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We Must Rebuild Our Democracy


We Must Rebuild Our Democracy

Mark Ruffalo, Annie Leonard

It started with the founding fathers. In America’s very first election, in 1788, the government officially barred all women, all people of color, and any man without land from voting.

This was American democracy in the 18th century.

Almost 90 years later, the 15th amendment officially removed “race, color, or history of servitude” as a barrier to the vote, but women remained wholly disenfranchised.


is what Democracy looks like!


Thank you, thank you Bernie Sanders. You were wonderful in Portland Oregon and the peace bird was incredible. Thank you Democracy Awakening. We need to link it nation wide for those of us who cannot come to Washington DC. We need to have Democracy Awakening in every major and minor city across this country, standing up and having our voices heard.


"2016 will be the first American presidential election since 1965 with major new voting restrictions—photo identification requirements, cuts to early voting and the elimination of same day voting registration are just a few of the roadblocks thrown up by special interests in 15 states."

This fails to mention the reduction of polling places in Arizona from 200 to 60. Worth noting is the background of the Maricopa County Recorder, Helen Purcell in a stunningly convoluted interview post polling. The same law that reduced polling places apparently allows voters to go to any polling place (?) for this specific primary. Voting line being shut down at 7pm

Add to that Bill Clinton breaking federal law by visiting polling place > Boston


Mark, we have never had a true, real, democracy. What we have is a Constitution deriving it's existence from a Declaration of Independence from a brave group of self serving people. It is past time for another group of brave, self serving people, the 99%, to revisit that Declaration, change the words a bit and rise up and change the way things are run. We have a great Constitution in place which will give us guidance and structure from that day forward.


WiseOwl, I'm not so tech savy and need some assistance here. Please send me a direct link so that I can use this for our delegate send off to the CO State Convention. I tried looking around on reddit with no luck. Thanks. This is the best, most concise dialogue of Sen Sanders' speaking I have heard. He is an amazing man and with a sense of honest passion and energy which borders on super human. The people of our country had better take advantage of what Bernie is giving us, which are the best and last year's of his life. Trust, a true vision for Human Dignity and Leadership like Sen Sanders projects only comes around once in a lifetime.


Bernie has been a one person Occupy of this election and given people a voice and renewed our sense that this is OUR democracy and that it has been stolen from us. Like Occupy Wall Street, Bernie shows us that people want to do something about what has been happening to America and that others also feel the same way.

Mark and Annie call us to the defense of our democracy by being active and making our voices heard and using our feet to march in protest as have the Suffragettes who marched to get women the right to vote and later those who marched with MLK for Civil Rights and to end the Vietnam War. Americans were active in fighting for what they believe in! They were active participants in democracy.

It isn't just us either. Oligarchy is not limited to America and the powerful interests who have whittled away our democracy are doing it everywhere. These trade deals weaken laws that protect us but strengthen the exceptional privileges for the corporations. A second body of laws in effect that separate corporations from the body of international law and allow them to counter it while none of us could do the same nor even challenge the exceptionalism of this new form of corporatized international law. They tell us they can do this as if we can do nothing against the powerful!

Mark and Annie send out a Call To March like a call to arms for all those who know what is being done to the democracy that should have been the one given their children! A 'Call to March' for all who see it and object and want something to be done about it!

We all owe Bernie a lot for having the guts to run against the powerful forces that we have been arrayed against him. Bernie asks us to trust in ourselves - to trust in our democracy - to take it back from the greedy and the powerful - to exercise our rights (or lose them) as Mark and Annie call us to do by marching.

I hope Bernie wins. It is shocking to see that other Americans were so cynical that they would rig the game ...that they would cheat us and themselves of democracy as if they didn't really want democracy to continue. They truly put it at risk and of course deny that they do so. It is pretty obvious that when the 43% of Americans who are independents are considered that Bernie would win in the general election, nevertheless the elites see only their personal gain and willingly subvert their own democracy. They would take away their own children's democracy in fact. It is almost like the elites tell themselves that 'After this election we will go back to real democracy again' but that won't ever happen. You can't expect to get something by first taking it away. What do they want for their children? Do they want their children to live in a democracy or don't they? You actually have to wonder at just how short sighted these people are!

A call to march is our call to arms people of good will. The fight to regain what we have lost and take back what has been taken from us begins anew. Trump is a warning to us all of just what losing our democracy could mean in days to come. It was that easy to evoke hatred and fear, bullying and even violence. Be warned by Trump even if he doesn't win. He came close enough. What he represents is further weakening of democracy perhaps even the death knell of it in the future. The oligarchy has weakened our democracy so badly that a large portion of the population is ready to put the principles of democracy aside at the drop of a hat!

March on Washington not for yourselves but for your children's democracy... You've had democracy but they actually may not. That would be our fault as Americans. The time has come to do more than to just criticize and complain. It is time to march.

And thank Bernie for getting us to wake up to the fact that we are NOT powerless. Millions of people across this country see that the things that Bernie has been talking about are what makes America. It isn't only billionaires and corporations running roughshod over the little people. Bernie reminds us that there are a lot of little people out there but we just have to show that that is true.

Bernie and Mark and Annie embody the American spirit. They want democracy nothing more than that. Just democracy like it should be and like our children deserve to have.

It ain't over yet! How do I know that is true?
A little birdie told me ...

...and I could see it in the faces of people who want to feel positive about their children's future and how much they enjoyed that unique little moment. It is okay to like things like that and just be a person even if you aren't a billionaire oligarch. It is also okay to feel good about the future because you know a lot is being done to mitigate the dangers of global warming and not be arrogant and destructive simply because it is profitable for corporations and oligarchs to keep using oil and coal.

It is okay for ordinary people to have a say in how their government treats them and who represents them in Washington.
That was called democracy... It is time to remember how it is supposed to work.

Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes.


Annie must watch "Cowspiracy".


When you run this video, just click on the YouTube icon in the bottom bar. That will take you right to it.




Well almost.

Called the Democracy Awakening, this event reflects an unprecedented movement to demand a democracy that works for all Americans, one in which everyone has an equal voice and elected officials are accountable to the people, not corporate interests or the wealthy.

It's great that people are waking up to these democracy issues, so I checked out their demands. Among them is yet another band-aid approach: passing the Democracy for All Amendment. Considering the amount of work that is required to pass an amendment, the language should address the problem and not just the symptom of the problem. Until the Constitution states unequivocally that constitutional rights apply only to natural persons, corporations will be considered people under the law. This amendment takes away their right to speak in elections, but maintains other first amendment rights (privacy) does not address their 4th, 5th, and most importantly 14th amendment rights, which guarantees them equal protection under the law.

Only the We the People Amendment reverses Citizens United and ends all corporate constitutional rights. I'll be spending that time working for Bernie and democracy in my own backyard.


Seeing that the author summary notes that he lives in upstate New York, wouldn't it be very beneficial if Ruffalo campaigns for Sanders in the upcoming critical New York and Pennsylvania primaries ?


Amen, but how?

We need an organization to go back into the local elections and help put union-friendly, worker-friendly, egalitarian, peace-loving, and progressive candidates on the ballot and in office. This really does amount to doing what many people have hoped that the Democratic Party would do, but that it does not do because it has been co-opted by shills. It also amounts to doing what many of us hoped a third party would do but that no third party has recently done because of factional divisiveness, lack of funds, and lack of support.

I have some areas of disagreement and some of agreement with Bernie Sanders, and I suspect that goes for most anyone who might read this. But you know, anyone else close to the throne at this point is pretty nearly a stone, dead loss. Imagine, we are now in an election wherein John Pilger regards the leading Democratic candidate as more dangerous than Donald Trump, and makes a good argument for it (https://www.rt.com/op-edge/336785-world-war-break-silence/). Whether or not anyone agrees, it is hard to get more dismal.

For the sake of whatever we might impact for the next 8 years or so, it is time to do something different, to not rubberstamp this oligarchy. Let us hope Sanders can give us an actual candidate, but that failing, let us get some agreement towards another path, get out of the Democratic Party or get the neocons out of its management, put some people in office somewhere who bear some relation to a human vote, and let them build a party, and then let us call it anything you might like.