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We Must Demand a Nonviolent Solution to War and Violence in Syria


We Must Demand a Nonviolent Solution to War and Violence in Syria

Mairead Maguire

In November 2015 I traveled to Syria with an International Peace delegation. This was my third visit to Syria in the last three years. As on previous occasions, I was moved by the spirit of resilience and courage of the people of Syria. In spite of the fact that for the last five years their country has been plunged into war by outside forces, the vast majority of the Syrian people continue to go about their daily lives.


"... Syria, too, has been turned into a war-ground in the geo-political landscape controlled by the western global elite and their allies in the Middle East." [my italics]

Excellent framework identifying the fundamental forces that have been driving the ongoing mass murder, social dis-integration, and serial creation of "failed states" in the region.


Once again, we need to recognize the real motivation
of our government. When you imagine yourself as one of the members of the interlocking Boards of Directors, working to maximize profits for the Empire, it's easy to see that "Assad must go."- not for human rights reasons, but because he is an ally of Iran, and the Empire wants to retake Iran. Never mind the planet, there are still oil deposits, refining facilities, and real estate suitable for pipelines to the Caspian oil deposits. Big money. Too much for capitalists to ignore. Read "Which Path to Persia" by the Brookings Institution.
We need to de-bunk the new lies used to justify our imperial wars. GlobalResearch.ca has good exposes of the double game played by the bi-partisan U.S. ruling class. We've been lied to before, and we shouldn't be too amazed to find Mr. Hope and Change selling weapons to Saudi Arabia while they release people from their death row to fight as "moderate rebels", and bomb Yemen into another unprecedented humanitarian disaster. And of course, it's only "accidental" when our air-drops go to the wrong people. There was no al-Qaeda before the U.S. felt it had to stop a secular revolution in Afghanistan, (ca 1978) and there was no ISIS until we inspired the miniscule al-Qaeda in Iraq with our genocidal war there. Our rulers make good use of these terrorists to justify further global conquest with "hard tactics", as opposed to the same goals pursued with "soft tactics" like TTP, TTIP, TISA,...
And what of the hypocrisy of calling others "terrorists" when OUR weapons terrorize people in SCORES of countries around the world?
And the porous border with our ally Turkey serves ISIS' black market oil trade, with Erdogan's family worthy of investigation.
Now we have "peace talks". I'm reminded of the Vietnam war, and the different demands raised by different peace groups. Some said "Negotiate!" Others said "No, you don't have any right to negotiate, using slick lawyers to gain what you lost on the battlefield."- The empire has no right to "negotiate" with its victims: "OUT NOW" should be our demand.
We need to reinvigorate our peace movement. The wars
are not over, and could escalate into the unthinkable.
And just as many people were fooled by Bill Clinton and
Barack Obama, it remains to be seen what a President
Sanders might do. Don't fall asleep again. Question.


That was a lot better than I expected from the header, but still the conclusion is a sell-out as others here have noted.

No! We must demand that the US, UK, France and Israel stop violating Syrian sovereignty, that they pull out of any military involvement in Syria, and that they stop training and arming jihadis, and that they bring pressure on Saudi and Qatar and Turkey to stop funding, aiding and abetting jihadis!

And we must demand that our Western governments then give any aid requested to support the Syrian government and its Russian, Iranian, Lebanese and Kurdish allies to clear the jihadis from Syria.
Maybe the US could bomb oil tanker convoys or convoys of jihadis in Toyota trucks in Iraq, instead of bombing vital infrastructure in Syria?


So you read the article and chose to not come back and edit your comment? Could you imagine doing such proactive and courageous work for peace?


"Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury had publicly announced his support for the U.K. vote to bomb Syria."

What a "Christian"! Another bloody-handed army chaplain telling the boys about to kill the opposition that god is on their side.