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We Must Be Prepared to Nonviolently Defend a Democratic Election in the Streets

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/22/we-must-be-prepared-nonviolently-defend-democratic-election-streets

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As long as the GOP and Dimcritters “both share a profound love of” corporate money we will continue spinning our wheels at best or more likely continue our tumble off the cliff.


This has been said over and over and over again. I don’t think it needs to be stated anymore. I think most here agree with you.

The question is, instead of sitting here on CD’s saying the same things repeatedly: what are we, what are you going to do?

Does it make us feel “smart” to keep saying how screwed we are? I say it at times, but it frankly feels awful and is worthless.

Does it make some of you here that say “I told you so with Clinton, Obama, HRC” feel good? That the dems are “dim”? That Bernie is a “sheepdog”?

I find that utterly deflating and counterproductive.

For those of you writing from other countries:

if you were her in the u.s. and had children----would you really be OK with trump another 4 + years? I believe voting Green Party or writing in someone will be voting for trump.

And no I am NOT ok with Biden!

But you really, really need to think about the consequences and have empathy for those that will get immediately pummeled by this wanna be (and close to achieving that) dictator who truly is in the ranks of one of the most sick and dangerous human beings that could exist.

Personal story: Someone here said they will not vote for Biden and not be intimidated by the Supreme Court nominations again. They are proud supporters of Planned Parenthood etc. but will not be coerced into voting for Biden with that (old) looming threat that was used in the past during LOTE “election cycles”.

I had an abortion years ago after a test revealed the baby would not live and could possibly kill me if I brought the baby to term. I was fortunate to have a legal, safe abortion near my home even though I had to make my way through throngs of people screaming at me that I was a murderer.

I would possibly be dead if I had to carry the baby to term. If by some miracle the baby survived it would have bankrupted me trying to care for a baby/child with such horrific medical conditions and the baby would have suffered and then died.

I believe with trump young women of today will not have that option and SOON.
And that is just my story . . . there are millions of others.

As long as I am around I will fight on behalf of those marginalized, objectified and abused by our culture and this duopoloy.

But I will not do anything that could enable trump to dig in deeper---- unless of course I turn completely fatalistic/nihilistic over the next few weeks and just give up.

For me, right now, giving up is not an option.

That is NOT to say Biden and the dems are even CLOSE to healthy----they are pathological too (again we’ve said it over and over again here)-----

So we either:

a. do nothing and wait for the collapse to kill us----i.e. we don’t vote and we are OK with trump gaining more power and appointing 2 more Supreme Court justices that will probably make Kavanaugh look tame. . . . or

b. vote for someone who obviously will not win (Green Party or . . . who is it here that is going to vote for Kanye? can’t remember!)

c. or do what Jeffery Isaac and H.Bruce Franklin suggest:

Excerpt from Counterpunch article:

In November, we will not be offered a choice between a greater evil and a lesser evil, nor a choice between capitalism and socialism, and certainly not a choice between living in an empire and living in a republic. We will be offered a choice between a common-variety American politician and a dictator. Wake up, folks, we are living in a 21st-century American version of 1933 Germany.

As a human being and a sentient part of the natural world, I also care about the future of our species and natural life on planet Earth. Here I see enormous differences between the two possible outcomes of our upcoming election.

In my 86 years as an American, I have never witnessed a progressive movement as broad and deep as the one sweeping across the nation today. If Biden and the Democrats win in November, this movement will have room to thrive. If not, it will be crushed.


Maybe peopIe who own those recreational drones can fIy them over the bad violent guys and drop water baIIons—or if that doesn’t work—bags of dog poo would work too! Of course I guess those drones can be traced…so maybe baIIoons fiIIed with green colored water or dog poo could be dropped down on them instead The green effect would be there to recreate MOUDY oId ideas which peopIe who don’t know what they are doing, Iike Trump, would do… you know , Iike the evil of the DHS kidnapping peopIe in PortIand. There is just something awful about Trump and his family and Jared as Trump’s actions make me want to drop something on him to make peope laugh—buIIies cannot stand Iaughter. : )

I guess you are talking about me and my fellow Green Party supporters for not voting for Biden! Biden my friend, is nothing but a Wall Street stooge.and a war monger that was selected a year ago by the DNC along with Harris. Ward Churchill: " AMERICANS ARE FREE TO DO EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE TOLD TO DO"!


Non-violence is the preferred method of protest.

The King of England didn’t give our forefathers that option.

We the People must be prepared for that same scenario if the King of Reality TV presents us with it.

Trump is an autocrat whose role models are Putin, Bolsonaro, and Duterte.

Forgotten here as a Trump role model seems to be one Adolph Hitler. I say this not just thinking about one of Trump´s former wives reporting at a deposition that he kept a copy of AH´s speeches at his bedside (sorry, I don´t have the citation handy), but by reviewing what AH did to secure himself in his position, which among other things was to appoint only those loyal to him to whatever position happened to need filling–initially brought about by dismissals and forced resignations of those in his party who threatened his rise to absolute power, and then eventually, when he achieved power at the national level, outright murder under the guise of protecting the state from enemies, i.e., those who threatened AH´s complete lordship over the whole of the nation/state.


I agree. Any of the pathways of change are almost beyond comprehension if one really grasps the facts—as they stand now----- of social and environmental collapse----
and what people who live with compassion are up against.

Right now it is looking abhorrent----- as human induced climate chaos and social breakdown ratchet up it is hard to imagine how life will be for all those that are not protected by wealth (temporarily).

It’s hard enough to integrate into the psyche all that is happening at this moment in time as horrific actions are being normalized-----via both parties/those that control the levers of power of the duopoloy/oligarchy.


Addendum to my earlier post (see number 8):

As far as we know, Trump specializes in character assassination, overt and obvious murder being rather unnecessary so far, and perhaps too extreme for his obsequious and protective GOP-dominated Senate–that is, unless one considers his facilitating and “weaponizing” the current pandemic and using it to facilitate paralysis of the electoral system for his benefit to be overt and obvious . . . mass murder.


Karl Marx got a bum rap. All he was trying to do was figure out how to take care of a whole lot of people. Of course, socialism is just “evil” now. It’s completely discredited, supposedly, by the collapse of the Soviet Union. I can’t help noticing that my grandchildren are heavily in hock to communist China now, which is evidently a whole lot better at business than we are. You talk about the collapse of communism or the Soviet Union. My goodness, this country collapsed in 1929. I mean it crashed, big time, and capitalism looked like a very poor idea.

  • Kurt Vonnegut

Documentation: Taking photos and videos (Audio?) with those drones would be even more helpful.

Hitler didn’t give the White Rose Society that option either.
He just executed the leadership

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I’d forgotten about that. JFC
Rather than send W and his minions to the Hague for war crimes, and crimes against Humanity, Barry gave the bastard a medal.

“It’s a Private Club, and you ain’t in it” AND NEVER WILL BE


Hi Phred)PharkeI:
When one of my neighbors got a drone he was fIying it aII around annoying everyone----but_---- as even the drones with cameras are inexpensive, it might be fun to have more protestors with drones fIying above and aIso being up close and persoIna whenever, the DHS and or the military show up. At Ieast with the recreation drones they might be abIe to foIIow the awful Portand DHS peopIe and see where they were taking kidnapped citizens , or foIIow the kidnapping cars----and see where they were taking peopIe who have a right to assemble and protest! : )

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Remember the Umbrella guy from the first protest that was breaking windows and trying to start the autoparts store on fire? THen he ran away when confronted. What if someone with a video drone had the drone follow that guy maybe get vids after he took his mask off and started talking to his buddies, pix of all of his co-conspirator buddies and… etc etc

Drone footage of those unmarked ‘cops’ in jungle camo - in Portland after they took the masks off with their buddies… etc etc

Bet you could mount a parabolic mic to one of these and pick up the conversations below

Hi Phred_PharkeI:

The great thing about using the protestor drones is that the poIice can’t claim that their persona body cameras maIfunctioned. : ) We could stiII SEE them and SEE what they did!

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Zackley !

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I now ask people about their own ethical and moral codes if they say they’re pro-Trump, pro-Biden, or any of the other American exceptionalism tropes. Let’s see…do you lie, steal, abuse women and children, and have no problems with racism. If they say, why, no, I’m a good, god-fearing American, I’ll respond. Um, then why do you support systems that do promote such things. Isn’t it time to bring it all down and start over. You cannot change a complex system from within by simply tinkering with one facet. It’s all or nothing. Bottom line…we’re afraid to face the Shadows in our world and deal with the loss of the status quo. Therefore, I’m voting as I’ve always voted…socialist. No adjectives. LOTE is still evil.
FYI, I listened to a pathetic excuse of a whiner this evening interviewed about how his job as a coal miner after 33 years is finished. Thirty three years of poisoning the earth while collecting good wages in return. Karmic blowback does come, and now his son will have to scrounge for another job. And I heard, once again, the old argument against renewables-the sun doesn’t always shine, the wind doesn’t always blow. No one says, we need to cut down our use of energy, our consumption of stuff. We could get by quite well on 10% of what we currently consume and enjoy real life.


Thanks for sharing your story Caroline. The right to choose is definitely one of the areas where the Democrats are clearly better than the Republicans so if you weight that heavily, your point of view makes sense. There are others here who view issues regarding starting wars - especially with Russian involvement - as extremely important and for them a Biden presidency relative to a Trump Presidency might then be more dangerous than you or I believe. Personally, I hope every progressive votes their conscious for President - but not obsess over it - and move on to work for local candidates that actually build the progressive movement rather than focus their energy on the Biden/Trump “choice.” As I’ve posted several times - I am registered Green and intend to vote for Howie Hawkins unless my state ends up being a close race.

Interestingly, only 28% of third party voters from 2016 intend to vote for a third party candidate again in 2020 (data from USC poll). Despite what many here believe, it turns out that it is Democrat administrations that help build the vote for progressive third parties, not Republican administrations. That’s what I might call “the disappointment effect”. When the Republicans control the White House, kicking them out becomes a higher priority and progressive third parties like the Greens do very poorly in the Presidential race. When the Democrats control the White House, progressives become disappointed and the third party option becomes more popular.

In the meantime check out these five Green candidates - they deserve our support and if even one of them wins we will have another truly progressive voice holding office:

  1. Lisa Savage running for U.S. Senators in Maine (Ranked Choice Voting)
  2. Fred Horch running for State House of Reps in Maine (Ranked Choice Voting)
  3. Jake Tonkel for San Jose, CA City Council district 6 (in runoff)
  4. Charlene DiCalogero for Massachusetts State House
  5. Javar Juarez running for Richland County Council in South Carolina

I am disappointed to see so many readers here falling for the “Trump is a dictator that must be removed” mantra as if removing Trump will solve all of our problems. In fact when everyone is overcome with euphoria when Trump finally does leave office, that is when Wall Street will make another cash grab from the 99% while we’re all too busy celebrating our “fine democracy”.
The irony here is that everyone here at some time has lamented that the U.S. is not a real democracy but rather a country that has been manipulated by the whims of corporate America. We have all said as well that Trump is a symptom rather than the disease of our political system, yet we’re all supposed to be elated when we finally get rid of this clown in the White House.
News Flash! It will get worse in the pre-Trump era despite assurances from our pliant media that American democracy is alive and well. Again, this whole media charade is designed to steel us against the predictable reluctance of Trump to step down in November, but in reality it is a well planned dog and pony show to distract the general population from meaningful responses to our corrupt system.
For example, if the media were really interested in preventing Trump or Biden from continuing the endless theft of the public treasury, we would all be instructed to carefully consider our ‘other’ electoral options this coming fall. Electing progressive Senators and House Representatives to counter Wall Street’s well organized political campaign to disenfranchise the public, would be the logical starting point if we’re going to keep any semblance of a democracy in the future. But instead we’re all directed to watch the incredibly narrow focus of the “Rumble in the Bronx” between two imbeciles that corporate America has served us for their entertainment.
Having a responsive government that serves the public agenda of providing the greatest good for the greatest number, is hard work. We can never give up the struggle for true representation even if we somehow achieve such a government in the future. We must remain vigilant for an eternity simply because the wealthy can’t help themselves from waging class warfare. No amount is never enough to ease the privileged fears of having to be treated as equals amongst the masses that they despise so much. Nothing will be accomplished without great struggle and the struggle will still continue even after we achieve victory.