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We Must Understand Corporate Power to Fight It


We Must Understand Corporate Power to Fight It

Chris Hedges

In the winter of 1941, a Jewish gravedigger from Chelmo, the western province of Poland, appeared in Warsaw and desperately sought a meeting with Jewish leaders.

He told them the Nazis were rounding up Jews, including the old, women and children, and forcing them into what looked like tightly sealed buses. The buses had the exhaust pipes redirected into the cabins. The Jews were killed with carbon monoxide. He had helped dig the mass graves for thousands of corpses until he escaped.


There are several reasons why Astrology was originally demonized and that status retained.

First, Astrology challenges the authoritarian model that relies upon a SINGLE ONE right way... so that all are forced to adapt to it.

Second, Astrology presents a model of the universe that is not based upon an angry patriarchal, punishing God. And that means--it's a serious threat to the means for controlling vast populations.

Thirdly, Astrology explains (often quite accurately) the cyclic nature of things.

With that prelude--and I invite those who disdain this field to PLEASE bypass this post and allow those with open minds to potentially glean something from it--I wish to say that what Mr. Hedges portrays in this poignant article is supported (unfortunately) by the astrological influences that will come to a head in 2018.

Pluto is all about covert forms of control. As the planet tied to the sign of Scorpio, it's associated with spying, secrecy, and Deep State Powers.

Pluto requires 248 years to orbit the sun and entered the strict, authoritarian, patriarchal sign of Capricorn in 2008. It remains there until 2024.

Saturn, the "ruling planet" for Capricorn adheres to a 29 year orbit and is heading to Capricorn. It arrives there (for its first visit in 29 years) on December 20, 2017.

Saturn and Pluto will join forces in Capricorn in 2018. There is no combination more oriented towards repression than this pair meeting (to merge forces) in Capricorn.

I do believe a shift begins at the very end of 2020... and that shift will take root by 2024.

Getting there (to 2020 or perhaps, 2024) will be the hard part.

Perfect examples of the Capricorn persona include: J. Edgar Hoover, Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Scott Walker, and Richard Nixon.

Can anyone imagine any of these individuals feeling comfortable hanging with Progressives smoking a joint? Or doing anything to shift the Control State and the way it privileges those at the top?

These two excerpts from the article triggered my response:

"There is no more will to reform, or to accommodate the needs and rights of the citizens by the corporate state, than there was to accommodate the needs and rights of Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland. But until the last moment, this reality will be hidden behind the empty rhetoric of democracy and reform. Repressive regimes gradually institute harsher and harsher forms of control while denying their intentions. By the time a captive population grasps what is happening, it is too late."

The "living in a state of deception" is attributable to Neptune. Since the Great Ages span about 2150 years (each), the demarcation point between the ending Age of Pisces (governed by Neptune, the planet OF deception) and that of Aquarius is impossible to discern.

However, Neptune's orbit is 165 years and it only recently returned to its own sign-kingdom (2011) for its first visit (there) in that 165 year time-span. In that interim, the mass media came into existence and through it, immense traffic in lies told often, disinformation, misinformation and everything in between.

Hence this:

"The layers of deception are sophisticated and effective. News is state propaganda. Elaborate spectacles and forms of entertainment, all of which ignore reality or pretend the fiction of liberty and progress is real, distract the masses.

"Education is indoctrination. Ersatz intellectuals, along with technocrats and specialists, who are obedient to neoliberal and imperial state doctrine, use their academic credentials and erudition to deceive the public."

Cycles don't hold forever. The wheel of time turns... the heightened control state and pervasive deceptions fit PERFECTLY with the stories time unfolds through the planetary clockworks.

I find it useful to study the "As above, so below" relationship because it does explain why certain trends hold such intense gravity. And it also reminds that "this, too, shall pass."

Many think armed revolution is the way to make the darkness pass.

I think a massive enough shift in consciousness will effect the Transition energetically.

History is fraught with one bloodbath after another. IF that means worked, how could it be possible that so much wealth is now in so few hands; that leaders of supposedly advanced nations lie so thoroughly to their constituents; and that Big Money is used mostly to murder the planet, our collective home?

Something else is now required. And it does rest upon the awakening of the many... which IS underway.


Good reading, especially the history lesson/reminder of the division of ranks and the call for nonviolent disruption. Important stuff.

But I'm still confused and disappointed with Hedges:

"But we still have options. Many who work within ruling class structures understand the corruption and dishonesty of corporate power. We must appeal to their conscience. We must disseminate the truth."

Yes, Chris, "many who work within ruling class structures" do understand. We have such a man in Bernie, and you refused to support him. So please excuse me if I'm not thrilled with your exhortation at the moment.


I find Bruno Latour to be one of the most important thinkers in the world today. He works across many fields with early work on Science Studies so you might hear STS, Science Technology Studies in his lecture and his work.

Some of his early work is in Actor Network Theory and he considers humans and non humans at the same level.

One of his important books was "We Have Never Been Modern" published in 1991. Western man has imagined a line that on one side is the future and the past is what is to be overcome and forgotten.

Attached are 2 works that describe his new triangle. Briefly, he begins by imagining that we are on an airplane on the way to the globe (the globe is used with its tie to maps, and the western colonial project), but mid air the pilot says that there is no earth that matches the globe. There is no place to land. Also, where you came from the soil, or land, it is not what you thought it was so you can't go home. The way our is a new attractor, gaia, or earth.

This material is really different, hard to understand, but I think essential. On the line between the past and the future, the leftists think the issue is power, some want to go back, many want to continue onto the future but the globe that they imagined, i.e., the resources they expected are not there. This is the crisis that Chris Hedges points out in the article above. In another article, Bruno says that the elites understand global warming and they are rushing to get as much as they can.

This is not easy stuff. But here it is

This is an article about the new triangle. It concerns a new exhibition Reset Modernity of which more information is available.

On a possible triangulation of some present political positions

This is a 2 hour lecture, the first hour is Bruno Latour followed by some other STS scholars

Futures Live

A year ago there was a conference on International Governance under the auspices of the internal climate change group. Among Bruno's many honors is the Holberg Prize which is considered the Nobel Prize of the Humanities.

A recent book by the philosopher Graham Harman is

"Bruno Latour: Reassembling The Political"


Excellent essay. Organized non-violent resistance to the corporate state, knowing that the leaders of the corporate state understand they are dooming ecology and humanity, and intentionally misleading us about our prospects and our roles.

The flip side is organized action to heal the ecology, grow and nurture trees, and make compost and grow food. We all need to be building skills and building networks of people with these commitments and practices.

Think seriously, long and hard, and strategically about what to do with your life, and what your life is worth. Your job and your money will not save you and your family. Only a revolutionary transformation of the economy and society to end corporate rule and institute holistic ecological politics and economics has any hope at all of averting complete ecological and civilizational disaster.


The "aims of the corporate state" ARE more deadly than mid 20th century genocide.(no may be) when you consider that they include ecological destruction, and economic destruction for the 99%, not in a few nations in Europe, but in nearly every nation on earth, if not EVERY NATION ON EARTH.


I think Hedges nails it consistently and he is great about sounding alarms but I feel like he comes up short in the solutions and planning departments. I too am frustrated with his lack of support for Bernie. Just simple calls for revolt are not enough. Revolution requires leaders and credible leaders like Bernie require our support. I get that the Democratic party may be beyond repair but someone has to start somewhere and I feel like Bernie has brought people together and is leading the charge. We are making progress we just need to find the right paths.


This is a superb article. Hedges remains a major commentator, and this stands with the best that he has written.

We might well remember that we appeal to the moral values not just of rulers, but of we their ore or less partial or complete minions the basis or conduit of any and all power that they might have.

With the success of Trump and the self-appointment of Clinton, American electoral processes have fallen past fraud into farce. May disobedience be civil: what it disobeys will not be. But we appeal not only to the rulers, but to each other; in that we have abundant reason for solidarity, abundant resources, and even wisdom, though it remains scattered and little organized.

We exist and thrive, insofar as we do, in almost direct contradiction to the purposes of our mismanagement. In every aspect, in each action that we serve that system, we create another bulwark that we shall have to resist and tear apart another motive for the current mundane catastrophe.

We must establish an economy and a custom apart from this global economy, this vampire system, so that we may understand that it is not necessary, that to dismiss it is no sacrifice, so that we may thrive without feeding it.


Thanks much for the introduction Don. Read the essay, have not watched the video, but it's sharp stuff. i think @theoldgoat would like this, if not already apprised of Bruno Latour.


I understand that Bernie endorsed Clinton a few days ago. If true, Chris Hedges did not cause this. I think he means those working within the ruling class structures all across the board of the whole system. This article is a kind of excellent homily or sermon, carrying some sting and bite. "If the shoe fits, wear it".


Don't think he has endorsed Clinton.

Said he will work to make sure that Trump isn't elected.


I would love to hear about the conference, maybe at TPW and/or here?


It seems to be an extension, a turbo-fueled extension of that same mid-century mindset.


Honestly, several months ago, I was on my way to the decision that I'd vote for Hillary if Bernie didn't get it. I know, I know. Hey, we all have to evolve from some point, right? However, I recently came to the conclusion that there is no way I will vote for Hillary Clinton, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. If we are gonna be in deep ...well, whatever, then lets get it started so we can start digging ourselves out. God forgive me if I'm making the wrong decision here. But I know in my heart of hearts, as they say, that I cannot vote for Hillary.


“It is time to step outside of the establishment. This means organizing groups, including political parties, that are independent of the corporate political machines that control the Republicans and Democrats.”

Socialist political parties are there and have been there for more than a century. One can be a socialist calling for the destruction of the capitalist system or one can be an apologist for capitalism thereby giving consent to it while begging for the useless temporary reform of a system which can never be other than a system of exploiting the majority for the sake of a parasitical owner minority.

Join and support the socialist party of your choice. Here are links to a few Socialist Parties in the U.S.:
• Socialist Equality Party (SEP) bit.ly/20QZUaz
• Socialist Party - USA (SPUSA) bit.ly/1ZktOog
• World Socialist Party (US) bit.ly/1RaC3By
• Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL)

Vote for a socialist party or don’t vote at all and withhold your consent that grants authority to those elected. bit.ly/1RXxIlQ The Socialist Equality Party, the Socialist Party USA, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, the Socialist Workers Party, Workers World Party, are all presently fielding presidential candidates. Don’t vote for the Democratic Socialist Party supporting Sanders or any “socialist” party supporting capitalist party candidates.

Micah White, the co-fouinder of Occupy Wall Street and author of the book "The End of Protest: A New Playbook for Revolution", now believes that the way forward to revolution is through social movements as has happened in Spain and Greece. He explains how a social movement could take power in America. There is also a video and transcript of a 73 minute conversation he has with Susan Cole:

To find out if your library has an eBook of THE END OF PROTEST that you can read for free, simply click here to search at Overdrive.com

The revolution begins when people become focused and stop wasting time and effort.


webwalk - thanks for the reply

how do I contact @theoldgoat

there is a restraurant by that name

and there is someone on twitter since 2008

I need a little more help to reach him/her.. Thanks


Hi. Would like to follow up.

Is there a better place?

But, what is TPW?


Hi Webwalk

I found @theoldgoat here on common dreams

I have been spending far too much time at dailykos and now that they have gone all out for Hillary and any thought of a third party gets you kicked off the site, it has gone down the drain.

Now that I found @theoldgoat, I can send him/her a message

I have wanted for some years to contact others on this site but didn't know how until know.



TPW is theprogressivewing.com, LieperDestin's new blog for those that feel stifled at dkos.

I know LD would love for you to post there, and I imagine you'd have a lot of readers.


Too negative - and the source is suspect.

The Pope says a lot of interesting things too, but in the end he believes in the fantasy world of religion.

I'm tired of writers, intellectuals, social critics - Chomsky included.

I'm tired of people in general, to tell the truth - this charade - democracy.

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