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We Lucky Molecules


We Lucky Molecules

Robert Parry

Scientists don’t know how many atoms and molecules there are in the Universe, but it’s clear that the vast, vast, vast majority find themselves locked in lifeless form – perhaps consumed by the fire of an exploding nova, or sucked into a black hole going who knows where, or simply frozen in the dark reaches of space.


A little poetry from Bob.

In an age of environmental fragility and nuclear dangers, the human race must finally recognize its common interests and cooperate in the common cause of averting unnecessary chaos and conflict.

Sadly - tragically, in fact - there are many working to prevent “the human race” from recognizing any commonality or cooperating in any cause that is not militaristic.

Try to find a copy of the documentary Merchants of Doubt and watch it - or just read the book.



Here’s the article by Merchants of Doubt authors Oreskes and Conway that was posted at Common Dreams the year MoD was published.


In order to sidestep the propaganda and distortions, schools must teach critical thinking and questioning, as well as good research skills. The obvious conclusion, then, in view of the mindless infatuation with standardization and its imposition in our educational system, is that those whose interests lie in creating good little work units are doing their best to prevent American children from developing these very skills.


Excellent and moving essay. Thank-you Mr. Parry and keep up the good work.


I did find much merit in Mr. Parry challenging the mass media’s lockstep march to demonize Putin and rewrite the entire Ukraine narrative in a manner befitting Western imperial interests.

Nonetheless, THIS is a pathetic statement and it’s right up there with pushing Official Story memes related to 911:

“As far as scientists know, we may be the only beings anywhere capable of this feat. Despite decades of seeking signs of intelligent life across the Universe, none has been found.”

There are TONS of interviews across the Internet, many on You tube, with qualified pilots, scientists, X-military personnel and others in nations here and abroad that in fact ATTEST to very real contact with intelligent life from elsewhere.

Lies repeated often hold back the consciousness of the human race.


And few things are more ignorant than taking ONE limited perspective–typically that of Western anglo-male academe, a/k/a science–and allotting to it the scope of all that is known.

MANY times mystics, shamans, and medicine people know things that science cannot explain.

Scientists think the physical world is the causative factor so they say things like “character comes from the brain.”

In every set of decades, scientists must correct their prior theories.

“We act to destroy them” fits a part of humanity, but hardly all… and as usual it’s the masculine frame that’s used as WITNESS for all.

It’s tiring, it’s lopsided, it’s dishonest, it’s flawed, it’s short-sighted, and it’s getting boring!


People can attest to anything that they want. No one has documented any undeniable evidence of life on other planets.

There is no sufficient basis on which to accuse Parry of lying when he claims that no intelligent life beyond earth “has been found.”

The vast majority of the inhabitants of the Earth claim to believe in some sort of deity or deities. That fact does not make someone who claims to believe differently a liar.




Have you missed the roles played by NAFTA and other treaties, added to deregulatory schemes with both sending enormous WEALTH to the top of the fiduciary food chain… and from there, what that wealth produces in the way of policy (via purchased lawmakers)?

Did you miss the conclusions to the Page & Gilens Study that public wishes seldom factor into policy determinations?

Did you miss the Piketty Study as per how much global finance has become skewed in favoring the 1%?

Talk all you want about theories. Our present global system runs on Capital and those with lots of it not only call the shots, they’re using stealth devices like depressed wages, a high-tech surveillance state, and now binding treaties to shut out the input and needs of the 99%.

THAT is what it’s all about.

Your conjecture sounds like a kid in a high school class postulating on these matters 30 years ago. A LOT has happened since!


In the same way that the church-state branded mystics heretics, how much mainstream media gives voice to:

  1. The poor
  2. 3rd party candidates
  3. Anti-war pundits
  4. Persons who understand advanced energy systems
  5. Persons who have gone on record–over 200 as documented by Dr. Steven Greer–in relating their very real experiences
  6. Persons who can PROVE that the 911 story was a fraud
  7. Persons who convey narratives other than those pushed by MSM pundits

The allowable parameters of what passes for consensual reality are narrowed with voices that see and know things that extend beyond these artificial boundaries treated to the following:

  1. pilloried
  2. silenced
  3. Kept poor
  4. mocked

In this way, the ideological status quo remains in place.

There is so much info on UFOS and alien contacts all over You Tube.

How many Americans understand the false flag trigger used to open the gates of Hades in the Middle East?

The church state, which is patriarchy’s main control system, has made sure that any voices contrary to its control of narrative were either tortured, murdered, condemned, left penniless, or their reputations ruined.

THAT is still the protocol. And that makes it more than curious that kids (and assorted soldier boys and girls) who pretend to be revolutionaries show up on this site to push totally status quo narratives. To BE outside of the existing paradigm is to question all of the lies that prop it up. THAT is at minimum.


Your response is something that a bad high-school debater would write.

The fact that religious institutions have worked to suppress those who do not adhere to their dogma does not make the case that there is intelligent life beyond earth.

The fact that the corporate media does not represent all viewpoints likewise does not make such a case.

There’s information about UFO’s in lots of places. There are bibles in motel rooms.

Whatever “narratives” may be posted on this site, you have not made the case that Parry is a liar.

You owe him an apology.



One of the most humorous “space” legends came from New Mexico. Our favorite Space Agency, NASA, the one that hands out the most money, had a plan to communicate with other beings, critters “out there”. The idea was to attach a gold plated CD to the side of a space craft. Then they would ask the peoples of the world to say, in their own words, greetings and they would be recorded on that cd. The Najavo nation was part of that program. The tribal leaders thought about it, and say they would send a message, but it would be in Navajo and “secret”. That was OK. The message was recorded and was sent on its way. There was always a question about just what they had said. It took a while, but finally one of the tribal people was convinced to spill the pinto beans. The message was: Beware of these people. They may seem nice, but they want to steal your land. How could the human predicament be better expressed? Any intelligent being would just have to laugh. Or sigh.


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The planet in the “Earthrise” picture fills me with a delicate feeling of awe just as the man who took the picture, William Anders, did when I met him beside the Green River upstream of Desolation Canyon. Does the man make the picture, or does the picture make the man? After meeting and talking to him that afternoon, I belive their souls are entertwined. It took William Anders to put life into that perfect image.