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'We Must Act Now': 180 House Democrats Urge Pelosi to Save Clean Energy Industry 'Decimated by Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/16/we-must-act-now-180-house-democrats-urge-pelosi-save-clean-energy-industry-decimated


This article illustrates the bi-partisan disaster our federal government has become. No mention at all of the Green New Deal. If it hadn’t become an inactivist handmaiden to big business, our leaders would be hiring these companies to solarize public buildings and lands, both employing thousands of workers and building a green tomorrow.


Pelosi, Steny, and other fossil fools are thinking “where will we get our bribes?”

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The US sued an Indian state, Uttar Pradesh a few years ago, in the WTO, claiming that a UP clean energy program that trained their young people was discriminating unfairly against US manufacturers and that that violated WTO law, We won. So its possible that these kinds of programs lost. I think the ultimate goal is to outsource these kinds of jobs and also outsource tech jobs to low wage countries like India. I think this case and a case that India is now bringing against us to remove the quotas on outsourcing US jobs are perhaps linked. Anyway, here are the two URLS.


Also read up on the Indian challenge to what they consider to be an unfair US policy of limiting work visas - effectively hoarding US jobs and not letting them compete, when they are often quite a bit cheaper, a win could really upset the workplace in the US, because suddenly, people doing menial jobs in private industry might be making far more than highly skilled professionals.


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I think that trade committments may prevent us from funneling jobs to our own firms or people if there is government involvement, Look at my other post. I dont know, to be honest, I suspect this is the case but I am not 100% sure. Please read the IATP story.

Hi zed:
Hmmm, when do you suppose that Congress wi!! be outsourced?Oh wait…: (

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They are exempt because they are “services supplied in the exercise of governmental authority”

‘a service supplied in the exercise of governmental authority’ means any service which is supplied
neither on a commercial basis, nor in competition with one or more service suppliers.

Hi zed: : )

How did !obbyist sneak in there? : )

How did the lobbyists sneak into Congress i? Wel they actually get to ride in the elevator with Congress…

How did lobbyists sneak into the WTO’s GATS, and why?

There are a lot of different versions of the story, but I think there is a consnsus that several groups played key roles, the US Coalition of Sevice Industries, European Services Forum, and British Invisibles… a British organization that now has a different name I forget their new name.

This is New Zealand activist group’s perspective, the relevant part is at the end… ~http://www.converge.org.nz/watchdog/17/03.htm

This kind of local green job proposal - We should cross our fingers that they are not turned into pawns in an international game.

Do you know about the Government Procurement Agreement? ( ~https://e-gpa.wto.org ?)

I’m confused how they lost that many jobs considering that under CISA renewable infrastructure and energy infrastructure jobs were classified as essential by the federal government.

If there’s such a high demand for renewable capacity and significant investment, not to mention the claim that jobs in this industry are more stable than fossil fuels it’s bizarre we see such a significant loss…

It is so surreal to read things where people “urge Pelosi to save” things.

Is this not just a bit like Police Commissioner Gordon putting out a big sign in the sky for the Joker instead of Batman?

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The government may be prohibited from subsidizing our own businesses by a trade agreement, if its committed to open that business up internationally, a similar situation likely exists with health insurance and higher education and dozens of other areas. A subsidyfor our own businesses might be seen as a trade barrier to other countries businesses coming in and doing those jobs.

Just like a subsidy for healthcare (apart from in an emergency) might now be framed as encouraging domestic businesses and protecting domestic jobs, in preference to foreign businesses. We took India to WTO court a few years ago over this issue, during the Obama Administration. We said that they were keeping our companies out by having a jobs program that preferentially used their solar hardware.


I really thought this was evil, bringing India before the WTO for having a domestic jobs program supporting green jobs, but my opinion doesnt count. I think healthcare and education should be free too, not denigrated as subsidies. When I was a kid, states and the Federal government had healthy subsidies for things like higher education and healthcare that were not means tested or loans.

Of course that was before the WTO was created in 1995.

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Stockholm Syndrome explains it completely.

Hi zed :
That was a funny answer . Thanks. : )

After I wrote this, I actually did find a highly detailed history of how the lobbyists got into GATS in the UK…

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