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We Must Remedy Discrimination in Our Media System

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/15/we-must-remedy-discrimination-our-media-system

I once looked up one of my uncles names in the “75million pages of of archived newsprint”–I was surprised to find him playing baseball for a company in East Chicago-Indiana in 1937–GATX-(General American Transportation–railway equipment builder’s—versus Inland Steel companyThe Hammond Times–Hammond-Indiana–(where he worked)in 1937-I wasn’t born yet–Like the New York Times—If it’s fit to print–to bad we become too personal very often–I am reminded of a “rare” type of show- but very good movie—“Citizen Kane”–newspaper man—etc.–

Diversity without integrity is meaningless

Integrity will perforce increase diversity

Counting heads discounts what’s in them

What about class? We have a corporate media that serves the interests of the 1%. There’s a lot more people being discriminated against than gender and race will account for.

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It is a bit of a naive article. The author writes that racism and sexism is what drives the media, but in reality it is a corporate agenda. If we suddenly required media outlets to hire just native American women with a disability to give the news, corporate media would have vetted all of the native America women with a disability until they had found candidates that would adhere to the Great Western Narrative. Diversity is not the problem with mainstream media, it is the oligarchs who control it… who just happen to be a bunch of old white men. You can easily replace them with any ‘face’ that the public would be seemingly comfortable with, but if the new ‘face’ is still a corporate sycophant, the news will remain the same.
What is needed instead is legislation that removes corporate influence from the media companies. This is no easy task as the public has always been leery of a State controlled media (despite the success of CBC and BBC in Canada and Britain respectively) and left wing media will never get sponsorship from wealthy capitalists. I think the key is “Universal high speed internet access for everyone” so that people can surf the net until they find news outlets that are honest and fundamentally opposed to the Great Western Narrative. I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for that to materialize though…

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Methinks the author is an opportunist, but a bit late to the game.

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That is just one of the problems with our lamestreet media and are so called journalism on lamestreet media.

I was so upset Tuesday night that the debates were not on all networks, I had to see/listen to it on my small cell telephone on CNN. Who determined that a cable news organization that you have to pay for to see their news is the only televised outlet where the debates can be watched? WHO allowed that to happen which is so undemocratic. It should be at least on one of the lamestreet media outlets so everyone in this nation could watch. I don’t need all the fricken 400 channels that cost like some pay $160 some pay less?

And above is just one other problem with our public airwaves. Do we the taxpayers/government still collect revenue from the licensing? Is there any regulations left? They do not do their jobs.