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We Must Take The Vaccine Industry Into Public Ownership To Ensure Its Products Are Available To All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/10/we-must-take-vaccine-industry-public-ownership-ensure-its-products-are-available


I’m all for it Alex but how are you going to force (and I do mean force) Ol Joe, Nancy, Chucky and the 3rd Way ‘Board of Directors’ of the “Private Corporation that is not obligated to follow it’s own rules” in to it?

90% of the Party membership want MFA and the Corporate crowd won’t even speak the words


Its a great dream. One many of on this site have in common. (sigh)


putting public welfare in the hands of private corporations which by decree are profit driven first and foremost, is a sign of a society that’s hopelessly corrupt and stark raving mad. the great documentary film titled THE CORPORATION which came out more than 20 years ago pointed out how corporations are sociopathic… so much for preaching to this choir. if only we could devise a way to reach out beyond the choir, to those ‘conservatives’ who seem to be hopelessly brainwashed in favor of capitalism and against socialism.


maybe it’s time for that 90% to switch their allegiance to a party that isn’t beholden to ‘special interests’, like the greens, who make it a point to reject corrupting big business money. isn’t it kind of crazy to remain loyal to a party whose leadership consistently betrays your wishes?


and maybe the 100,000,000 that never get off the couch.
But the Greens have to make their case. And given their numbers, they havent yet.

Going by the Huawei and Tiktok play book, America just need to put the Russian and Chinese vaccines on their entity list in the name of National Security while appointing an oligopoly of Western Companies to produce their own vaccines. While this approach may somewhat “level” the playing field for the West, it will incur yet more casualties and collateral damage in the longer run. .

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The Woodward thing may nudge the brainwashed along. We are so close to “stark raving” it isn’t funny. Sanders, as usual, saying what’s sane (haven’t heard Richard Wolff since Loud & Clear stopped; yeah, I know I could go to his site). This article is great, but right now I’m thinking the product that should be available to all are the paper strip tests [forgot the formal term I heard] talked about by Dr. Michael Mina (Harvard epidemiologist)…used in conjunction with a zealous voluntary lockdown (participated in by the positive folks). A vaccine is a lofty goal, but according to Mina we can do significant mitigation…in ONE MONTH. I’ve been telling folks to start at 36:26, but that may be a little too far after some important stuff.


Yes, start thinking new party after November. I guess American Working Families is different than “Working Families”??? Just how raving is the former I wonder?

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(off topic) What a nerve to assume that name.


If you really want insights into the sinister financial corruption driving the pharmaceutical industry, especially where it comes to vaccines, I’d really recommend you check out the following two sources. This one is a debate between Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz and environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: ~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfnJi7yLKgE&feature=youtu.be&eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=df0005d4-baa1-4b43-bfec-9b501d394300

And this was posted by another Common Dreams reader today and is a doctor talking about the dangers of the RNA vaccines that are being developed, as well as some other nightmare tech medical interventions: ~https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=ITrbSOJChV8

I’m convinced that we owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to learn about these subjects, to protect our safety and well-being.


Yep, you’re right…we owe it. Thanks. Here’s something

9/2 ~https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/09/02/the-age-of-synthetic-biology-start-the-war-games/

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Even if a vaccine is developed within the next six months, and even if it’s covered by O’BummerCare & MediCare and is distributed free-of-charge to the uninsured, good luck getting enough people to take it to make much of a difference.  I am no “anti-vaccer”, but I’ll be damned if I will trust anything developed in a rush by a crooked industry under political pressure from a crooked government.  Now MAYBE if Cal-Tech or Harvard or MIT or UCLA comes up with something in about three years I might consider it safe (if I’m still around, that is).


It is an essential public service which makes it a perfect candidate for nationalization.


1 If you are young and in good excellent health, perhaps you can contribute to the good cause by deliberately getting infected with this coronavirus. You can be studied, and afterwards your plasma can be used to give anti-body treatment to others.

2 An article I saw a long time ago, and did not store away the citation: Our current vaccine shortage can be traced, at least in part, to the FDA. The FDA discourages research for a better vaccine, and prevents companies from advertising that their vaccine is better than the other company’s vaccine. That this results in a very low profit industry, leading to companies exiting that line of business, until we get an effective ‘monopoly’ on any given vaccine, and the surviving company can charge monopoly prices.

3 Quote from 3-24-2020: “Another tweet that has garnered over 1.4 million likes at this point simply states: “We. Are. The. Problem.” Indeed, a response to this noted, “this whole situation could be a turning point for our society, to make things right.” And as “Earth is recovering,” one thing is clear: “Coronavirus is Earth’s vaccine. We’re the virus.””

4 Whoever thinks that altruism and serving one’s fellow man is the best motivation likely isn’t willing to do much of it him or herself, and hasn’t paid attention to more than two centuries of economic study and research. (A person has to get at least enough ‘compensation’, ‘normal profit’, to justify doing this instead of something else.)

Unfortunately for all concerned – including myself – I am neither young nor in excellent health.  Quite the opposite, actually, on both counts.  Besides, from what I’ve read lately regarding treatment with anti-body-containing plasma
is not very effective nor does it grant long-term immunity.


A welcome perspective. MSM, as usual, glosses over the implications of profit-driven medical research
by breathlessly running stories warning that Russia or other evil actors are hacking into Covid research.

They don’t ask why. Shouldn’t the pandemic lead to sharing all research to facilitate collaborative development of the best vaccine that can be produced?

Why the hysteria about hacking and stealing research data?
Its integrity should be protected, but its contribution to saving lives should not.