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We Must Defeat the Far-Right Insurrectionist Movement. Here's How

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/14/we-must-defeat-far-right-insurrectionist-movement-heres-how

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As a white-as-white gets guy I was so happy to see that there were no counter protesters present on the 6th. The restraint to resist the temptation must have been enormous. Well done. Pure idiocy spoke for itself, as did pure treason. So very proud to be a Progressive Independent.


So if “we” don’t demobilize, “persuade” Biden to move left, and “figure out a way to reform” mass media–a massive corporate structure intertwined with the national security state, which is preparing to suppress “us”, not just some fascists–this will defeat the growing fascist movement? Is this some kind of joke?


These phenomena take a long time to be made. And they take just as long to be unmade (if ever). Imagine for a second if HRC had not decided that it was ‘her turn’ and that Sanders was instead elected. Imagine that in the last 4 years, a turn in the right direction had happened, toward (what Bertrand Russell called) an economic democracy. We would not be out of the woods, but there would be constructive rather than destructive energy in our midst. Many of these people had voted for Obama in another era. And the question to which I have had a very hard time finding an answer is: “who are the 80+ million people who do not vote?”

We are undoubtedly at a critical cross road. Best way out of it is relatively clear. The issue is, will the D party take it. I wish I were more optimistic.


How many of the 20,000 National Guard troops, when they received orders to report to DC for the inauguration responded along the lines of:

“Are you effing kidding me? I signed up for the guard so I could waste some [black people], not so I could be told to fight against my beloved dictator! To hell with that. I ain’t showin’ up. Or maybe I will and I’ll shoot some blacks and liberal politicians.”

Good question. All I can say is a very small percentage of non-voters are Republicans.

if the protestors had been Black or left wing—and had been crazy enough to attempt to storm the Capitol with weapons—dozens or even hundreds would have been killed or wounded by a vastly larger security presence than was on the scene last Wednesday. Here I can speak from long experience.

Hello Jason - Yes, this is what we experienced when we engaged in social justice mobilizations together, over 30 years ago.

The large level of of support for Trumpianism, and the general fascist tendencies I see today, in the US and abroad, have me very concerned. I believe that we need to take the extra steps of trying to engage with folk who are part of the 74 million who voted for Trump. We need to acknowledge their legitimate sense, that US governance is deeply anti-democratic, unrepresentative, and focused on serving the interests of elite power brokers. We need to do so in ways that are not demeaning and dehumanizing but are cognizant of the vast resourced amassed to isolate, manipulate, and mislead people. It will not be easy to get people who voted for Trump to see that they have more in common with Black people and undocumented migrants, than with Trump or any of the ruling elite. It will not be easy to get these people to embrace socialism and social justice. It will be long, tiring, and sure to fail in many cases. But if we don’t made headway, it won’t take much for a charismatic leader to use people’s alienation, dissatisfaction, fear, and hatred, to lead a successful fascist takeover.

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Claiming the election of Biden as an accomplishment of the left is weird. Trump elected Biden, not the left. The DNC cheated the progressive movement from Iowa on. No true progressive had a chance but Bernie and the left failed to bring in the southern black vote, which seems to be owned by the DNC through political patronage. The Left . the actual antiwar, anti-imperialist, pro universal healthcare, eco-realist, social and economic justice left was defeated in the election of Biden and continues to have virtually no voice in the the mainstream media.
If real progressives want a voice they need to direct more of their demonstrations at NPR, MSNBC etc. and demand that the 1/3rd of americans that dislikes both of the 2 imperialist war and corporate power parties be heard through its large body of articulate educated voices. The idea that change will come by pressuring corporatist war hawks like Biden is incredibly feeble and naive. Obama courted the left in the 2008 campaign and then betrayed them. Biden never tried and his cabinet says it all. The idea that this time your going to kick the football is wrong Charlie Brown.


what we need is for our elected officials TO DO THEIR JOBS–there are plenty of laws to address the right wing insurrectionists–there is a definitive lack of officials doing their jobs—

as to organization–of course–organize against the corporate toadies who run our government–of course–understand --the main stream political parties DO NOT WORK FOR US–they work for their corporate dollars–support the corporate destruction of our ecosystems and the people living in those ecosystems(Cancer Ally–for ever toxic chemical production-oil spills etc)–support a war machine who’s claim to fame is that they can reduce a poor third world country to dust with their bombs but can’t win a conflict against illiterate poorly armed tribesmen and militias–(which does not give me any comfort in what I see coming–asymmetrical urban warfare similar to that of the aforementioned illiterate tribesmen with our own bunch of illiterate right wing tribesmen)

rather than supporting one of the corporate owned parties who have failed the American people for decades —what we need to organize is a political party that represents us–say a People’s Party(.org)

“Third, we need to figure out how to reform major corporate outlets and social media platforms; so they help stop dangerous demagogues from rising to power while defending and expanding free speech and a free press. A massive topic for future discussion and debate without question.”

Without understanding the role “major corporate (media) outlets” play in agenda setting our very lives and setting parameters to restrict a revival in PUBLIC INTEREST privileging of policy-making, we are forfeiting any meaningful reform to the heirs of Milton Friedman and the Chicago Boys’ Cold War weaponized then Wall Street co-opted Neo-Liberal E-CONomic doctrines and dogmas. The very manufacturers of the FETISHIZED RUGGED INDIVIDUAL and demonizers of engaged and co-operative social progress.

There is a litmus test for holding national policy-making positions. It is enforced by OUR SPONSORS; the Neo-Feudal Lords of HIgh FInance\Tech\TeleComm\Transport\Warbucks who also contract their Health, Housing and Life Sciences needs the way that they structure the FREE MARKETS in Big Ag and Big Pharma.

If we have learned anything from Washington’s bi-partisan and relentless decades-long campaign of PRIVATIZATION and CORPORATE CONSOLIDATION of every LIFE NECESSITY it is that PUBLIC HEALTH is not deemed a NATIONAL SECURITY issue and prioritized as such . PUBLIC HEALTH in the Neo-Liberal E-CONomic Political Economy of the U.S. is aberrant by the standards of developed nations in that it remains in the 21st Century a matter of PRIVATE INTERESTS and the Philanthropy of Robber Barons.

Check our global market competitors in the nation-states with the best social policy outcomes as judged by international peer reviewed academics (OECD rankings for instance) and you will see that the U.S. ranks well below nation-states that actually remove the economic sectors deemed LIFE’s NECESSITIES from the amoral MARKET FORCES that led to the Water Poisoning of communities.

From the entirely displaced and public cost of relocating Hinkley, California case publicized not by Corporate News Media, but by Public Interest advocacy lawyers like Ed Masri and his administrative lead Erin Brockovich; To the currently resurfaced again news-worthy ongoing outcomes of the non-remediated lead-contaminated municipal plumbing infra-structure and privatized water source diversion while Flint, Michigan’s human tragedy situation, that was through Political Economy in compliance with Neo-Liberal E-CONomic doctrines and dogmas subjected to FREE MARKET FORCES goes without autopsy or any kind of PUBLIC POLICY POST MORTEM. What President Obama, an enthusiastic disciple of Neo-Liberal E-CONomic policy doctrines and dogmas in another context called: TEACHABLE MOMENTS (of U.S. national policy failures).

Note that the HUMAN OUTCOMES are the same in what former NY TIMES Muddle East War Reporter turned Christian Philosophizing Professor Chris Hedges has labeled in his books and lectures as U.S. NEO-LIBERAL SACRIFICE ZONES. We were warned by our government and its plethora of corporate sponsors that what would happen if many Homeland Security budgets that were orders of magnitude above PUBLIC HEALTH expenditures were not deployed to defend against ISLAMIST TERROR CELLS destructively seeking to poison centralized water facilities in the United States and other western nation-states.

That is precisely what came to pass via predictable business or bid-net as usual FREE MARKET FORCES from the less attentive News Media scrutiny of such Political Economy budget and policy outcomes of our prevailing doctrines and dogmas.

Neither in national news reporting or in analysis and coverage of PUBLIC HEALTH budgets (including Mental Health budgeting of programs for those incapable of housing and supporting themselves) compared with the combined Homeland Security black budget fiscal domaines of what Prof Shoshana Zuboff has titled her visionary book focused on the High Tech Monopoly Business Model and Government\Market nexus between UNREGULATED FREE MARKET DEMOCRACY and meaningful preservation of individual rights living under our PAY2PLAY DEMOCRACY turned PANOPTICON and PERPETUAL PRIVATE PROFIT Revenue Center and Liability Limiter In Perp-E-Tuity Throughout the Universe; The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power .

To understand the Weapons of Mass Distraction deployed against U.S. is to consider the diversion of News and Public Affairs coverage and national analysis and discussion of these decades long trends in Militarized municipal police budgets, re-prioritizing and re-training civil society Law Enforcement with the tactics and tools of counter-insurgency domestic forces. Combined with Daddy Warbucks budgets or Corporate Subsidy budgets (witness closely the upcoming unprecedented U.S. Justice Department criminal trials of the Flint, Michigan Water Poisoners) or in legislating against Corporate Looting as goes on in perfectly legal and protected prerogative form from the Sears Tower to Silicon Valley to Wells Fargo’s Towers of Wall Street stock valuations.

Towards better understanding the de facto role of our Neo-Feudal Lords of Telecomm I recommend these two sources, one alive and teaching (if silo’d) at a fine public university and the other not so long ago passed (or blessedly transitioned) after a lengthy and productive career trying to play the gadfly to U.S. Neo-Feudal Lords of Telecomm:

First this critical book review from the elite Ivy League Columbia U. Journalism Review actually is more instructive to U.S. for its dismissive critical tone (as opposed to advocating any correct alternative socio-political struggle) and parameter-setting of Media Reform organizing and social policy efforts:

Big Fish and Small Fry

In his new book, Robert McChesney overstates the threat to democracy posed by corporate media

January / February 2008

Also, this 3-hour (consider this a Public University via Public Interest TV media reform course) uninterrupted C-SPAN interview with veteran alternative press gadfly, the late Alexander Cockburn. The U.S.-based black sheep of the UK dynastic Cockburn family of advocacy journalists. It includes some lively documentary film footage far from the urban media centers of what corporate media veteran and academic media studies professor Dennis Mazzocco termed the NETWORKS OF POWER: Appropriately aired over U.S. broadcast spectrum on April Fools’ Day, 2007

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