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We Must End Global Oligarchy

When I was just a young kid I use to play with an older neighbor, but when he died in Vietnam, I realized at a very young age, I was being lied to by my teachers; the press; and the T.V. news. And unfortunately, nothing has changed, except when I first got on the net with windows 95 I saw some hope.


I stop short of calling him a liar or hypocrite.

He believes in his mission, he has changed the conversation, he’s always on message.

That said, he’ll do nothing but spin his wheels by aligning with the Ds. That party is content to run on their usual Republican-Lite platform, and pay lip service to the left just long enough to string them along again.


Sorry to hear you got penned by this fellow. If he’s a sheepdog for the DNC, though, I think he’s doing a poor job of it. Based on her latest publication, Ms. Clinton seems unimpressed with his results, too.


Revive the Maximum Wage proposal Bernie, with some improvements. Instead of the excess going to the government and politicians, have the excess go straight to the people equally. They could fund government with voluntary contributions like people funded your campaign.

We might see both liberals and conservatives agree with this proposal.


How to fight the global oligarchy, with its bottomless wealth and armed to the teeth.
What have we done to deserve such treatment?


“The essence of oligarchy is that the billionaire class is never satisfied with what they have. They want more, more and more—no matter what impact their efforts have on working people, the elderly, children, the sick and the poor. Greed is their religion” – “while governments enact[ing] austerity budgets” across the world is another coinciding Key to their ancient belief systems.

Mary Shines (On Gospels):
Imagine: a (“rich”) preacher of “The Gospel of Prosperity” is speaking down to someone who (seemingly) has nothing, a poor person at the bottom of the earth who (seemingly) has never been given, or even achieved anything, a human being who (seemingly) must be marked to be downtrodden because he never found or received the Grace or Spirit of God and Jesus Christ, or experienced any of Their rewards. The preacher: “Oh, you poor, lost soul. You are only forsaken because you were never saved into the true light. Dear God and Jesus Christ, I pray that this wretched, tormented waste may be forgiven, then welcomed by you. I pray that once your actual gospel, the one of prosperity, is accepted by this refuse, a new elite-status car, a new mansion-level house, enough money to be able to be able to live off the interest, and a model-level wife will flood into his life. May he then no longer need to be beaten into submission as one of the despicable grunts, for he will be one of us!”

BBernie has been around this swamp for 30 years working outside the box as an independent. He knows the ins and outs of Washington and corruption and the corporatist. We cannot get ride of every last one of them.

Why not trust Bernie to do the right thing with his 30 years of knowledge plus I hear this all the time from Thom Hartmann to work within. I can’t get even an email from Multnomah County dems to get involved so I am not really thinking dems can change. but I trust Bernie…Who the heck else is out there doing the great job Bernie is doing.

We the people need to stampede lamestreet media and demand attention for the progressives who are NOT far left


We are not slaves but owners-----the people should get a return from all those who profit on the wealth of this nation—a dividend----it can start at 1%-----Apple should pay a dividend to the people,Walmart should pay a dividend to the people,Kock industries should pay a divided to the people. Nestle water should pay a divided to the people.This divided should go directly to the people so people understand who they are-THE OWNERS. SUPPORT THE COMMONS!


Bernie Sanders is a voice,Chris Hedges is a voice,what are in these peoples hearts----

I listened to Bill Maher say that there was no difference in Hillary Clinton’s policies and Sanders policies–REALLY! Donna Brazile comes out now and says the primary was rigged?

From what I understand Sanders has taken his left over campaign money and is supporting true progressive candidates around the country. These candidates are for getting corporate money out of politics----this is the KEY to real change-----Bernie Sanders in his campaign for president has been a spark,let this fire grow------and people like Bill Maher need to be called out when they spin their corporate media BS------Michael Moore???


While I always enjoy Chris Hedges’ fine commentaries, I’m not sure if he’s ever held elective office.

My impression is that it’s not easy to win elections, and then maintain elected office. I believe Bernie lost several elections in the 1970s, before he was elected mayor of Burlington, Vermont, in 1981. I’m thankful that he now serves in the US Senate. Love to see him achieve the US Presidency!

Lynn1’s opening line most impressed me: “Regardless of what you think of Bernie, this man is our last best hope for change.”


If Bernie taught me anything, it is that democratic party is so corrupt it cannot be changed.


Bernie. Bernie. Bernie. You are continuing the same old song but providing no new ideas, details, or concrete strategies. That is why you lost in 2016. Stop blaming the Dems and Hillary. They rigged nothing. Man up and give us some ideas about how to address anything.

Bernie had his golden opportunity to smash the corruption and what did he do…support the evil corporate shill, Hildebeast. Go shout on the rooftops Bernie, you’re too late. Bernie had the momentum and the audience but he gave his supporters the middle finger.

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I recommend you read an enlightening book, " Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil" which shines a light on the promoters of wars for profit. It has been said that the Pentagon spending is 3x what has been reported. Trillions have been ‘stolen’ by the MIC from the American people. There has not been an audit of the military spending and there won’t be. Honor the soldiers, we thank you for your service and without their service we would have no freedom are the anodynes spewed to keep this scam alive. USMC Gen Smedley Butler knew about this racket in 1933 and it has gotten more insidious. The tree of liberty must be nourished with the blood of revolution. Let us begin.


Yes, it is once again Bernie Sanders lending his voice and taking a stand. However, he often said it is not about him, it is about us. We are the ones who need to relentlessly pressure the elites of the world to make it very uncomfortable for them. I wouldn’t doubt that some of our very own elected officials are “fixing their own intelligence” as to where they have their money parked.
Just recently I believe there was a billionaire threatening to not donate anymore if the democrats didn’t stop talking about billionaires and millionaires. Perhaps that is why we only hear independent Bernie Sanders voice.


Just don’t know where to begin to address this thinking: so I won’t.

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Capitalism causes oligarchy. Socialism causes hegemony. Politicians cause both.

Fire the politicians.

Direct Democracy is a type of government where the power lies directly in the hands of the people instead of representatives.

Social Democracies. Big difference.

Sorry, I think that is a narrative of Bernie’s actions that is not accurate - don’t confuse his intention from what he sees as achievable - and don’t forget that he was threatened by TPTB and Dem elite/Queen Bitch of the Universe - we saw it on TV during the first days of the BS Dem convention. Bernie chose the Red Queen rather than the nightmare creature trump regime.
Sanders knows the game and tries his best to navigate within that unfortunate reality. He has said time and again that he cannot achieve radical change alone, but the people must. the lady has not sung nor the curtain come down on how Sanders will go forward. Please don’t throw the baby out with the bathtub wlawler…keep the faith (what little is left to us)…


Sorry, absolutely nothing you write or espouse in this idiot comment is progressive or remotely positive, just intentionally divisive falsities and blather.

Sophomoric shallow/uninformed pronouncements and rubbish claims about Sanders supposed failures are crap - your fantasy claims of Bernie “blaming others”, Dem elite “rigged nothing” Sanders has “no new ideas” and playing the “same old song” are total and utter BS whoever you are Ms troll. Get a new informed position or get thee back to the troll factory or corrupt Dem establishment!