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We Must Breathe, and Then Push


We Must Breathe, and Then Push

A dark week, a dark time. For solace, hear Sikh activist, lawyer, mother and founder of the multifaith Groundswell Movement Valarie Kaur rise to the grievous occasion in a shattering speech marking the start of the perilous new year. Celebrating the call by Rev. William Barber and other activists for a national moral revival, Kaur movingly imagines the story of America as "one long labor," with a finer country "waiting to be born." Let it be so.


True liberals and progressives must learn that the actual extremists in our midst, usually referred to as 'the right', count on us being weak kneed and soft. Consequently, the extremists know that all they have to do is toughen their stance and go hard, and loser liberals will fold. Know that Dems and Pubs have created this extremism.
Progressives must learn the hard truth that standing up for democracy will be a hard and bitter struggle. Since corporations are not just citizens, but preferred and more powerful citizens emboldened and prioritized by state support, progressives must recognize that the foundation of a new politics that creates democracy is systematizing the policy that corporations are not citizens and will not be allowed to rule our governance. Voters are citizens and corporations must be held accountable to the voters! All votes must count equally - no gerrymandering-electoral colleges - no thanks.
Put on the shield of truth and the morality that benefits all equally. A face guard is a must - cuz we'll be taking a more than a few hits! Buckle up!


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