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We Move Under Cover to Terminal One: When the Revolutionary Army Triumphed Though They Ran Out of Hardtack and Covfefe

Hi UncleFester:
I looked for this to see what you are talking about—but I can’t seem to find those words----so what are you taking about? Thanks for any help : )

I’m not sure if I spelled “Ry-To-Ra-Lie-Oo-Ra-Lie-Aye” correctly — they’re just nonsense syllables of the sort that appear in a lot of Irish folk music.  The song, about a Jewish immigrant to Ireland and his run-in with an overly ambitious British policeman, is on one of my Clancy Brothers recordings.

Hi UncleFester:
Thank you. I will try to fid that and listen. : )

Hi UncleFester: LOL, I found it. so google this:
The Clancy Brothers: Mr Moses Ri -tooral - l -ay
: )