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We Make America Great: Fighting Back

We Make America Great: Fighting Back

Your daily sliver of good news: Despite the Pumpkinführer's vow to deport millions of the undocumented, many of them, with the support of cities, campuses and even police, insist they're #HereToStay. Joining manyof the country's largest cities pledging to continue offering sanctuary, thousands of students at over 80 colleges will walk out Wednesday in the name of a Campus Sanctuary movement urging "resistance to bigotry of every kind" and "education not deportation."

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Sobriety check and scrutinizing for the undocumented are two very different things. The article is about the latter. I’m not clear on what your point is, except possibly to note that these regular checkpoints would be ideal places for cooperation with Homeland Security but, given the statement from the police department, will/may not be so used.

LOL! My own paternal grandfather was undocumented because he was not an Anglo who had no quotas back then to enter the US and yeah, I know, way too many whites are just livid at seeing the browning of America. This demographic shift is good news as we have a potential to transform this nation for the better.

This will be the path going forward. Resist and Desist.

And all in jeopardy may need to move to Blue states.

At one time there was quite an underground support network for Salvadorans and it worked.

I had to check Stop and Frisk…

On August 12, 2013, U.S. District Court Judge Shira A. Scheindlin ruled the controversial police tactic unconstitutional. The Bloomberg administration appealed, and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals suspended the order and sent it back to a new judge. But the court denied the city’s motion to vacate Schneidlin’s decision. Eventually, the de Blasio administration dropped the appeal. Politico

I myself am a “MUTT” English, Irish, German, Cherokee and Palauan, this issue is extremely simple to understand. Both the illegal and the US Government agree on one thing. They know they are here illegal.
It’s not racial it’s a simple fact. So how do we deal with it? The US can’t keep rewarding illegal immigration and turn a blind eye. It is a problem,and a 2nd round of amnesty with “NO” resolution will be compassionate but it’s NOT a fix. It’s called RISK…and anyone who purposely travels into the US illegally or fails to update their legal status knows and understands the legal consequences.Don’t show to work and you get fired, skip your car or mortgage payments and it’s repo’d, failure to turn in your final at school and you get an F. Life has rules and when they are disregarded, broken, or redefined someone else pays.

Presumably, the purpose of the stop is for safety reasons, yours included. Also, in a random check, or a blanket check those here legally and ilegally are equally inconvenienced. The lack of proper papers does not, to my mind, suggest there is a known safety risk for that failure which would warrant anyone’s being stopped for that purpose only.
Yes, having the right papers, is the law but there are plenty of laws that a lot of us have no reason to urge strict enforcement of, some are known as victimless crimes. In addition, there are many laws that continue to exist on the books that have long outlasted any possible reason for their existence and are never enforced. A search on the internet will bring back a whole slew of them. If the issue is non-enforcement of the law, why not urge enforcement of those as well?

Good Job. Point taken
The state of civil rights has taken a beating and I am no fan of Holder’s DOJ
I have said that countless times here
I swear it is always am uphill battle