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We Must Love One Another Or Die


We Must Love One Another Or Die

Today, over 75 years later, W.H. Auden's poem September 1, 1939 resonates more than ever. Marking the start of World War ll as Germany marched into Poland, it feels the "waves of anger and fear," foresees the suffering ahead, mourns what may be lost, but defiantly insists, "The lights must never go out/ The music must always play." With "our world in stupor," Auden writes, the need remains "to show an affirming flame."


There is no Us and Them, There is only We

All that you see, We have done.

We can Grow Compassion

We can Awake


Thank you, Abby.


I cannot match Auden’s words, so I shall not attempt to do so. I will say that this poem is very moving and beautiful and tragic. It is also timeless in its relevance. Thank you, Abby!


" We must love one another or die."

SOOOO TRUE! Beautiful poem!


Ah, yes and may it be so. Let each of us commit to being such.


Ask those who went to the death camps how not fighting evil worked…


Remembering the ‘simple’ poem by the late, great Mohammed Ali:



Unfortunately, it’s NOT the case that we have “loving one another” or “die” as options. This article (http://arctic-news.blogspot.com/2017/05/abrupt-warming-how-much-and-how-fast.html), posted in May of this year, makes this ominous statement:

With little or no action taken on global warming, it appears that the Anthropocene will lead to extinction of the very human beings after which the era is named, with the Anthropocene possibly running from 1950 to 2021, i.e. a mere 71 years and much too short to constitute an era. In that case a better name for the period would be the Sixth Extinction Event. . . .

Thus, it’s likely that we’ll ALL die in a few years, and our species will go extinct. And although it MAY not be too late to prevent this from happening, the cluelessness of our “leaders” virtually GUARANTEES that our species will “be no more" soon.

About the ONLY choice we have at present is that of “loving one another.”


Israel claims it represents the Jews who experienced atrocities and ethnic cleansing, along with other minorities, at the hands of the nazis, but the Israeli state is committing similar cultural genocide to take territory by force - to expand already cleansed territory to be for Jews only - the very definition of racism - a similar racism to what we have seen before.

In addition to the Palestinian residents of The Occupied Territories, the Bedouin of the Negev are being systematically ethnically cleansed by the racism and extremist exceptionalism of zionist mythology, arrogance and utter contempt for the lives of all others - not unlike what we have seen before, now from the new Israeli version. A crime against humanity by any measure continues as it has for over half a century!



Pompeii to Privilege ePie August 23, 2017

From Pompeii to privilege
from walls and borders to mana hoarders,
We slither on the manifest empty words of destiny,
the hope words, the make it great again words
the words that pump our merit
as we sit on golden thrones to dump our excrement,
the caste of class
the mooney ass sages of silver spoon deceit

The scripted whores, the pliant perps of the pariah empire promise new others to free for freedom is defending the fatherland with a few mother of all bombs while threatening the winning winter to vanquish peace with forever war sanitized like dreamboat kitchens with terminator bots lifelike, like pleasure dolls in an AI bordello to make the second coming only a button away

The wordsmiths of the wiliest windbags create our entities, our selfie serfs as our dialogue with the mirror of self, delights in the delusion and we the deluded denizens gaze at our reflections flipping the left and right, so we can goose step on left then right moving ever forward to the future, the non entity future, with broken dogmas leading the charge to the abyss as we tag along pining for lost opportunity as our spaceship home turns from privilege to Pompeii


True, pacifism and non-violence is commendable, but not when it becomes cowardice.