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We Must #ResistTrump


We Must #ResistTrump

Bianca Jagger

On Monday 20th February 2017, thousands of people all over the UK will come together as part of a 'Stop Trump' national day of action, to demand that the government withdraw the invitation for a Donald Trump state visit. I will be addressing the rally in Parliament Square which starts at 6 pm. I hope you will join me there - or find your nearest rally. We must #ResistTrump. Our future depends on it.


Deep thanks Bianca for your strong voice, long and selfless activism, and commitment to the common people of the Earth!

Hasta La Victoria Siempre!


Resisting Trump is laudable but the other side must be resisted too. Kunstler sums up the situation pretty well.



Donald Trump is the most destructive force against what remains of our Democracy. We Must #ResistTrump.

Resistance is Fertile.


Interesting take on our 'State of the Craziness'. Thanks for this Po.


Thank you, Bianca.


OK. We got the rhetoric down. Now explain what it means. A protest is a statement. It isn't resistance. Whatever happens elsewhere, few in the US can risk losing their jobs by actually revolting. You can't schedule a revolution for weekends and holidays. You can't risk losing your job (maybe getting blacklisted?) because there's nothing to fall back on. Here, we have absolutely no mercy on our jobless poor.

I don't know how it is elsewhere, but here in the States, years of work went into deeply dividing the "masses" by class and race, pitting us against each other. If we rose up, who would fight whom, and for what? And if all of that didn't matter, and there was some sort of people's revolt -- then what? Settle back into the neoliberal agenda that the US adopted back in the 1990s?


" Last but not least, it will cost the British taxpayer more than 10 million pounds in policing alone."

Make Herr Twittler pay for it; he believes in the "user-pays" ideology.

As for Theresa May; another horrible Tory clone of that maggoter of British society, Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher thought General Pinochet, the fascists rebel general of Chile, wonderful and invited the criminal to tea at Chequers; May thinks Trump wonderful. Both would have thought Adolf Hitler a marvellous man as did many Tory quislings of the 1930s. Churchill's "fight them on the beaches" speech was not directed just at the Germans; I think it was also a message to the numerous Tory quislings of 1940.

Bianca Jagger is right; the rise of Trump is encouraging the filth elsewhere to crawl out from under its rocks.