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We Must End Global Oligarchy


We Must End Global Oligarchy

Bernie Sanders

'This massive level of wealth and income inequality, and the political power associated with that wealth, is an issue that cannot continue be ignored. We must fight back.'


The obscenity Bernie Sanders articulates has reached into all levels of government corruption, political processes, the Fourth Estate and the ordinary ill-informed un-informed, massively deceived electorate.

The words of Sanders will not make it to the evening “news” or print media, they will languish, and be drowned-out by the mindless blathering of trump & his R’Con supporters, and celebrity scandal diversion of the moment - the notions of Common Good and a government actually beneficial to society gone with the wind.

The opposition party now a joke: complicit to the grand con and vast wealth as the mechanism that directs the future of planet Earth and Her peoples - not expertise, science, sustainability, justice or any notion of egalitarian reality.

The person who is now visibly leading the education and hopeful empowerment/activism of the people to resist and fight the power, is Bernard Sanders, not the “we’re back baby” LOTE Democratic Party of collusion, complicity, and self-interest - the tweedle-dee to the trump/R’con tweedle-dum. So tell me again how Sanders is the “sheepdog”, the shill for business as usual, how he is a liar and hypocrite - he is the whipping boy of the so-called “left” and other talking-head pundit AH’s! Tell me again how whatever diversionary/troll shite those people are peddling is in any way going to attain the coalition and momentum necessary to smash the global oligarchy and duopoly government Of the Rich, For the Rich and By the Rich…


Regardless of what you think of Bernie, this man is our last best hope for change.

Bernie is not a one-issue Senator. He sees and knows all that afflicts the struggling class and knows how to work within the system to effect chance. No one, and I mean no one else is capable or has the interest to do so.
SNL almost never makes fun of the democratic party, but here it is:


Obviously the vast majority of Americans are outraged by this or certainly should be. So, the main question is how do politicians that do nothing about it still get elected. Here is where white supremacy, religious fundamentalism, anti-legalized abortion, anti-gun control, extreme nationalism, etc come in. Politicians, who receive large contributions from many of these billionaires, stir up people’s anger on a number of important values issues to get support. Quoting statistics about 0.01% is not going to change this. The simple fact is that it is not going to be easy to rectify the manifestations of extreme greed because millions of Americans hold values that are not the values of liberals. There doesn’t seem to be any point of economic inequality that is going to change things much. The battle will largely have to fought over values and efforts to make the election process fairer. Voter suppression tactics need to be strongly opposed. And so does extreme gerrymandering. Efforts should continue for political campaign finance reform. People strongly opposed to these tax avoidance schemes need to be willing to run for public office. Citizens need to call and write their representatives to tell them that they are opposed to tax reductions for the wealthiest people and large corporations. Less apathy and more activism is definitely needed.


I’m not calling Bernie a liar and a hypocrite. But neither will I:

Forget the way he zipped his lip even when given direct evidence of Hillary cheating.
Funnel my energy, as Bernie advises, into the D Party.
Delude myself into believing, as Bernie apparently does, that you can fight oligarchs with Democrats.

I like Bernie’s message. However, I don’t support his tactics. He wants to reform the corporate Ds, they wish he’d shut up and go away. I don’t see how that dynamic resolves itself. There’s too much donor money at stake.


Here is a man who never gave in, Yanis Varoufakis and DiEM 25.

Why not make this a worldwide call for justice - Why not !



I agree, but Bernie will not do it! When the oligarchs, according to Donna Brazile, rigged the Democratic convention and gave $24,000,000.00 to pay the debt owed by the DNC. They not only sold out Bernie but millions of Bernie’s acolytes. And he said nothing! Except: " WE CANNOT AFFORD A TRUMP POTUS". So Bernie backed the oligarchs that had selected, that most corrupt and crooked, Wall Street stooge, Hillary to run against Trump, and it seems to me, that was the time for Bernie to call out the oligarchs.


Bernie is one of a handful of LEADERS in our country, but his message is lost on the Democratic Party for two reasons: 1) He refuses to register as a Democrat; so, to the DNC/DSCC, he’s an apostate, and 2) the Democratic party is still trying to mimic the Republican party because of their successes with big donors. Unfortunately, Republican behaviors are usually premised on their zeal to destroy anything but themselves and their sinecures, and willingness to use illegal, unethical and immoral means to achieve their outcomes (Roy Moore, Mitch McConnell, that Ayn Rand believer in the House come to mind.).

And, let’s be clear, “Fake News” is the domain of the Right wing, and fellow-travelers who would like to destroy Democracy…(literally, from the Greek for “People Decide!”) Personally, I lay the rise of “Fake News” as an extension of every idea and methodology Frank Luntz ever offered the party of Greed Over People.


" Democracy …( literally from the Greek for (“People Decide” )."

The Greeks also came up with the word " politics" which translates to: pol, meaning many; and tics, meaning blood, sucking leeches! How appropriate!


Bernie . . . ya coulda been uh contender!


Chris Hedges’ article today is a deeper analysis of this global oligarchy and its effects:



Many here at Common Dreams believe our last best hope in fighting the Global Oligarchy is the Democrats.

As a young person introduced to the political system in the early 70’s, I too was an idealist who believed the Democrats were much more open minded about concerns of the masses, than the Republicans.

Then, as part of my education and awakening to the realities of our government’s exercises in Empire building, I became involved in the Vietnam War Antiwar Movement. Seeing firsthand how our men and women in uniform were being used as cannon fodder for what, the spread of Democracy?

That war was total bullshit, the start of a trend towards military involvements supported by both parties of the Duopoly.

For what?

Who benefited the most?

Yep! The corporations that produced and sold the weaponry to the government, and, let us not forget the Congress members and Senators who voted to support the slaughter of their people as well as ours.

Now, this could change is what some here are saying, if we all get behind the Democrats, and after decades of decadent choices in supporting the MIC and their excursions into terrorist behavior using our soldiers as willing participants and accepting large sums of money for their complicity, they are going to miraculously have a change of heart and never again, when America is still not in any direct danger from others will they choose aggression, rather, they will instead now choose Peace.

And, as others would have us believe, the Democrats will break their addiction to Money. They will now be pillars of the political community like Bernie and refuse to accept any Money from corporations seeking influence.

I, who in my early 20’s was a prophet for Peace ended up falling under the Democrats spell of complacency.

Got married, started a career, got divorced, started losing those I loved, brother, father, mother, realized my government wasn’t there for the People, both of the parties of the Duopoly had their own agendas.

Perhaps I’m just a cynical old man, or perhaps I am one of the Enlightened Few who absolutely refuse to waste one more single vote on a party that has betrayed the trust of a segment of society that believes in living in Peace and Power to the People, not the corporations, not the Murderous Military, not the Oligarchs who would steal our children’s futures just so they can have their Empire and play games of Army Men and Chicken, with our lives.

Yes, We Must End Global Oligarchy.

Keeping the Wolf in the henhouse, or thinking you can train the Wolf to become a Vegan, is madness.

When you find out you have Cancer, you don’t choose to live with it, you choose a whole new different approach to dealing with it.

Both parties of the Duopoly have a Cancer that has been growing more fatal for many decades.

I choose to live my remaining years supporting a political party that promotes Peace above all.


i appreciate the frustration at Sanders’ failure to forthrightly denounce oligarchic militarism, or to decisively break with the neoliberal / neocon leadership of the Democratic Party.

But i see no benefit to viciously trashing Sanders. “Boy, once we destroy Bernie we’ll really be on our way!” It makes more sense to me to expand his arguments, to include war and militarism, to a more comprehensive critique like Corbyn’s in Britain.


Your cancer analogy is accurate, Pony.

And the chemotherapy called corporate money is killing the patient.

And by patient, I mean the whole damned planet.


When I was just a young kid I use to play with an older neighbor, but when he died in Vietnam, I realized at a very young age, I was being lied to by my teachers; the press; and the T.V. news. And unfortunately, nothing has changed, except when I first got on the net with windows 95 I saw some hope.


Exactly. When Bernie threw his lot in with the Dems at/after the Convention, he surrendered his mantles as a progressive, independent and/or socialist. He replaced them with the furry coat of a sheepdog. And he has become a lair and hypocrite. It really hurts to say those words, but they are true.


Well said. And those are truly ugly images. Liz Warren, Joe Biden, etc., would be equally. And they would all claim that the Dem Platform is “the most progressive in history.”


I stop short of calling him a liar or hypocrite.

He believes in his mission, he has changed the conversation, he’s always on message.

That said, he’ll do nothing but spin his wheels by aligning with the Ds. That party is content to run on their usual Republican-Lite platform, and pay lip service to the left just long enough to string them along again.


Sorry to hear you got penned by this fellow. If he’s a sheepdog for the DNC, though, I think he’s doing a poor job of it. Based on her latest publication, Ms. Clinton seems unimpressed with his results, too.


Revive the Maximum Wage proposal Bernie, with some improvements. Instead of the excess going to the government and politicians, have the excess go straight to the people equally. They could fund government with voluntary contributions like people funded your campaign.

We might see both liberals and conservatives agree with this proposal.