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We Need a Homes Guarantee. Now

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/16/we-need-homes-guarantee-now

I understand that the Walton family, Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerman, and others of the Lord Protectors of Our Society are going to build hundreds of thousands of luxury rent free apartments for the homeless and underpaid where water, gas and electricity will come to ten dollars a month.

No, I made that up.

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Along with health care and food, housing should be a right. It’s obscene that a society that can afford to house, feed and provide medical care for everyone doesn’t. Creating these rights isn’t unthinkable. What should be unthinkable is denying the very basics of life to millions so that a handful of obscenely rich and powerful people can become ever more so.


What we really need is that ecological, infrastructural and societal carrying capacity will be central to how individuals choose to live and how government intervenes. We all have to exercise restraint. This biosphere is being destroyed by our babymaking and other activities.
Presently, tax dollars are subsidies and incentives for increasing population growth and the destruction of more native ecosystems and open space for ever-more housing for ever-expanding human population.
It’s the ideology of cancer cells.

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Paul Allen died last year…

Are you calling for a total prohibition on human reproduction?

Oh, I mean the Paul Allen estate. Maybe his brother, Ethan Allen!

Woody Allen? Steve Allen? I did say that I made it up!


As a former Chicagoan, I wish you and your people the best and keep up the pressure, good job, although I no longer live in Chicago, I sure have left my heart there.

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