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'We Must Protect the Water': Indigenous Leaders Stage Sit-In to Protest Kinder Morgan Pipeline


'We Must Protect the Water': Indigenous Leaders Stage Sit-In to Protest Kinder Morgan Pipeline

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Building on the massive march against the expansion of a Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline last weekend that brought 10,000 people to the streets of British Columbia, Indigenous leaders and their allies staged a sit-in on Saturday at a pipeline construction site on Burnaby Mountain, kicking off a wave of civil disobedience that is set to continue through next week.


I am currently reading Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz’s An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States (2014) and although I am less that ten percent through, I am expecting to learn much. For those of you who put up with my musical tastes:


Power To The People!


New - re Climate Change - Geoengineering.

A pdf version is available from the link below as well (Nature Comment).

This is the beginning - money to be made from failure to act, i.e., Naomi Klein’s “Disaster Capitalism”:

Geoengineer polar glaciers to slow sea-level rise Stalling the fastest flows of ice into the oceans would buy us a few centuries to deal with climate change and protect coasts, argue John C. Moore and colleagues.


I remember that song - long time ago.

I posted on this thread a new Nature Commnet re completely useless geoengineering proposals costing billions - to protect infrastructure on coastal areas.

Zero impact on ocean acidification - zero impact on the continuing buildup of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

More money for the rich - distracting or even killing what is actually needed.

We need a newer version of Saint Patrick to drive another batch of snakes out of the halls of power.

Damn !

This has been a tough week ~


I mean really - are there nothing but morons in power, nearly everywhere ?


I would not call them morons, but they do seem to be everywhere. I like what my spouse who is a Native American, calls them: corporate soldiers to whom protecting their lively hood is more important than protecting theirs and our water…


After the Manhattan Project, Teller and a few other scientists got involved with finding peaceful purposes for splitting the atom. Those efforts included geoengineering. Thankfully, it was never pursued, but damn, the idea that humans (white men specifically) can command nature has been around for a while.


I remember the song and it struck me strange that a pop band, “Paul Revere and the Raiders” would do that song. When time permits I’ll check out the history book also.


I prefer to call the sociopaths or psychopaths. The ones that channeled there soulless selves into “legal” ways to rule their domain.


Those are better terms - agreed !

There is an article in The Guardian by Yanis Varoufakis, whom I like, on the sociopath Donald Trump:
Trump and trade tariffs: big lies founded on small truths


For a short time there was a popular movement for the rights of indigenous peoples of North America that paralleled that of African Americans in the 60s (I define the 60s as November 22, 1963 - August 9, 1974). The movie Billy Jack was inspired by it.