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We Must End Global Oligarchy


Sorry, absolutely nothing you write or espouse in this idiot comment is progressive or remotely positive, just intentionally divisive falsities and blather.

Sophomoric shallow/uninformed pronouncements and rubbish claims about Sanders supposed failures are crap - your fantasy claims of Bernie “blaming others”, Dem elite “rigged nothing” Sanders has “no new ideas” and playing the “same old song” are total and utter BS whoever you are Ms troll. Get a new informed position or get thee back to the troll factory or corrupt Dem establishment!


“Maximum Wage” or rather maximum income makes common sense. The rich start and run the wars and they can damn well pay for their wars through austerity for the too wealthy, and they can clean up the mess they made of the planet, too.


Welcome to our latest DNC troll. Thanks for the talking points.


About a Maximum Income:


The smell of sweat emanates from the Green shills, the Other 1%ers; and all their perceived universal ills, spill out on a cable spool table like Alice’s funny pills. Hey, one makes you smaller and another one makes you tall, and the one Glenn Ford gave you, didn’t do anything at all. So, when you go chasing rabbits…