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We Must End For-Profit Prisons


We Must End For-Profit Prisons

Bernie Sanders

The United States is experiencing a major human tragedy. We have more people in jail than any other country on earth, including Communist China, an authoritarian country four times our size. The U.S. has less than five percent of the world's population, yet we incarcerate about a quarter of its prisoners -- some 2.2 million people.


Let's also remove profits from PUBLIC education, health care, national DEFENSE, utilities, etc.


I studied the unintended distortions created by communist central planners when I was a young graduate student back in the 1960's.

Corporatism in the US exhibits very similar glitches to centrally planned communism in the old Russian controlled soviet union.

Write on Bernie! Thank you.


We must UN-privatize everything. Public schools, healthcare, prisons, utilities, and most of all our system of justice. You only get justice in this country if you have the money to pay for it.


To state the bloody obvious, all for-profit operations prioritise profits over the job they would ideally be doing. It is an inherently corrupt paradigm.


Unregulated capitalism must be stopped. Banksters also must be jailed and broken up.


Thanks for sharing the link. We the people of US are like the 50's and 60's Russia, no free press when it is in the hands of the oligarchs. Who do we believe?


Yes. So many people with stalled lives, or worse, because we have the feed the corporate "people." Thank you, Bernie. Maybe if we can get you and some like-minded congress critters in, we can actually do this!


"It's wrong to profit from the imprisonment of human beings and the suffering of their friends and families. It's time to end this morally repugnant practice, and along with it, the era of mass incarceration." Yes, and it's also wrong to imprison a whole population for decades in refugee camps and isolated villages and even whole cities turned into open-air prisons, as in the West Bank and Gaza. End the era of mass warfare, too, starting with banning the for-profit U.S. arms industry.

Reading Sanders' pointed observations on the strangling effect of the many tentacles of U.S. prison profiteering, including on children and adolescents cut off from increasingly imprisoned parents and unable, if they are too poor, to even maintain voice contact over a phone line, I think, too, of the children in Ibtisam Barakat's Tasting the Sky: A Palestinian Childhood and the wonder of how the author and her family barely survived Israeli airstrikes and shooting into her home and at her mother in the 1967 Six-Day War, and then how she managed to rise through a childhood under occupation maintaining her fiercely moral sensitivity and humanity, which includes befriending and defending a baby goat and risking all for the sanctity of her freedom to learn and live with love and great vision.


You are such a phony JonnyJames. No matter what the issue you keep spouting the same song and dance. You don't want Berine fine we got that but exactly where do you discuss the point of this piece? Your comment is that it is a long overdue idea? That's it? Then you go off on your anti Bernie rant. So tell us who should we vote for then if not Bernie?

Your constant rant is getting old and a bit bizarre. People would like to discuss the topic like intelligent people will do. Try it sometime.


Long overdue idea?

No credit for Sanders for being the only one to propose it? Just "long overdue"?

Does every thread about Sanders have to be infested with the same incessantly repeated talking points against him?

The article is about getting rid of privatized prisons, not Chavez, Saudi Arabia, Putin or the Mideast.

But instead of giving him credit for it you just use it as grounds for an attack.

Which is typical of the anti-Bernie crowd.

Nothing will please them - except maybe Hillary or Biden


Try discussing other people's problems with some empathy and consideration if you want empathy and consideration for your own. Where do you even touch on this article or discuss the topic? You are another who constantly posts the same story no matter what the topic. My guess is that you must want Hillary or the republicans to get into office. Next time Bernie's name is mentioned we'll all expect you to tell us again your standard comment no matter what the topic is about.

BTW ...has it occurred to you that you might try doing more to help your cause than talking to people who don't need convincing? Just asking. What do you feel you are accomplishing talking to us. You should interject these views in places where they are never heard and fight for what you believe in with those who don't agree with you.

But you don't want Bernie... okay so then Hillary or the repubs it is. How will they be better than Bernie? You always forget to explain that.


Next step is a privatized court system. If you are poor you don't get a real judge but instead are put into the privatized court system where justice is dished out by a legally trained employee for a discounted rate to the state. The privatized appointed counsel lawyer with 'argue' your case before a privatized legal surrogate judge who will send you to a privatized prison and ...

have a nice day amid the glories of capitalism.


There's good reason to call Gaza the world's largest open-air prison.

Of all the major candidates Sanders is the only one to have spoken against Netanyahu and Israel's actions during Operation Protective Edge. He's also the only one to have spoken forcefully for the Palestinian's right to their own autonomous/self-governing state.

Hillary and the Republicans can't be obsequious enough when it comes to Israel. They're lining up to swear fealty.


To end for-profit prisons, end the Drug War.


We have more people in jail than any other country on earth, including Communist China, an authoritarian country four times our size.

If I lived in Communist China, or Soviet Russia, for that matter, I might not have those things that supposedly make American "quality of life" the "best in the world". Flat screen TVs, SUVs, shopping malls and air conditioning, etc. But what I might have (or had) would be this: free or affordable healthcare. Free or affordable education (I would have been indoctrinated according to their system's dictates, but that's not too far from what university ed. is here in the US today, with some exceptions). I would have had job security, unions or worker's collectives, affordable housing, and a secular society in which religion is forbidden to interfere with the affairs of the state.
If Ralph Nader were running again, I would vote for him. If I do go to the bother to vote, I would vote for Jill Stein. Or John Bachtell, were he running. That's right. Bachtell.
In fact, if I had the money and the health, I am contemplating leaving the country for Cuba. That's right, Cuba. I don't care about big TVs and gas guzzlers and going to the poorhouse to pay for healthcare. Americans like to say those people are not "free" like us. Give me a break. If we were ever free - those "freedoms" are disappearing fast - stripping of Habeus Corpus, mass surveillance, punishment or marginalization of dissidents, Nazi-like treatment of Muslims - I could go on all day.
Really - I would like to at least visit one of these Communist societies and take notes on the comparisons! That is, if I am not on a no-fly list and if I don't get thrown in prison for being an activist! (And I don't die from a health condition.)

P.S. And this war on drugs is not working. Close the for-profit prisons, and stop making this country seem more and more like a police state!


Perhaps Mr. Sanders is going on the "Commie trip" because so many of his detractors have accused him of being one. I like some of the things Sanders is saying, just that I don't think he totally represents me, or my interests. If he is the only choice I've got between Fascist candidate R and "progressive?" Candidate D, I would probably choose the D.
Creating a surveillance panopticon really isn't fitting for a country that likes to trumpet about its "freedom" to the rest of the world. And filling prisons for profit (oftentimes on trumped-up charges and crooked judges) is a glaring demonstration of the EVILS of unbridled capitalism and what here needs to be fixed!


Look, you say you support Sanders but continually post things against him.

Why do you support Sanders?


So you say you support Sanders but you're unwilling to say why?

You're certainly willing to post a bunch of anti-Sanders stuff.

You claim to support Sanders. Why?


I'm wondering why Bernie hasn't spoken about Cliven Bundy yet.