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We Must Make Police Brutality Against Black Women an Issue in 2016


We Must Make Police Brutality Against Black Women an Issue in 2016

Kali Nicole Gross

Criminal-justice reform must be an election issue for black women in 2016. More than any other group of women in the country, black women are killed, raped and victimized by intimate-partner and community violence.


It hardly seems possible that the idea of NOT using tasers on pregnant women needs to be said, no less enshrined into law at all! How far this nation has declined as the military-media-industrial complex has gradually attained dominion (key words: Mars rules).

As to the idea of a ranking system, it’s a grand idea. For some time I’ve suggested that such a system be applied to all elected reps. After all, many of these “luminaries” who sit in judgment of citizens think TEACHERS should be evaluated and judged on the basis of their students’ test performances. And these ranking systems grant no leniency to the stronger sociological factors that influence test results.

Far wiser to rank military fools who engender wars and waste so much human and financial resources on their own egoistical delusions. Wiser to rank politicians who lie about their positions and put into practice the opposite of what voters voted for. Still wiser to hold banks and capitalist moguls accountable for their costly decisions, ones that have decimated entire national economies. Instead, the bastards brutalize women, people of color, and demand that a field based on altruism stand up to THEIR litmus test!

There is so much violence against women that too many men just want to pretend it doesn’t exist or make it go away.

There’s the rape and sexual abuse of Latina women taken into custody through the Draconian programs aimed at curtailing “illegal” immigration. No mention of NAFTA and its economic fall-out, of course.

There’s the campus rape statistics and how too often colleges and universities play these sexist statistics down and give offenders relative slaps on the wrist, if that.

There’s rape and sexual violence within the military. Often commanding officers bully the victims into silence or do NOTHING to remedy the situation.

There are very high levels of sexual abuse and rape that go on on Native American reservations with little redress; and there’s plenty of sexual violence inside prisons as well with guards taking advantage of female inmates.

And then there’s this under-reporting of the crimes against women of color added to ridiculous sentences allotted to those who defend themselves against domestic violence. This is particularly glaring in light of the fact that cops who actually DO kill are given free passes and ding-dongs like vigilante wannabe Zimmerman, also get “a walk.” But the woman who shoots a warning shot to protect herself gets many years in prison?


The answer to that speaks to the misogyny woven into the core fiber of this nation. Still no group has suffered more than Black Women and one can see the strength that’s developed in so many of them as a result… shades of Social Darwinism.


I agree that this could and should be an issue, but the text and title seem to say get on the cops’ for brutalizing black women but that it’s OK if they keep on doing as they have been to young black males. Police trigger happiness against anybody they don’t like ought to be the issue and be pursued with strict disciplinary action.


From what I have seen black women should lose the attitude. Not so argumentative and loud. Obey the lawful instructions of the police without resisting and being combative. If you are cooperative and show some respect toward police the black women will find they will not be tasered and will not be force to the ground. Try it. It works.


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” ~MLK Jr.

I don’t see color or gender anywhere in this statement and I think MLK Jr. would have a serious issue with making those distinctions since justice is for everyone.


corporative? that is an ironic typo…