permanent residents and other current visa holders, is it still a Muslim ban? That’s the question presented by President Donald Trump’s decision to replace his original executive order, enjoined by the courts, with a new one. The administration’s decision to abandon the old order is wise; every judge but one who had reviewed it found it raised grave constitutional concerns.


When you write "See you in court," who is the we? Are you personally filing? Will Common Dreams be filing? When will this happen, and in what court? How can we, your readers, follow your activities with regards to what you will do in court? Tthanks, Randy


We is the American Civil Liberties Union.


The principles of fairness and balance would require an Evangelical ban as well--whatever nation they come from. Abrahamic religions: the fount of all our problems.


Organised religion is the cause of a great many of our problems. I have no problem with people of any faith following that faith as long as they don't try and coerce ME into believing in some ethereal being. Moslems are no different in that respect from any other religion, they are all about control. Banning Moslems from entering any country will make not one iota of difference to the incidence of terrorism. If you really want to stop these fanatics you need to destroy their belief that what they are doing is right and proper when any reasonable person (the majority of us) would disagree. The ban will be totally ineffective but will push even more fanatics into attacking people of secular countries I have NO time for any religion, I find it ridiculous that anyone could believe in a supreme being, especially one who talks to different castes or sects in different ways but I will defend to the death the right for anyone to so believe as long as it doesn't lead to the death of anyone else. We should also remember that so called 'christians' were responsible for the death of millions of 'moslems' in the middle ages for no other reason that their beliefs were different. This nonsense will only stop when we start respecting our fellow humans as individuals in their own right whatever their beliefs. I say this as a confirmed atheist of many years standing. Down the years there have been many people of both religious faith and none who have sought to systematically destroy those who didn't agree with them but whatever belief youe have, it still doesn't make it right. The trump is simly adding fuel to the flames of a fire that could have been extinguished centuries ago had there been the will to do so. All it takes is for reasonable people to get together and say "NO MORE" !