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We Move Under Cover to Terminal One: When the Revolutionary Army Triumphed Though They Ran Out of Hardtack and Covfefe

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/07/05/we-move-under-cover-terminal-one-when-revolutionary-army-triumphed-though-they


The thing that is really weird about this is it looks like he’s ‘reading’ from a prompter.


Welcome to reality. Not being facetious. At least the centuries long tone of the “official history” is being laid bare with parody and pomposity pinnacled with the p- resident of the offal office.

The accomplishments worth celebrating have ALWAYS been achieved by un-common folk of all races and ethnicities in un-common alliances, in un-common ways, with un-written records and manifestations so solid and enduring that they are the expected standard of operation.

This legacy HAS ALWAYS BEEN UNDER USURPATION for short-circuiting via celebration by those who manipulate ways to externalize costs and claim the illicit profits resulting from the abuses necessitated by the mentally ill who set their armor on an armature of domination, the resulting violence and killing - now including the planet.

What do they say about ideas whose time has arrived?


Thanks again, Abby. You took hours of tedium and ahistorical blather and boiled it down to a confection.


How did that go? One if by land, two if by sea, three if by air?


Oh my God… I really did laugh out loud. The article was too funny and the pictures that accompanied it were hilarious. Thank you, I needed that!


This was proof positive that the reason Trump gets away with outrageous, blatant lies and ignorance is that his base is not paying close attention–they are only responding to reptilian brains and thus are a bundle of emotions with no head. Airports indeed! Thanks Abby for both the shiver and the laugh.


I had to go to Wikipedia because somewhere along the line I thought the music was a drinking song but definitely English. I thought It was the same music as GOD SAVE the QUEEN, but America borrowed that music for “My country Tis of Thee.”
Wikipedia also said that the music for the Star Spangled Banner came from a Men’s SocialCclub in England.----so hmmmm, America couldn’t even come up with its own music; how weird is that! : 0 But apparently a lot of rich guys got together in their social club----geez some things never change : 0


Humor, the best medicine.

It certainly helps me but unfortunately sarcasm and irony have as much effect on President Caligula’s minions as they do on a dog. The dog don’t get it neither.


The founders said it so clearly in the Declaration of Independence

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal in economy class, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, such as an armrest, that among these Rights are Life vests, Liberty to move about the cabin and the pursuit of a Cinnabon between flights."

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Yep. He was reading from a teleprompter, which is why he blamed the teleprompter for his airport statement. Not because he was just reading words like an automaton and not thinking.

Next January Trump will highlight the anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans that was fought a month after the Treaty of Ghent ended the War of 1812…Trump will accuse Democrat Andrew Jackson of failing to check email to find out that the war ended a month earlier.

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I nominate Liz and Abby to be on the Dem ticket.

Did you read Abby’s links and more of Twitter? I read those last night and laughed til I couldn’t move anymore…

So maybe a quick fix is to give various citizenship quizzes to wannabe candidates and to voters? THAT’D take the wind out of 50-75% of sails…

I just love the sneaky speech writing patriot who snuck those lines into Trump’s teleprompter to highlight his stupidity!

Almost as bad as that horrible St. Paddy’s day request, “Danny Boy”, which was written by a two-bit English lawyer who had never even set foot in Ireland.  Any Irish Pub worthy of the name has banned the damn thing!

Hi UncleFester:
Oh but if you think of what was happening in Ireland----when people were starving and others were leaving looking to leave and live—that is a very awful and sad history. England could have fed people, but they went for profit instead. That’s when the people who could immigrate did----even my relatives—in the 1840s----------so the song really is sad in the sense that those who could leave, left—but many were left behind-----so what’s why I think people like the song—because being Irish or not—when people leave their country behind because they can’t survive there-------that’s very sad to me.
Although the most awful thing must have been----that immigrants to America were often separated from their families due to illness or some other issue—and many were sent back. I can’t even imagine how that must have felt to the people who were sent back and left behind. : (

“Danny Boy” is nonetheless a maudlin piece of drivel to which I hope my ears are never again sub­jected.   I much prefer ‘Moses Ry-To-Ra-Lie-Oo-Ra-Lie-Aye’.