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We Must Rein in President Trump’s Spying Powers


We Must Rein in President Trump’s Spying Powers

Ashley Gorski

It’s been just over a month since Donald J. Trump assumed the enormous powers of the U.S. presidency, including the power to control the government’s far-reaching surveillance of Americans and others. As we’ve explained elsewhere, President Trump will wield extremely broad and unconstitutional surveillance powers, with the world’s most sophisticated technological tools at his disposal.


That headline, as well as the main thread of this essay, should be "We Must Rein in the Presidents' Spying Powers".

All of the presidents', not just Trump's.


It is my understanding that smart meters allow the monitoring of which circuits are being used inside a home, locating people inside a home.


Hadn't noticed your comments/musing from a month ago, so:
Uh, no! If you knew how electrical wiring is done in a home or almost anywhere, you would have never said what you said.


You don't agree with someone, so you say the other person is ignorant..
How electrical wiring is done..Um, I took an electrical circuit theory course as required for my engineering degree.
I bought and sold eight older homes across the US over the years, each time following the building inspector around at the time of purchase and managing the renovation to upgrade each building up to code for the area and better.
In recent years, I have taken an even greater interest in electrical safety, and carefully read three books on DIY electrical home installations.

Still, I wouldn't judge Smart meters on my own.
My statement that Smart meters can track individual whereabouts and activities inside the home is directly from the many, many articles online stating that. You may search the topic simply with: smart meter surveillance.

I quit engineering after a number of years because I felt there was enough technology in the world, but just not enough effort from people to be nice to each other. I teach English overseas now, but my main focus is how to be nice to each other. I still check out my apartment in every place I live for its electrical integrity, as some countries don't have as strict codes as the US does. China's problem for me is that most of the old buildings I've lived in simply don't have sufficient grounding, if any!

Peace. Love.