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We Must Apply Our Universal Values to All Nations. Only Then Will We Achieve Peace.


We Must Apply Our Universal Values to All Nations. Only Then Will We Achieve Peace.

Ilhan Omar

Since I began my first term in Congress, I have sought to speak openly and honestly about the scale of the issues our country faces — whether it is ending the crippling burden of student debt, tackling the existential threat of climate change or making sure no one in one of the richest countries in the world dies from lack of health care. As a survivor of war and a refugee, I have also sought to have an honest conversation about U.S. foreign policy, militarism and our role in the world.



Damn right. You tell them, sister.



The main unspoken problem here is that both Israel and the USA have clearly demonstrated by actions over several decades that – all rhetoric to the contrary notwithstanding – neither has any interest in nor intention to work toward or achieve any “two-state solution.” “Greater Israel” is the obvious goal and action plan being carried out, Palestinians and the rest of the world be damned. And the vicious demonization of truth-tellers in the USA is just a small part of the bigger picture.



The problem is that we do not have universal values.
There is a subset of humanity that is devoid of humanity, and their unifying traits are a lack of empathy and a devotion to ego, which usually takes the form of relentless greed and desire for “power”.
These are the only “values” they have.
Recently we have begun to classify them as psychopaths and sociopaths, but we still have not come up with a functional societal model that can accurately account for the influence of these monsters.
The thing about a sociopath is that like all humans they are driven to do what makes them happy, but without empathy most traditional forms of happiness are unavailable to them.
Feeding their greed and ego is the closest they get to experiencing happiness, and the best way feed both is to acquire power over others. It follows then, that many of them devote their lives to that pursuit.
Without empathy they are also willing to say or do anything to get whey they want, which means they have a distinct advantage when competing against normal people.
As a result they all too often find their way to positions of authority, and often climb to the top of any hierarchical power structure.
In short, humanity as a whole is ruled in large part by monsters, and if history is any indication we have been for quite some time.



Excellant essay Ms. Omar, absolute truth from beginning to end, would have gladly voted for you except that am on the other side of the country. very proud of the way you are doing the PEOPLES business, or at least honestly trying to! Keep giving it to the undeserving powers of the throne, well done Rep. Omar.



I defy anyone to say that the ideas in this article are politically naïve and that they do not represent how politics should be carried out.



Thank you Ilhan for bringing light into a darkened Congress.



Corporate Media shills in 3…2…1…



Great post …i read that “No one does anything wrong given their model of the world .”

The model cones from Cultural myths story’s that have been passed down through the generations for millennia.
It’s basically what we believe is true about life .
Just suppose what if everything that we are taught about life from our culture is a lie ?

So the way to change the existing reality is to create a New Model and make the old one obsolete .
That means writing a New Cultural Story for humanity based on truth not fallacy.
Create new guiding principles to guide our evolutionary process this is called concious evolution and we have arrived.
More and more people understand the unity of life .Our world must move together all countries uniting as One .America was and is this experiment, initially 7 individual states but now one united state .There’s no reason why this example can not be used again.
The fastest way to get to a place of love and concern for all humankind is to see all humankind as our family.
The fastest way to see humankind as your family is to stop separating ourselves .Each nation making up our world must unite.
This would end the military and save trillions .

Humanity’s Team



Excellent observations Ms. Omar.

Until our “Dysfunctional Duopoly” form of governance, is transformed, through the dissolution of our Maniacal Military obsession with “Empire Expansion,” through the use of strong arm tactics of Regime Change for stealing oil and valuable resources, and maintaining 800 military bases, which alone make the military the largest contributor to the wholesale heating of the planet in addition to providing Global Security for Multinational Corporations that pay zero for it, we will as a nation struggle to apply Universal Values to all nations, whether friend or foe.

It would be a good start if we began by refusing to call other nations who are different than us, "enemies."

Then, a drastic reduction in the Military threat we pose to them should follow.

Strength can be conveyed through diplomatic means.

Military Might has shown to be destructive to World Peace.



I agree that a paradigm shift is long overdue, but how do you propose to unite with someone incapable of empathy who can only view you as an enemy or a tool?
Or someone who just wants to hear you scream for your life as they cut you open, for no other reason than the feeling of power they derive from it?



That’s not the whole story either. I don’t call myself a “progressive” because, historically, progress strengthens oppressors more than the oppressed. But we do fight back, sometimes effectively. Ibram X. Kendi says both sides progress simultaneously: racists and anti-racists.

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Let’s be honest: Israel has no incentive to broker a 2-state solution until they’ve appropriated (i.e., stolen) just about every parcel of Palestinian-owned land. Look at a map of Israeli ‘settlements’ – there is no clearer evidence for their blatant land grab.

As such, how are the Palestinians expected to see Israel as a good faith partner in negotiating?



Omar has found out quickly that it has become a crime to tell the truth in this country.
Those who speak up for the little guy are considered troublemakers.
Thank you Omar!



We also call them “corporations.”



I wish it was stronger but hey, when is the last time you heard a politician in this country say this? So, I’m thankful.

That aside -

And I witnessed how our continuous involvement in foreign conflicts — even those undertaken with the best of intentions — can damage our own reputation abroad.

Best intentions??? When did this ever happen?



I am thankful for Rep. Omar, a voice willing to speak the truth.

But reading this article written by her I am struck by how her positions are actually moderate!

Holding to a two state solution in the ancient land of Canaan is the moderate position. I am for a single, secular, one state solution where both Jews and Arabs have full and equal rights and citizenship and the Palestinian refugees can return and be compensated. That’s the radical position.



True. I can’t recall who first made that observation, but corporations tend to follow the behavioral pattern of a psychopath. Those who do not are eventually destroyed, or taken over by those who do.
More over, there is an high concentration of psychopaths and sociopaths at the top of every major corporation, in fact there is a hard ceiling to how far up the corporate ladder you can climb without being completely ruthless.



Plus, she seemed to take a bellicose line where Iran and Venezuela are concerned.



I wouldn’t call it bellicose, myself. But it definitely is agreeing they are ‘bad, bad, people’ before then opposing intervention. I think all the politicians believe if they don’t agree first they won’t even be heard in voicing opposition to intervention- that all that will happen is that they will be yelled at as “apologists for dictators” and “Putin puppets.”