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We Must Reject the Idea of Legal Protest


We Must Reject the Idea of Legal Protest

Eleanor Penny

On 16th August 1819, some sixty to eighty thousand people assembled in St Peter’s Field, central Manchester. Men and women, young and old. They had gathered to protest for greater suffrage, and for an end to the Corn Laws that had plunged many into poverty, exacerbating the disastrous effects of the famine ushered in by the Napoleonic Wars. The local magistrates, understandably alarmed, read out the following fifty three words to the few who could hear them over the din:


Dear Ms. Penny,

You have not completed the forms necessary for an article on the topic of protest and the article is longer than allowed by law. We are filing charges for this, and for the fact you are advocating breaking laws pertaining to protests.

We live in a civil society governed by laws. Breaking the law has consequences. Please refrain from writing anything further until this matter is settled.

The Authorities


Concurrent with decriminalizing (media calls it deregulation) financial fraud and other white collar crime during the past three decades, the DC politicians criminalized whistle blowing and other activities essential to sustaining a democracy.


I like that final sentence...


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perameters - Perhaps 'parameters'? This spelling is in the subtitle and once in the article.