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'We Must Act Now': Sanders Demands Congressional Ban on Police Use of Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets Against Protesters

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/11/we-must-act-now-sanders-demands-congressional-ban-police-use-tear-gas-and-rubber


The “Democrats” never wanted to unseat Trump, which is evidenced by them choosing Biden over this guy.


Damn it Bernie! I actively supported you - sent money, talked with friends (despite their disdain), responded to your texts, wrote supporting messages here and elsewhere only to see you melt away like the snowflake you are. You know what the problem is, you were in a position to have a serious impact and could have very easily won the nomination or even built a 3rd party movement had you fought for your own so-called principles but you decided to support the corrupted Democrat Party and their worthless candidate. You know they are the real problem facing this country - undemocratic elitist control at our expense. Militarism in our policing, everything you are speaking against here, has been and is supported and actively encouraged by Biden, yet you are supporting him wholeheartedly while his policies have been adopted by Trump and now we point the finger at him and the Republicans. This system is collapsing yet you do nothing but talk talk talk! Shame on you!


This can only end one of two ways. It could end peacefully, with the defunding and termination of all current police, their subsequent termination, and the reform and reimagining of policing, or it could end violently, with America’s people of color arming themselves and “standing their ground” against our current fascist law enforcement establishment.
Of course one must remember that, here in America, when armed white people get together that group is called a “militia”. But when armed people of color organize they are called terrorists.


The continued leadership of Senator Sanders in these matters of justice and peace is appreciated.


As Dr. Cornell West said we need to prepare for the backlash.


As a Bernie supporter I share your disappointment.
Bernie’s movement died of a theory. From the beginning, he and his acolytes deluded themselves into believing that the system can be changed from within. If I may paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, those that believe our American system of being a capitalist republic can be changed from within believe in something that never was and never will be.
It is time to not only throw out the baby and the bath water, By the tub, the sink, and the toilet. The house needs burned to the ground and bulldozed so we can start again.


They think they can have their proverbial cake–capitalism–and eat it too.

I posted this on another thread but the last line was incorrect. Here it is amended:

From Neil J. Smith (~www.literarytongues.com), African-Bahamian writer, former Defense Captain in the original Black Panther and boxer:

*The first attacks against natures is an armed assault against its first defenders --indigenous peoples. That is, the forefront of the wildernesses defense, the lungs of our world; and in civilizations assault against native peoples lurks the seeds of racism. And shortly after these native peoples are conquered, the wilderness falls to the woodsman ax. Hence nature retreats at the onslaught of civilization, and her defenders are belittled, dehumanized and humiliated as lesser persons stripped of their rightful place in the Universal order. Hence, the birth of racism, colonization, slavery, and the fall of humanity as we know it."[Emphasis mine]

My post:

They are lucky that what black people are looking for is equality and not revenge." We’ve been talking long enough. Listen up.

That US America needs not only this conversation about “race” but to finally deal with it has long been overdue. If I place “race” in quotes is that it should not have been necessary but also to take the view of biological fact that while there are undeniable differences not only in skin color but other features between different human groups, these groups are human groups of one human race. Or ONE human species, if you prefer. White privilege is when someone of a lighter skin color refuses in a myriad of ways to acknowledge the accrued and unearned privileges that come with it whether they have asked for them or not. The point is to change society where this will cease to be a reality for everyone and a deadly reality for those human brothers and sisters who have more skin melatonin.

The legacy of slavery, theft of lives and lands of African and indigenous people cannot be denied and must be atoned for if US America is to heal its sick psyche which has only compounded its many historic and current crimes at home and abroad in the endless wars of Empire. This will have to ensure a system that puts an end to inequality and, therefore, a complete overhaul and transformation of all its institutions. This was the reason I chose to be a socialist as I saw it as a means toward atonement. It is not a “color blind” world but one that sees the multiples hues of humans as beautiful, that enrich Life.


Bernie’s problem was his inability to think outside the box.

He called for a revolution yet tried to achieve it very much within the existing system.
That signals a glaring disconnect – revolutions destroy systems, they don’t accommodate them.

Even worse, it signals the reality that Bernie doesn’t understand the Democratic Party.
As it’s currently comprised, it’s a hodgepodge of viewpoints dominated in numbers by moderates.
Bernie’s movement was never going to gain much traction against that moderate majority.

The same goes for the Squad and the other lefties in Congress.
Party unity – more important than actual policy – renders them pretty much useless.
Meanwhile, the all-important Blue Dogs from swing districts are the ones running the Pelosi show.

That Bernie, in the final analysis, plays sheepdog for that status quo, is sad and infuriating.


Good on Bernie Sanders who continues to raise his voice against fascism and tyranny.
Against the trump regime and its sycophant agent AG Barr - Barr clearly is NOT independent, not truthful, not the “people’s lawyer”, but a racist pro-violence stooge - violating every principle (even as few as remain) of jurisprudence, independence, oaths of office, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights that can be.

“William Barr is a white man serving a racist administration, so of course he’s going to deny the fact that the current law enforcement system is systemically racist, history and facts have proven otherwise. But we know how that administration feels about facts

US police use of rubber bullets, tear gas, and pepper spray against unarmed protesters is right out of the Israeli racist playbook - racist violence and killings of Palestinians, tactics and mindset imported to US police via “training” received from Israeli “security” forces, in Israel or here by Israeli “trainers” - a crime and treason than must be stopped - smashed and banned along with all the “normal” routines of police violence and mindless aggression demanding instant obedience or face brutal attack or death!

“It’s a tried and true system, it’s worked for domestic homegrown terrorists, and we’re going to apply that model,” Barr said - he meant apply that pathology to American protesters.
Trump at the same time tweeted an enthusiastic endorsement of the Republican senator Tom Cotton’s call for deployment of the 101st Airborne against US citizens. “100% Correct,” Trump wrote. “Thank you Tom!” cotton is a prime example of a treasonous threat to our republic!

Those words and intentions - the reality - of the most racist and treasonous regime in American history; lap-dogs to a foreign power’s subversive influence to brutalize and kill American citizens and desperate Latinx refugees on our southern border as is SOP in Palestine!





On a side note, I would suggest that we change our demand from “defund the police,” which has almost no general support, to something like…

Reallocate, De-escalate!

…or some other catchy tagline that captures hearts and minds.

I hate the whole notion of branding, by the way, but it’s whats for breakfast in this fucked up country.


I agree!

I wrote elsewhere that Bernie’s influence in the Democratic Party is now minimal because of the outcome of the June 2 primaries, but when he speaks out on important issues, progressives should welcome his statements and use them to advance the cause.

Instead, many people see “Bernie” and reflexively vent their rage - often dating to 2016 and sometimes projected even further back - rather than addressing the content of his remarks. In this case, Bernie opposes the tear gassing of protesters - shouldn’t we all be on board with that?


I first thought that you used too many syllables, but then I realized that the rhythm is good. Add “2-4-6-8” and we have a chant for the demonstrators around the White House!


You know that “buy one, get one free” tagline?
I wrote that.

As for your comment above about Bernie:
I agree with his positions on tear gas and many others, I just don’t see how supporting Biden squares with that – Sleepy Joe never met a get-tough-on-crime bill that he wouldn’t support. And Biden is proposing an increase of federal money to police, that they can use to reform themselves. Last time I checked, reforming themselves wasn’t a real strength for the po-po.


Here’s Biden:


Yeah Sanders has shortcomings, but we’ve had no better candidate since FDR. Unfortunately he was unwilling to stand against the Democrats, whom he thought could not be defeated from outside their party, which is why he switched from third party and joined Democrats in 2016. That was based on a wrong assumption, that democrats could be pressured to change from within. While this worked to a small extent in the past, corruption was never ingrained as much before as it is now, and despite their right wing tendencies, democrats were never as firmly right wing operatives before as they are now. In any case a hard left wing turn is needed just to get back to center field, until then modest changes in the status quo are dangerously irrelevant and bring us closer to catastrophe. Sanders tried to use the political track to correct the fascist realignment going on for over 50 years, but it may not be an effective strategy and more drastic measures are needed. The only real option to stop fascism was prevention, but Americans dropped the ball and allowed it to overthrow the democratic institutions while tuning into Seinfeld, and Monday night football. Now the ingrained fascists pervade all the institutions, and aren’t going to let go without a violent fight.


Very astute observation. Similar criticism was lodged against Gandhi by the poet Tagore.


I remember Bernie back when he was in the House and thinking He Should Be Our President. Wasn’t wrong then, ain’t wrong now.


I appreciate that too.


Bernie’s problem is that he was too close to the establishment and invested in his position in the Senate. He has long been vulnerable to being essentially banished from any influence by the leadership if he pushed too hard (look at what the Republicans did to now loser Steve King in the last two years - don’t get me wrong, he deserved it). We need someone to lead the left who will fearlessly challenge the oligarchy, no matter what the personal cost. That is the only way we will ever change the system. As for the fascist, racist pigs who love playing soldier, they need to be permanently de-fanged. We need to insist that EVERY SWAT-type unit in EVERY police department in this country is dissolved, and all of their soldier toys are given back to the military, where they belong. Paramilitary units have no place on American streets, period. The attitudes of those pigs needs to be drastically changed, house-cleaned away, whatever you want to call it. I should be able to walk up to any cop on any street in America and scream whatever hateful invective about him and his mother I want to, and he should have to stand there and take it like a Buckingham Palace guard - unflinchingly stone-faced. Words can NEVER justify a violent response by a truly professional “peace” officer. Until we get to that point, we will not be finished with reform.