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We Must Stop War With Iran. Here's What You Can Do Today.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/09/we-must-stop-war-iran-heres-what-you-can-do-today

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Touching faith in the honesty & responsiveness of the imperial congress. If you want to waste your time on a phone call the number is 202-224-3121. If you want to do something useful, get out on the streets and organize mass resistance in your communities and nationally. And oh, vote Bernie 2020.


I did useful things before the illegal invasion of Iraq post-911. I wrote Congress, all members of the UN Security council, I called my senators and representatives, I went on marches, I posted signs, I went to candlelight vigils, I donated to peace organisations. If you were around at that time, you might remember that more than 6 MILLION people in cities all over the world did the exact same thing - from London to Rio, from New York to Toyko. Just search for images of Iran War protests 2003 to get an idea of how many people mobilized.

Getting out on the streets made absolutely no difference - they invaded anyway. Dick Cheney saw the value of his shares in Halliburton triple within hours. The US Military Industrial Media Complex smiled all the way to the bank. Wall Street cheered.

But probably the greatest win of the invasion was that it robbed people all over the world of any hope that they would be listened to. And over the last 15 years, people have only gotten more disillusioned.

So go ahead and get into the streets, go ahead and vote Bernie. They will invade anyway.


I do agree with everything you say. I think Bernie, if elected, would use whatever power he has to try to make this country what the propaganda claims it is. I do worry, however, at how ruthless the powers that be really are. Would they threaten harm to the family members of the President? I often wonder about Obama. He seemed to flip over a couple of months into his presidency. From threats?

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" U.S. administrations have a well-documented penchant for overconfidence about how quickly or easily the U.S. can win wars. "

I would not articulate this quite as gently as Lindsay Koshgarian has in her article. When, for the love of God, will we state unequivocally that an insidious systemic dynamic is embedded in the predatory “free market” delusion that it is not only “good”, but the ONLY “legitimate” way to introduce “democracy” !!!

All of the above has been the INSTITUTIONAL LIE since the industrial revolution - having been tested for over a century by the genocidal colonization madness dating back to the 15th century Papal Bull. And don’t forget monster movies. They have been a crowning disney delusion, a diversion from attending to history (try reading it … PLEASE !!! the claims, directives and premises will chill you to the bone) daring human beings in the US to counter it with the truth! We are being manipulated as “human shield” because the rest of the world KNOWS that any who attempt to set the record straight will incur the insane wrath of psychopathic war mongers elevated by narcissists who see anyone who is not their self as less than human. Those who ignore history are damned to repetition of it … ain’t just a drop-yer-pants mooning action! The disorders are REAL.

In capitalism “externalized costs” is NOT simply a designation on a spreadsheet that progressives can conveniently ignore! It is THE driving engine fueled by advertising PR of the “ENEMY”. BILLIONS are spent to embed this fallacy (phallic wagging as so saliently noted) of individuals and systems that for generations have sucked the treasure of the planet BECAUSE they are carefully taught HOW to lie, deny, divert, kill, torture both physically and psychologically to get their way. Stop and look at the structure and premise of the Golem and other monster myths. Then take a good long look at the mythos unfolding in the swamp.

One of the most stunning side effects (purveyors of the euthanizing and genocidal construct regard as a “success”) of the current “system”, actually deluded game (they want to be “players”) of plunder is the constant ginning of suspension of the public awareness with marketing of levels of virtual sexual climax of hubris for each of the manufactured sectors that have been divided and “conquered”. The public has been made to belive that weǘe “evolved” beyond the power of mythos and any collective that DOES recognize and assess the mythos of their organic reality is … drumroll … less than human / less than civilized / the makings of an “enemy”. Sound familiar?

Conquered? The AI premise damn well better think again! WHAT, p®ay tell, is it that the collective Heap “accomplishes”?

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Well that’s a nice defeatist excuse for sitting at home and doing nothing. This is quite in keeping with the imperial dictum that “there is no alternative,” intended to keep the population passive. But I would point out that all of the protest against the Iraq war and all the agitation around the bodies coming home and smouldering in Iraq did have an effect. Trump’s pullback shows he knows that body bags at Dover will lose him the election, and the vision of mass carnage will disgust a large part of his base. So scoff if you want, these protests and a decade of antiwar agitation did have an effect. This time they didn’t invade. We need more and more and more.

So did I and looking back on it I was to say the least, naive. The shocking, awful and illegal invasion of Iraq in which millions of us protested, taught me one thing: NO MATTER HOW MANY MILLIONS PROTESTED THE WAR IN IRAQ, THE FASCISTS WILL HAVE THEIR WAR! Bush used the persiflage of calling us the pejorative: " A FOCUS GROUP" THE FINAL INSULT!

Some of the Bernie Delegates at the 2016 convention in Philly, have told me personally, that that happened to Bernie. I only have anecdotal evidence, but nothing would surprise me.

The conflating of democracy and capitalism is one of the big problems to overcome. Especially when the capitalism we equate with democracy is our capitalists controlling their democracy.

It is as if they think we don’t know what the words mean.

Or compliment. We were focused, and that is the ultimate threat to power that expects blind obeisance.

Though I am sure it wasn’t meant that way when it was said.

Yes, it was said to make light of a serious subject; AN ILLEGAL WAR!

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Sadly, nothing would surprise me, either.

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