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We Must Vote To Protect Public Health

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/24/we-must-vote-protect-public-health


How can they write this article with a straight face when Joe Biden does not support universal health care and is so batty and surrounded by insurance and pharma grifters that he’s fixing to lose the existential election? If they were intellectually honest they would say this is an emergency and Bernie Sanders should be nominated.


lol little damned late for that, dontcha think? good god.

but hey, copy and paste this on time in 2024. If we’re even around by then.

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Trouble is there’s no one to vote FOR that has any inkling of providing a healthcare for all with no strings attached as in most other industrial nations. WHY? Why is the only person advocating Medicare for all rejected by the people controlling our lives. Give us someone, and advocate, and I’ll get my O2 tank and cane and go and vote for their ass, otherwise, why bother at all? i.e. Biden, or any other neo-liberal corporatist, asshole, for that matter. Some states are doing better jobs than the feds at this time. The whole shebang is about ready to sink and good riddance if it does. i.e. capitalism itself

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Whatsa matter, women writers?
Don’t you know how to spell B-E-R-N-I-E S-A-N-D-E-R-S-!!!???


The only way for a Biden win is if Trump totally fucks over working Americans, ya know, like Obama did in the '09 bank and Wall Street bailouts. Good folks lost jobs, homes, lives during the last financial coup. This stands to be far worse if not handled properly.

Biden will NEVER WIN! Any Bernie supporter voting for him needs their heads removed!) He shouldn’t even be considered anymore given his obvious brain loss and anti-“We the People” stances!!!

I’m all for Bernie! The DNC basically fucked him over with the diminished “Sleepyhead” Biden as the anointed one. I don’t see any way for a Bernie nomination at this time. I’ll vote for Bernie, O2 tank and cane and a bus ride to the polls. Anyone else I’ll stay home because the Green party has 0.0% chance of ever winning. My last election choice. I’m too old and disabled to vote for losers or, especially, assholes I despise.

O.K., Oldie, but you didn’t mention that in your first post so that is why I responded.

I have not given up yet on Bernie. There is still time; still plenty of states/delegates; still a lot of support. The problem is the fucking corrupt/corporate-owned media.

By the way, I already have my “Quit Voter Registration” filled out, in an envelope, and stamped. Should this end the way the wealthy want, it will prove not only the horribleness of the greed capitalists and media but the utter sheep-like STOOPIDITY of the american “herd”!!!

Don’t forget, every vote counts. In Denmark.

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Not just Denmark, but other nations that haven’t gutted their public health infrastructure and state departments during the past three years.

Earlier this month we traveled in Latin America where everybody entering the country filled out a health condition form addressing COVID-19 symptoms, was interviewed by public health professionals, and had their temperature taken prior to being admitted by immigration and customs. COVID test locations were announced and staffed in various locations.

Returning to the US during this past week the flight attendent handed passengers OMB COVID-19 Form 0920-1287 that is sitting in my paper recycle bin because nobody ever collected the form from any of the passengers through the entire immigration and customs maze at the US airport where we landed.

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Meaningful change will never happen through the ballot box. It’s way too late for that. Time after time,
the citizenry has proven incapable of choosing candidates which would make required changes.
Nature is now firmly in control and will make the necessary changes. Make sure to get a front row seat to watch a nation which is circling the drain.

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The only way I can vote for public health is in a country with universal healthcare that actually puts people ahead of profits. I’d love to travel to one of those countries to vote, but with all the travel restrictions now in place, I’m stuck in this corrupt neoliberal shithole of a country where a persons worth is measured by their bank account and their ability to consume and spend.

Hey, all you Biden voters, thanks for nothing. You screwed up my one chance to see someone in the White House who actually puts people ahead of profits. Now that deadly change has come knocking at your door, Bernie’s extreme positions don’t look so extreme, do they?

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Dear Jneastra,

We are all wasting our breath. YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID. Maybe someday geneticists will figure out which genetic components within the human genome lead to such widespread stupidity and modify them. I never thought that I would ever defend eugenics, but I no longer believe that people are educable, on average.

Public health? This ain’t Taiwan.
This is America.

We gave evolution a chance.

Now, it’s time to face reality:
Voting is just another way for the generals to pacify the masses.

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Don’t take that bet.
The fake news is going to carry Joe over the finish line.

I meant in the general. (If his brain lasts that long.)