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We Must Have a Special Prosecutor


We Must Have a Special Prosecutor

Bill Moyers, Michael Winship

So Donald Trump fired James Comey because the FBI director mistreated Hillary Clinton last summer over her use of private emails.

Stop laughing.

Trump takes us for chumps. The Republic is nothing to him but a crap game. And he loads the dice.

"Trump takes us for chumps."


Also---Comey is so much taller than Trump, even with Trump's "lifts" (which he wouldn't need, if he had a normal psyche). He likes to be the one to "tower over" others. (snark alert!)


When I hear this request, I wonder, just where is this "special" or "independent" prosecutor going to be found?


We need both a special prosecutor and a non-patician independent commission. NOW!


So far no evidence has been found, otherwise some would have already been leaked. How long should an investigation continue without any findings? If Comey has any I sure wikileaks would be glad to have it.


The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. H. L. Mencken


This editorial was making good sense to me until I came to the passage; "We must have ... an independent and bipartisan commission with subpoena power and public hearings, like the 9/11 commission." Certainly it is hard for anyone who has been paying any attention whatsoever to the consistent bowdlerization of even the most basic facts, and the continual cover-ups, delays and distractions of the thoroughly disgraceful "9-11 commission" during the last 16 years to believe that such a NON-independent and NON-bipartisan commission of willful blindness, disceit and dissimulation is just "what we must have" again in this inquiry as well!


Certainly there would be a special prosecutor by now if Congress was not dominated by Republicans who put party over country. Moyers and Winship are right in my view but their call for a special prosecutor will probably go unheeded as that could damage the Republican Party, the ultimate loyally for the Republicans who continue to shred democracy because it no longer matters to them as long as the Republican Party is in control. If masses of people continue to be okay with this it will probably continue. Only at the ballot box can the Republicans receive a message that it is not okay, which is probably why they are so busy with voter suppression tactics and extreme gerrymandering.


Wouldn't that be the ultimate irony, to have Comey leaking to Wikileaks...and then to be prosecuted for it.


How about hiring Comey to be the special prosecutor.



Can't the committee in the Senate hire whomever they please to assist with their investigation?
Comey does need a new job, and is already familiar with the case . . .


McConnell said no to anything already.


Someone forwarded an article from a site called "Newsmax" that proclaimed that Comey had to be fired because "he made the FBI political." Good heavens, the FBI has been political since J. Edgar Hoover was made head of it. It was used to spy on and demonized anyone Hoover believed to be a Communist which included many people who were not "card carrying Communists" and was influential in turning the pejorative use of "Commie" as an effective often career destroying name call. People with no personal recollection of the Red Scare culture of the 50s seemingly can't understand this.

The Right made a hero out of J. Edgar and his 1958 book "Masters of Deceit: The Story of Communism in America no How to Fight It" was required reading by The John Birch Society and his outspoken labeling of liberals as "subversives" was as political as can be.


sorry, duplicate post


Sad to see Moyers and Common Dreams spewing this evidence free Russian interference garbage.

I realize Moyers has tried this before, but I'd hoped he'd learn not to join the neo-McCarthyte herd.



Just remember the effect of a SP in the case of Bill Clinton. The people supported Clinton because people felt the republicans were going to far in pushing all kinds of accusations.

Trump has been financially supported by the Russians(60m profit on house in Florida)and it is clear Putin wanted Trump over Clinton----but I'm not sure if Trump did anything illegal here-

There are a lot of people who believe Trump is the answer to our corrupt political system. Just like people in Russia believe you need a strongman at the helm.

I think its important that republicans be allowed to play their hand so people can see what they are about----already this healthcare bill says alot. But it may be that we have to hit bottom before people wake up----one would think after Bush that was bottom enough-----and Obama was no help.

And at the same time people from the Sanders side need to run for office-it was so refreshing today to listen to Kshama Sawant.

I do think we need to see his tax returns.What is he hiding????


Trump just gave you all the evidence you need, if you'd only pay attention. But as a trumpster, that seems to be well beyond your capabilities of coherent and rational thought. You'll be saying the same stupid thing well after he is impeached and jailed.


Democrats lost because people got tired of being the DNC's fools. That's what Democrats should be fixing instead of trying to deflect attention.

Keeping sellout Democrats in business guarantees they lose again (as if they care as long as their bribes pour in). Not a word has been said about this and the Big Money corruption persists.

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